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October 2011

Why waste needs to be a safer bet for investors

Over £5bn of private investment is needed to build enough waste plants to meet EU 2020 targets - but what will it take to make this a reality? Beverley Parrish and Matthew Venn attempt to find out

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How the Met is policing its waste arisings

The Metropolitan Police is the UK's biggest police force and a leader when it comes to delivering arresting recovery operations, as Maxine Perella finds out

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Wanna work in waste? You're hired!

You know that once the waste industry features on the BBC's The Apprentice that it's made the big time. But where is the future talent going to come from? Katie Coyne reports

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· Time for recycling to get materialistic

· Why zero waste manufacture is still in prototype

· Operation MRF: upping the quality

October 2010

A chance to celebrate - and reward the best

Nominations have opened for the Water Industry Achievement Awards 2011. Now is the time to consider the services, products and technologies that deserve industry-wide recognition for going beyond the call of duty to deliver value.

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Putting wheels in motion for lower emissions

A range of fuel conditioning products has been developed that increase combustion efficiency while reducing costs and emissions

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That's a load better for the facility operators

Carbon powder dust was causing a health hazard to water treatment workers in the US city of Lafayette and Swift Current, Canada. But bulk loading systems solved the problem.

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· 'I'm working to the fullest capability of my human being'

· The advantages do AD up

· That's Lincolnshire green

· Dell's top ten

· Why solar power makes good financial sense

· A new dawn for the industry?

· Takeover gives EWG expanded water role

October 2007

The perfect match: where are clients looking for a consultancy?

Decision makers from both the public and private sectors were asked how they find a suitable consultancy to carry out a job and where they look for their information - and the internet was seen as the best resource.

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On the road to recovery

Plant and vehicle theft costs the construction industry millions each year, but tracking technology is leaving thieves nowhere to hide

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Landfill alternatives come into their own

With just ten years until the UK runs out of space for landfill - and three in the South-east - alternatives are starting to be taken seriously
John Haven

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· It's good to talk CR

· AFM prove effective alternative to sand

· The route to good status is uncertain

· Finnish port controls fall short on waste laws

· Bank, borrow or buy? A model for LATS

· Austria told it can't ban GMOs

· Lining: The objective cure

October 2002

Groundbreaking solutions for remediation using bacteria

Bacteria lower costs and are reliable – when they are cleaning up contaminated land, at least. But which bioremediation technologies are the best on the commercial scale? Biotechnology organisation BIO-WISE and construction industry body the Construction Industry Research and Information Associati

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Health and safety goes under the microscope

Clinical waste remains one of the main areas of concern in the environmental sector as potential risks in operations such as composting also come under scrutiny. LAWE reports on the widening role of health and safety within the waste industry

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Save energy through cunning control

Understand how using electronic controls can help significantly reduce a cost you thought you’d already optimised. Terry West, sales and service manager at Energy Technology & Control Ltd, shows how energy can be saved by changing from mechanical to electronic control on industrial burners.

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· Power (with no strings attached)

· Scotland leads the way in glass recycling

· Contaminated land and the law

· A better climate for business

· A new look at remediation

· CLEA: light at the end of the tunnel?

· Key to sustaining performance