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October 2012

A head start on mandatory reporting

The countdown has begun for all quoted businesses listed on the Main Market of the London Stock Exchange following the Government's announcement that they will have to report their levels of greenhouse gas emissions from April next year. Christine St John Cox , AEA carbon management knowledg

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Brewing a more efficient future

Having grown from African origins, SABMiller has always understood that its success relies on the success of local society, says global vice-president of sustainable development Andy Wales.

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Why training is essential to the Green Deal's success

Chairman of Inteb, Philip Hargreaves

The Government's flagship energy efficiency initiative, The Green Deal, has launched this month, with an initial focus on low energy installations within the social housing sector. Philip Hargreaves looks at why the quality of workmanship is vital to the success of the Green Deal.

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· Social media: why it's good to talk

· Technology will help phase out carbon intensive energy generation

· Heathrow waste goes first class

· Green Party sows seeds for next phase of growth

· Banking on the GIB: boom or bust?

· Potential 'loophole' in carbon emissions reporting regulation must be resolved

· Hospitality sector: fighting the downturn through energy efficiency

October 2011

Time for recycling to get materialistic

More material streams are required if recycling is to rise

Government targets to increase household recycling rates can only be achieved if new materials are added to collection streams. David Sher looks at the challenges this poses

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Why zero waste manufacture is still in prototype

Charlotte Danver: Manufacturers need more government support

Manufacturers are ascending the waste hierarchy, but barriers to achieving zero waste remain. Charlotte Danvers explains why

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Wanna work in waste? You're hired!

Going places: A career in waste management

You know that once the waste industry features on the BBC's The Apprentice that it's made the big time. But where is the future talent going to come from? Katie Coyne reports

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· How the Met is policing its waste arisings

· Operation MRF: upping the quality

· Why waste needs to be a safer bet for investors

October 2008

As serious 'as a terror attack'

Adrian J Clark - project manager of the detection department at the Defence Science & Technology Laboratory at Porton Down - reviews a conference that looked at ways of addressing water contamination incidents

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Paying it forward

Despite its critics' assertions that it cannot achieve the necessary carbon cuts to avoid climate catastrophe, offsetting is maturing into a credible concept. Eric Jaques analyses the arguments

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Edie Case Law Summary October 2008

Once again Edie News and Semple Fraser team up to bring readers the latest on legal cases which impact on environmental industries in the UK and Europe.

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· I'll just tell you where I am....

· Court rejects cement producer complaints

· Now with added protection

· Giving neglected assets some TLC reaps rewards

· Court gets to grips with waste incinerators

· Wind farm objector's appeal fails

· Scouring for a solution

October 2003

UV treatment promises mercury removal by Catherine Early

A promising technology to remove mercury from coal-fired power plant emissions has been developed and is currently being tested at the US Department of Energy's National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL).

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Going with the effluent flow

Bob Tolley offers an overview of the impacts of new water and effluent regulations and costs on industrial installations.

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Standardisation used to drive improved environmental performance

Claire Monkhouse from the IEEP looks at the latest developments at the European Commission

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· A slick solution to oil pollution

· UV treatment promises mercury removal by Catherine Early

· Remediation of contaminated sites: An environmental perspective on brownfields regeneration and national strategies.

· Regulations test industry's mettle

· Staying in control of corrosion

· Carbon complexity

· Getting the message across