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October 2010

The Government’s review of Ofwat is set to bring fundamental reforms. Dean Stiles hears how the regulator needs to change – and why that should be good news for both the companies and contractors alike.
Yorkshire Water is spending £120M to upgrade its wastewater treatment works and sewer network as part of a £120M five-year programme to further protect homes in the region from the misery of sewer flooding. Work will be undertaken at the company's sewage treatment sites across the region, where wast
The waste industry has come a long way in meeting its training needs, but funding concerns now threaten to undo all this good work. Barbara Beasley argues that employers can't afford to let this happen
» The advantages do AD up
» That's Lincolnshire green
» Takeover gives EWG expanded water role
» How hire can lend a helping hand
» Tunnel route unveiled
» Royal Haskoning looks for Azerbaijan flood solutions
» Why solar power makes good financial sense

October 2009

THE ENVIRONMENT Agency (EA) has turned to a cutting-edge DNA technique to prevent the pollution of bathing water. The CSI Seaside project, which is understood to be the first of its kind worldwide, will help pinpoint the source of faecal and sewage pollution, the most common causes of bathing water
Forget the current economic climate and the forthcoming General Election, there are more important matters to attend to ¨C entering the Water Industry Achievement Awards 2010. Yes, the awards are under way. It is time to get nominations rolling in for awards that not only reward excellence in all as
Organic waste has huge potential to produce sustainable energy for the UK's household and transport needs. But despite its climate credentials - and government support - Britain is in danger of missing out on the full benefit of biogas for a generation. David Strahan reports
» Energy efficiency remains focus of CRC
» Long-standing relationship that's built on quality sand
» Government 'must not rush' flood bill
» Spreading the word on best treatment process practice
» Finning for the Fens project
» Leading from the front
» MBT plant muscles in for maximum extraction

October 2006

This month sees the EU get tough on battery disposal, setting targets for member states in a Directive on battery and accumulator recycling, as well as increasing its efforts to involve citizens in environmental policy making and tightening up freshwater quality regulations.
Not so long ago, politics and religion were the main topics of conversation around the dinner table. Today, it is drains and water usage. And to help developers and builders make the right decisions, British Water has produced
a guidance document. We take a look.
With an accident incident rate 63% less than the industry average, Neales Waste Management has built up an enviable reputation for health and safety. Debbie Salmon outlines how the company achieved this
» Spain not looking after its birds
» Tesco sets store by simple recycling drive
» Court rules on German habitat case
» The natural solution
» Austria told to tighten controls on accidents waiting to happen
» Multi-tasking sludge pumps
» Cutting waste at the source

October 2001

Environmental Diagnostics, a thematic research programme of the UK Natural Environment Research Council, set out in 1995 to provide a better scientific basis for the sustainable management of chemicals and to provide industry and government with tools that would help manage their manufactur
Chemical exposure has been a growing concern for over forty years. Although emission controls have improved considerably, demands for higher quality industrial and municipal life create a need for more comprehensive methods of chemical exposure measurement. Until now regulatory agencies hav
Increasing demand for environmental tests has precipitated a boom in the lab services market, and led to in-house testing going out. David Fevyer, from LabDirect, connects UK industry to the lab services they need on-line.
» Utilities in organised chaos
» Energy management steps forward
» USA drinking water gets better analysis
» Changing chromatographer
» Treatment process finely tuned
» R&D agreement will focus on UV systems
» Real-time monitoring in Moldova