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October 2012

A taste for sustainability

Facing the prospect of a global shortfall in cocoa production of one million tonnes by 2020, Mars Chocolate has implemented a worldwide sustainability initiative, working with the five million smallholders who grow the majority of the world's cocoa - "putting farmers first" to increase yie

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Businesses should focus on their 'unique contribution to sustainability'

Business leaders need to step away from the old sustainability approach of reducing a 'little bit of everything' and must look at how their company can uniquely contribute to reducing their impact on the environment, says Kingfisher's CEO Ian Cheshire.

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Leading by legislation: Big Yellow goes green

From the green deal to carbon reporting, legislation is a double edged sword that can make or break a company's business model. Paul Donnelly tells Leigh Stringer why leading by legislation is a sensible step towards a sustainable and successful future in business.

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· Satisfying consumers: every product must be on the journey to improvement

· Is consumer engagement the key to cleaning up?

· Shine a light on lamp recycling

· Waste gets an ethical makeover at John Lewis

· A head start on mandatory reporting

· Ten minute interview: WRAP's Liz Goodwin

· Brewing a more efficient future

October 2011

Why zero waste manufacture is still in prototype

Manufacturers are ascending the waste hierarchy, but barriers to achieving zero waste remain. Charlotte Danvers explains why

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Time for recycling to get materialistic

Government targets to increase household recycling rates can only be achieved if new materials are added to collection streams. David Sher looks at the challenges this poses

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Why waste needs to be a safer bet for investors

Over £5bn of private investment is needed to build enough waste plants to meet EU 2020 targets - but what will it take to make this a reality? Beverley Parrish and Matthew Venn attempt to find out

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· How the Met is policing its waste arisings

· Operation MRF: upping the quality

· Wanna work in waste? You're hired!

October 2008

Aluminium looks to score away from home

On the home front, aluminium packaging recycling is a success story - attention now needs to be paid to the away-from-home sector, notes Cherry Hamson

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UK appeals court overturns council tax ruling

Can an occupier of a property apply for a reduction in his council tax banding because traffic levels on an adjacent stretch of motorway have increased so much that the resulting noise and pollution have reduced the value of his property?

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Scouring for a solution

Overloaded and dirty filters can have a deleterious effect on a filtration system. Peter Noyce takes a look at the solution of air-scouring filters, in particular an American system that is starting to make inroads in the UK.

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· Oil pollution conviction quashed

· How audits can make recycling a safer place

· Credit crunch sparks hike in contract hire

· Now with added protection

· Waste incentive pilots: the devil is in the detail

· Court gets to grips with waste incinerators

· On the road to deliverance

October 2003

Measuring fuel cell performance by Catherine Early

Researchers at Suffolk University in Boston, Massachusetts have launched a programme to discover ways to improve how fuel cells perform and what they cost to operate.

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Air today, gone tomorrow

Paul Farrington, managing director of Haden Drysys Environmental, reviews the changing regulatory issues relating to air pollution faced by metalfinishers.

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An explosive combination

Grundfos Pumps answers some questions about the ATEX directive

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· UV treatment promises mercury removal by Catherine Early

· Court reduces fine for pollution incident

· Trying times

· Maximum power at Minworth

· Reasons to be fearful: IPPC

· Unique Refex paves the way

· Regional power