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October 2004

"Renewables need storage", claim their detractors -- and sometimes their supporters as well. "Storage can transform the economics of the intermittent renewables", proclaimed an august body recently.
Veolia Water reveals some of its water purifying techniques that are enabling government to boost use of brownfield sites and clean up, re-use and redevelop contaminated land
In a second exclusive for World Water, Anthony Bennett of Specialist Technical Solutions Ltd evaluates the use of ultrafiltration and micro-filtration technologies at a number of plants worldwide.
» Culture shock
» Reporting river analyses
» Innovative solutions line up at NEC
» Aftercare comes under the Agency spotlight
» Combining heat and power supply: intelligent energy solutions for local communities. Sabine Froning of Euroheat and Power discusses the advantages of CHP.
» Improving lifetimes of pumps
» Recycling equipment leased through WRAP's RVG scheme

October 2003

Michael Scott from Process Measurement Technology and Tim Russell from Reflex Sensors consider the importance of pH measurement in the water and waste treatment industry
Paul Farrington, managing director of Haden Drysys Environmental, reviews the changing regulatory issues relating to air pollution faced by metalfinishers.
Inspections of contaminated land by local authorities are behind schedule. Catherine Early investigates.
» Let the bugs do your dirty work
» Failed challenge to SSSI designation
» Reaching across the world
» UV treatment promises mercury removal by Catherine Early
» Agreement on eco-design directive
» UV treatment promises mercury removal by Catherine Early
» Complete all-in-one package

October 2000

As part of WWT's 50th birthday edition, we invited people from some of the industry's key organisations and companies to assess the present and future state of the water world
Field trials of a process that 'carbonates' contaminated soil - Accelerated Carbonation Technology, or ACT - got underway this month on the site of an old Astra fireworks factory in Dartford, Kent. A new business within Cement company Blue Circle, Blue Circle Land Remediation Systems, is working wit
GEM steam trap schematicSteam traps come in all shapes and sizes. Some have a bucket arrangement going up and down in a casing. Others use a ball float arrangement in an enclosure. Their reliability varies considerably but they are all a drain on maintenance resources because they all fail. If a trap fails open it loses ex
» Coming clean and cutting costs
» Towards a wireless world
» Current corrosion problems
» Clinical waste specialist aims for growth
» CL:AIRE comes of age
» Energy club invites industry
» Hydrocarbon headlines

October 1995