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October 2007

The perfect match: where are clients looking for a consultancy?

Decision makers from both the public and private sectors were asked how they find a suitable consultancy to carry out a job and where they look for their information - and the internet was seen as the best resource.

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German protectionist appeal kicked out by courts

German plans to subsidise ecological insulation have been thwarted by the EC which claims they breach the rules governing Europe's common market.

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It's good to talk CR

Phone company T-Mobile has been engaged with corporate responsibility initiatives for years. They just haven't told anybody what they've been up to

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· Austria told it can't ban GMOs

· AFM prove effective alternative to sand

· The route to good status is uncertain

· Bank, borrow or buy? A model for LATS

· Italy rapped for developing leisure and industry in protected areas

· Finnish port controls fall short on waste laws

· Reducing the impact of retail waste

October 2006

Multi-tasking sludge pumps

ITT Flygt has supplied centrifugal pumps to Newton Aycliffe WwTW for various sludge-handling applications. Tony Price explains.

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Suds lessons from the US

Dr Ian Pallett, technical director of British Water, reports on a mission to the US to find out how sustainable urban drainage systems (Suds) can help to manage and maintain water resources, and provide environmental and amenity benefits

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Irish protection of birds and habitats inadequate, says EC

The failure to provide enough legal protection for wild birds and natural habitats must be addressed in Ireland, according to the European Commission.

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· Don't be an accident waiting to happen

· Spain not looking after its birds

· Fast forward: Quicker and cheaper ways to cut emissions through energy efficient technology.

· Getting the message out

· Austria told to tighten controls on accidents waiting to happen

· Companies grumble about court rubble rumble

· Bridging the brownfield

October 2003

Going with the effluent flow

Bob Tolley offers an overview of the impacts of new water and effluent regulations and costs on industrial installations.

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Nerves of stainless steel

Consultant Carol Powell reports on tackling corrossion in stainles steel

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Court reduces fine for pollution incident

Elisa de Wit, from law firm Nicholson Graham & Jones, analyses recent environmental court rulings concerning business

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· Complete all-in-one package

· Greening Brownfield and Contaminated Sites

· Agreement on eco-design directive

· Pipe dreams become reality

· Fluoride debate sparks furore

· Carbon complexity

· A brighter future for metalfinishing

October 1998

How much is that river in the window?

Following a disagreement over abstraction, the River Kennet was valued at £700,000 and £13.6 million. RAJ Arthur examines the Kennet situation and asks what could this mean for other rivers.

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Over the next few weeks Dennis Eagle is starting to fit its latest piece of computer technology - the Eagle Brain - to all its refuse vehicles made at the company’s manufacturing facility at Warwick.

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From out of thin air

Environmental managers in industry could be forgiven for placing air pollution low on their list of concerns: any objective assessment of air quality in the UK shows road traffic, not industry, to be the primary offender. But recent developments at EU and national level guarantee that the drive t

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· Specialised equipment plays major role in landfill site construction and operations.

· Keeping tabs on the blue-green menace

· Ireland's largest water tower stands tall

· Data mining for water industry applications

· "Best Value" set to boost private sector role in financing equipment for LA market.

· From the mountains to the city: Vienna's drinking water lifeline

· Compressed air control system cuts energy costs