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October 2008

Delivery firm TNT guzzles nearly 30M litres of diesel a year in the UK alone. But the company is taking steps to clean up its act, and receiving public acclaim for its environmental initiatives. Jitendra Patel reports
Water companies in England and Wales have sent their draft business plans to Ofwat for approval. The plans vary greatly in their priorities and their approach towards contractors. Dean Stiles analyses some of the utilities' planned expenditure.
Following the European Commission having filed an action in the European Court of Justice (ECJ) claiming that Ireland had infringed the urban waste water treatment Directive by failing to ensure that waste water emanating from the towns of Bray, Howth, Letterkenny, Shanganagh, Sligo and Tramore, Cou
» Italy falls foul of ship waste laws
» Court gets to grips with waste incinerators
» Aluminium looks to score away from home
» Giving neglected assets some TLC reaps rewards
» Oil pollution conviction quashed
» How audits can make recycling a safer place
» Waste incentive pilots: the devil is in the detail

October 2007

German plans to subsidise ecological insulation have been thwarted by the EC which claims they breach the rules governing Europe's common market.
Phone company T-Mobile has been engaged with corporate responsibility initiatives for years. They just haven't told anybody what they've been up to
Retailers will be expected to cut down on excess packaging under the Government's Waste Strategy. We look at what's in store for the sector.
» Fighting water with electronics
» How to get ahead in property
» AFM prove effective alternative to sand
» Italy rapped for developing leisure and industry in protected areas
» BSS sets its sights on water
» Network Rail need not divulge environmental info
» At the sharp end of disposal

October 2004

Innovation is the keynote of WCR Vehicle Hire which, from a base in Evesham, Worcestershire, provides not only a national specialist waste vehicle hire service, 24/7, but is also offering new vehicle options and is actively involved in a partnership project employing people with learning disabilitie
Environment Business talks to Rory Sullivan, director of investor responsibility with asset manager Insight Investment, about the challenges facing pension fund managers
Black & Veatch's Frank Rogalla looks at UASB technology for WwTWs
» Weighing up the cash v finance argument
» Gulliver's builds on established base
» Policing packaging
» Hitting ammonia consent levels
» Potable water production - new advances
» Software solutions tailored for waste industry
» Reporting river analyses

October 1999

Gardner Energy Management's (GEM) formula for the design of its product is a simple one: "Steam trapping principles have not changed since the beginning of this century. Our commercial and environmental requirements are now much more stringent, so what is needed is a simple and effective cost-saving
Subterra's patented Subline close-fit lining system was recently used to line two 1.4km lengths of twin DN 1200 pipelines with PE near Amsterdam.
ICI and PowerGen have announced an exclusive development agreement for a new combined heat and power (CHP) station at ICI's largest UK chemical manufacturing site in Runcorn, Cheshire. The agreement follows a detailed tendering process over the last five months involving a number of major CHP compan
» Working at ground level
» Management by measurement
» Adaptation the key after Byatt determination
» Save with steam
» Shell eyes renewables
» Urban Waste Water Treatment Directive makes new demands on measurement technology
» Space-age Swansea plant complete with UV