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October 1999

With reports streaming in assuring us that water companies and utilities in the western world are Y2K compliant, attention has turned to the developing world where preparation by water utilities has been patchier. In the second part of World Water's Millennium Bug report, Erin Gill asks
Zimpro Products' Hydro-Clear wastewater polishing technology has been chosen for a water reclamation project involving Honolulu and USFilterPartnerships between the private sector and US municipalities are releasing funds for environmental compliance and upgrades, providing local governments with stable income and improving service. World Water reports.
Subterra's patented Subline close-fit lining system was recently used to line two 1.4km lengths of twin DN 1200 pipelines with PE near Amsterdam.
» Chemical partners
» Watching the skies
» Save with steam
» Urban Waste Water Treatment Directive makes new demands on measurement technology
» Shell eyes renewables
» Cost-effective odour control in pressurized sewers
» Adaptation the key after Byatt determination

October 1998

JCB 436 Wastemaster How do you put a ceiling on machinery whole-life costs and achieve best value? asks a the in-house finance arm of a leading equipment manufacturer with wide experience of the local authority and waste markets and in the finance of all makes of construction and industrial plant and equipment.
Impression of what the revitalised Vienna River could look like. Renaturalising some of Vienna's rivers is a key part of the city's wastewater management strategy. But in the case of the historic Vienna River, this has been carefully combined with a plan to rehabilitate and refurbish flood control reservoirs, protecting the city centre from potentially dangero
Extec Megabite crusher Attracted by the prospects for the recycling market - particularly for the massive tonnages of construction and demolition materials - the nationwide plant hire group Vibroplant has taken a quantum leap into the heavyweight end of the equipment rental sector.
» Sustainable wastewater management in Vienna
» Specialised equipment plays major role in landfill site construction and operations.
» Sewer aeration breaks new grounds
» From out of thin air
» Keeping tabs on the blue-green menace
» How much is that river in the window?

October 1995

October 1990