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October 2010

The new EPD will disclose an unprecedented amount of detailInterfaceFLOR hopes to further improve its already impressive environmental credentials with full product transparency
No compromise on quality and service - hire firm Gulliver's has built half a century of successful trading on these principles, as Mike Gerber finds out
Lancashire contractor and developer Eric Wright Group (EWG) has expanded its water operations having taken over Site Electrical.
» That's Lincolnshire green
» The advantages do AD up
» A new dawn for the industry?
» Puma strides forwards to a greener future
» Stressed on the job?
» No time to stand still for ambitious M&S
» Contaminated land and planning conditions

October 2009

Companies that go the extra mile will be rewarded at the Water Industry Achievement Awards 2010. It's time to enter or make your nominations.
THE ENVIRONMENT, Food and Rural Affairs (EFRA) Select Committee is urging the Government not to rush the draft Floods and Water Management Bill through Parliament because so much of the current bill and its consultation document "is still work in progress".
BIRSE WATER has contracted Finning Power Systems, sole UK supplier of Caterpillar equipment, to supply the complete critical back-up power for the main pumps at the UK's largest pumping station as part of the Fens flood protection. Due to come on stream in 2010, the £38M new plant on the Middle leve
» Easy to use - and ever so accurate
» Carbon footprint the key to future tenders
» Energy efficiency remains focus of CRC
» Interserve delighted by refurbishment win
» Leading from the front
» How to fight the urban flooding

October 2006

Wind power is emerging as the mainstream path to cutting carbon emissions, but as extra energy cannot be stored much green electricity goes to waste when the wind blows hardest. David Hopkins outlines a way around this problem - an energy storage solution that can turn wind farm output into a steady
Madrid has been found not to be providing sufficient protection for either native or migratory birds.
Energy efficiency is not limited to how we use energy - efficiency can be improved even before current gets to an electrical motor, computer or heating system by closely controlling supply voltage, says Angus Robertson, CEO of the company that has brought the technique of power optimisation to Brita
» Fast forward: Quicker and cheaper ways to cut emissions through energy efficient technology.
» Cutting out inefficiencies and creating sustainability
» Taking transport solutions to the max
» Wwem 2006: The water testing and monitoring event
» WRc approves pipe renovation scheme
» Public reality check
» Fast forward: Quicker and cheaper ways to cut emissions through energy efficient technology.

October 2001

Chemical exposure has been a growing concern for over forty years. Although emission controls have improved considerably, demands for higher quality industrial and municipal life create a need for more comprehensive methods of chemical exposure measurement. Until now regulatory agencies hav
UV treatment will be extended to include organic micropollutant destruction from municipal drinking water suppliesCanada-based Trojan Technologies Inc. (TSE/TUV) has entered into an agreement with N.V. PWN Water Supply Company North-Holland (PWN) to collaborate in the research, design, optimisation and installation of ultraviolet (UV) treatment systems.
According to the CBI, in the early 1990s contamination liabilities in the UK stood at £20bn. Changes in legislation, accounting and general business practices, as well as stricter enforcement, have meant that these liabilities are now more easily identified; polluters or landowners he
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» Calibrating correctly for remote locations
» Urban sustainability – how much of a challenge is it for the developed world?
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» Time to take the test
» What do you know?
» Real-time monitoring in Moldova