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October 2007

New waste rules come into force

At the end of the month, amendments to the Landfill Directive will require changes to the way in which you dispose of your waste. Do you understand your obligations?
Tom Idle

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Combined waters need special treatment

Mixing groundwater and surface water affects the disinfection process and needs careful monitoring, says Michael Strahand, general manager of ATI Europe

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Transferring private sewers: The long and the short

The quantity of private sewerage being transferred to sewerage companies is largely unknown. Claire Brown, a consultant scientist at WRc, reports on a new model to gauge the scale of works

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· At the sharp end of disposal

· A new mood for spending

· It's good to talk CR

· Turbidity becomes clearer

· A flexible approach to liquid filtration

· 'We need innovation'

· BSS sets its sights on water

October 2006

MCerts: The reality

Tony Hoyle, director of the Sensors for Water Interest Group (Swig), discusses the impact of flow monitoring regulations on key stakeholders and describes the measures that water companies can take to ensure that their flow monitoring schemes are up to scratch

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Don't chase the wind - capture it

Wind power is emerging as the mainstream path to cutting carbon emissions, but as extra energy cannot be stored much green electricity goes to waste when the wind blows hardest. David Hopkins outlines a way around this problem - an energy storage solution that can turn wind farm output into a steady

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Companies grumble about court rubble rumble

A trade association protecting the interests of the UK's aggregate industry has lost a case in which it argued that making recycled materials tax exempt was unlawful and unfair.

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· WRc approves pipe renovation scheme

· Monitoring for efficiency

· Getting the message out

· Drains and water usage - the hot topic of conversation

· Cutting waste at the source

· Tesco sets store by simple recycling drive

· Environmental Case Law Summary, October 06

October 2003

Industry Experts Call for Remediation Trade Association.

By Craig Sillars of Churngold Remediation
Brownfield site developers, local authorities and owners of contaminated land are currently facing three challenges which could affect the implementation of clean up programmes

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Remediation of contaminated sites: An environmental perspective on brownfields regeneration and national strategies.

By Toby Willison, Head of Land Quality, Environment Agency.

The Environment Agency is the Government’s principal adviser on the environment. Our interest in the Government’s policies for regeneration of brownfield land and in the remediation of contamination upon such

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Opening up the market

From the middle of next year, businesses across the European Union will have the freedom to choose their energy supplier. But will that bring any benefits to the already deregulated UK? Simon Napper assesses the potential impacts

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· Samplers on the move

· Maximum power at Minworth

· Going with the effluent flow

· Failed challenge to SSSI designation

· Standardisation used to drive improved environmental performance

· Complete all-in-one package

· An explosive combination

October 1998

Specialised equipment plays major role in landfill site construction and operations.

Terex articulated truck on landfill operations

Specialised plant and equipment is playing a key role in the construction and operation landfill sites as examples in this month’s special feature illustrate. The feature also includes an update on the forthcoming EC Draft Landfill Directive which is likely to have major implications for landfill

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New dennis Eagle Elite cab with

Over the next few weeks Dennis Eagle is starting to fit its latest piece of computer technology - the Eagle Brain - to all its refuse vehicles made at the company’s manufacturing facility at Warwick.

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Compressed air control system cuts energy costs

An award-winning compressed air control system developed and launched in Finland three years ago is now delivering energy savings and productivity gains to UK companies. Angela Himus reports.

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· From out of thin air

· Effective corrosion management

· Sensing profit in the water industry

· Tanker hire brings 25 percent saving.

· From the mountains to the city: Vienna's drinking water lifeline

· Sewer aeration breaks new grounds

· Data mining for water industry applications