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October 2005

by Seb Berry Head of External Affairs at Solarcentury
Here in the UK, we should be living in encouraging times for renewable technologies such as solar PV. Given the backdrop of Prime Ministerial warnings of the dire consequences of the "do nothing" approach to climate change it ought
Karl Watkin, Chairman of D1 Oils certainly thinks so. Here he sets out the case for energy crops from the developing world.
Barrie Clarke, director of communication at Water UK, considers the wide range of attitudes to the thorny issue of demand management
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October 2004

Bio-Power is a not-for-profit company that promotes the development and use of bio-fuels, that can be used as a direct alternative to fossil fuels. It began when John Nicholson in North Wales made a simple bio-alternative fuel to keep the family car going during the fuel blockades. It now operates
Paul Fisher of AET examines the developments of a biosensor for onsite monitoring of ammonia in rivers and effluents
Environment Business looks at an Envirowise programme aimed at helping companies implement practical green product design
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» Aftercare comes under the Agency spotlight
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» Plan of action
» Energy Storage - a distraction for renewable energy? By David Milborrow
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October 2001

Water particle counters are being installed at ten Southern Water sites. Paul Hamilton and Dr Simon Parsons of Cranfield University, examine the case for particle counting devices
Increasing demand for environmental tests has precipitated a boom in the lab services market, and led to in-house testing going out. David Fevyer, from LabDirect, connects UK industry to the lab services they need on-line.
A project under NATO's Science for Peace programme to develop monitoring and modelling data for the water quality management of two central European rivers is about to go live
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October 1996