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October 2007

Budgetary constraints, recycling targets and emissions legislation mean local authorities are favouring hiring over buying when it comes to their fleets. Mike Gerber reports
Innovation is key to tackling the challenges of the Water Framework Directive, say Entec's associate director Simon Clark and the Environmental Industries Commission's director Merlin Hyman
Turbidity is important in determining water quality, but how can the water industry ensure accurate measurement? John Kupczak of Siemens Automation and Drives outlines the extent of the problem for water companies, and offers a solution
» Network Rail need not divulge environmental info
» On the road to recovery
» At the sharp end of disposal
» Bank, borrow or buy? A model for LATS
» Retail breaks the rules on waste
» Making the intelligent choice
» Fighting water with electronics

October 2006

Cutting heat waste requires innovative solutions from energy management and 'green' design to construction materials. Jo Reeves looks at an energy-efficient insulation plaster that claims to give energy savings on a par with cavity walls in solid-wall buildings - at a much lower cost.
Everyone agrees that both the environment and water customers would benefit from greater water efficiency. But views differ on setting policy targets to achieve this. Barrie Clarke reports
A Dutch local authority has been slugging it out in the courts with the country's environment ministry over the allowed use of pesticides.
» A different kind of market
» Guildford's fleet facelift reaps rewards
» Edie Environmental Legislation Summary, October 06
» Going Zero on Carbon: It can be done
» Guardian of the Gateway
» Cleanaway gain puts Veolia in pole position
» Belfast upgrade gets underway

October 2003

Paul Farrington, managing director of Haden Drysys Environmental, reviews the changing regulatory issues relating to air pollution faced by metalfinishers.
A promising technology to remove mercury from coal-fired power plant emissions has been developed and is currently being tested at the US Department of Energy's National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL).
Strong regional development can help England achieve its national environmental objectives. Rob Bell looks at what progress is being made
» Carbon complexity
» Complete all-in-one package
» A slick solution to oil pollution
» Membranes for wastewater recyling
» Remediation of contaminated sites: An environmental perspective on brownfields regeneration and national strategies.
» Agreement on eco-design directive
» Standardisation used to drive improved environmental performance

October 1998

Current stormwater impact  on the Vienna River. Wastewater management has become a crucial factor for maintaining the quality of life in Vienna. The city's wastewater management plan sets out to protect receiving water bodies and to abandon end-of-pipe solutions in favour of measures to minimise waste at source - all at an acceptable cost. Tha
The tower after the first section of the bowl had been cast and erection of the first two sections of the outer bowl formwork completed. The Kiltrough water tower near Drogheda, Ireland is easily the largest in the country. Austrian formwork specialists RSB-Roundtech describes its contribution to the project.
Chimneys along the Old Danube are built at a higher level than in the city centre. Faced with an odour nuisance from the main sewer in the low-lying areas to the north-east of the River Danube, Vienna's sewer engineers decided to use a series of chimneys to vent waste gases to atmosphere, solving the problem. Dipl.-Ing. Robert Nowak, Head of Planning Division, Municipal Departm
» Compressed air control system cuts energy costs
» From out of thin air
» Effective corrosion management
» Hire group targets recycling market.
» Specialised equipment plays major role in landfill site construction and operations.
» Data mining for water industry applications
» Keeping tabs on the blue-green menace