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October 2008

Ireland found in breach of wastewater regs

Following the European Commission having filed an action in the European Court of Justice (ECJ) claiming that Ireland had infringed the urban waste water treatment Directive by failing to ensure that waste water emanating from the towns of Bray, Howth, Letterkenny, Shanganagh, Sligo and Tramore, Cou

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Edie Case Law Summary October 2008

Once again Edie News and Semple Fraser team up to bring readers the latest on legal cases which impact on environmental industries in the UK and Europe.

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Viridor puts fleets first

Viridor recently received an award for its vehicle maintenance. Paul Riley looks at how the company is driving up standards across its servicing regime

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· Giving neglected assets some TLC reaps rewards

· Scouring for a solution

· UK appeals court overturns council tax ruling

· Now with added protection

· Quest for the Holy Grails

· Technology revolution that can take on climate change impact

· Italy falls foul of ship waste laws

October 2007

BSS sets its sights on water

A massive national tube distribution centre in the heart of the country is more than a logistical measure for BSS. It is a way of moving into new business sectors and securing the company's future.

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Council caution fuels municipal hire boom

Budgetary constraints, recycling targets and emissions legislation mean local authorities are favouring hiring over buying when it comes to their fleets. Mike Gerber reports

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Environmental Case Law Summary, October 2007

Once again Edie News and Semple Fraser team up to bring readers the latest on legal cases which impact on environmental industries in the UK and Europe. This month the courts considered whether Austria should be allowed to ban GMOs, blocked German plans to subsidise domestic insulation markets and r

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· AFM prove effective alternative to sand

· Landfill alternatives come into their own

· German protectionist appeal kicked out by courts

· Transferring private sewers: The long and the short

· The perfect match: where are clients looking for a consultancy?

· Italy rapped for developing leisure and industry in protected areas

· A new mood for spending

October 2004

Environment Agency sets tough conditions for hazwaste

In one of the first cases to be resolved since the controversial new regime for licensing landfill sites permitted to handle hazardous waste came into force in July, the Environment Agency has granted a PPC permit to a site operated by Grundon. LAWE reports on the strict conditions imposed by the A

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A viable alternative

Dennis Barrie, associate director of Entec, makes the case for a hub-based approach to contaminated land treatment

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Boost to tap water quality

After two years of investing, Scotland's water has seen dramatic improvement

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· Combining heat and power supply: intelligent energy solutions for local communities. Sabine Froning of Euroheat and Power discusses the advantages of CHP.

· Weighing up the cash v finance argument

· Cat launches gas-fuelled gensets

· Cinderella of remediation and clean-up

· Recycling equipment leased through WRAP's RVG scheme

· Finding the right frequency

· Plan of action

October 1999

Urban Waste Water Treatment Directive makes new demands on measurement technology

Test-rig for testing the ability of auto-samplers to deal with different abstraction heights.

A recent SWIG Workshop attended by almost 70 users, suppliers and regulators, and chaired by Terry Long of the Environment Agency, concluded that there is a great deal of work yet to be done on the design of procedures, standards and instruments before a cost-effective and transparent measurement an

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Save with steam

Gardner Energy Management's (GEM) formula for the design of its product is a simple one: "Steam trapping principles have not changed since the beginning of this century. Our commercial and environmental requirements are now much more stringent, so what is needed is a simple and effective cost-saving

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World's largest diameter close-fit PE lining project

Subterra's patented Subline close-fit lining system was recently used to line two 1.4km lengths of twin DN 1200 pipelines with PE near Amsterdam.

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· Management by measurement

· Cost-effective odour control in pressurized sewers

· Shell eyes renewables

· US public-private water contracts lead the way

· Adaptation the key after Byatt determination

· Chemical partners

· Watching the skies