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October 2013

O2 charging its way to sustainability

Under O2's rate, reduce and recycle strategy, the company has taken a bold step to make charger-free products the 'new normal' by 2015. Leigh Stringer reports

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In conversation with O2's Bill Eyres

From rolling out smart meters across the UK to developing technology that changes consumer behaviour, O2 is looking to push sustainability out to the masses. edie talks to head of sustainability, Bill Eyres.

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Labouring over the food waste dilemma

Labour has signalled its intention to introduce a landfill ban on food. But is it a credible, cost-effective and even practical policy? David Burrows reports.

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· The naked truth: Building greater environmental transparency for shareholders

· Woodland schemes cutting down corporate emissions

· Smallscale AD: a small revolution in the making

· A positive paper cut: Bloomberg's journey to responsible publishing

· In Conversation with SC Johnson's Kelly M. Semrau

October 2012

Statesman on a mission to save the planet

Former president of Costa Rica and CEO of the World Economic Forum, José María Figueres has turned his full attention to climate change as president of the Carbon War Room and tells Rob Bell why business is key to winning the battle.

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Hospitality sector: fighting the downturn through energy efficiency

With the introduction of the government's Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) scheme this summer, the hospitality sector has had to work hard to become a more energy efficient industry. Leigh Stringer looks at how businesses in this struggling sector are dealing with new government legislation

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Is consumer engagement the key to cleaning up?

SC Johnson has been manufacturing cleaning products since 1886 - and owns some of the world's best-known brands. But now the company's green credentials are becoming almost as important as its cleaning credentials. Sustainability manager Will Archer tells Leigh Stringer why changing consumer

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· Shine a light on lamp recycling

· Heathrow waste goes first class

· Potential 'loophole' in carbon emissions reporting regulation must be resolved

· A head start on mandatory reporting

· Leading by legislation: Big Yellow goes green

· Michelin in the fast lane for tyre recovery

· Technology will help phase out carbon intensive energy generation

October 2009

Easy to use - and ever so accurate

Launched 10 years ago, Flowline's Flo-Dar system has proved itself a reliable - and rugged - general purpose flow meter. And, as Mark Davis reports, it's still evolving.

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Take control, drop the mole

Moleing systems often have no directional control. Tony O'Brien discusses an effective alternative

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Stars of the water industry set to shine at ceremony

Forget the current economic climate and the forthcoming General Election, there are more important matters to attend to ┬ĘC entering the Water Industry Achievement Awards 2010. Yes, the awards are under way. It is time to get nominations rolling in for awards that not only reward excellence in all as

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· Diving in at the deep end

· Industry stability at stake

· MBT plant muscles in for maximum extraction

· Are you giving credit to conservation?

· Best of both worlds

· Telepathic powers of telemetry

· Climate change adaptation needs human focus

October 2004

Web-enabled remote monitoring is here

Joe Nicholson, Product Development Manager at Dexdyne Ltd looks back at his time in the water industry and explains the reasons behind the development of NetrixTM, and its potential across all industry sectors.

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Cinderella of remediation and clean-up

Dr Rob Fuller, Laboratory Commercial Manager, at the UK's Southern Water Scientific Services explores the importance of selecting the right kind of samples from contaminated sites in order to achieve accurate analyses.

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Software solutions tailored for waste industry

Chevin Fleet Solutions, a market leading fleet management software specialist, provides solutions designed to save time, money and improve efficiency for all varieties and sizes of vehicle fleet operations.

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· Too much pressure

· The long road

· Why the UK is 'Embracing the Revolution'

· A taxing incentive

· The Future for Energy is diverse, local and reliable, says Tim Yeo MP, Conservative Shadow Environment Secretary.

· WCR takes innovative approach

· Recycling equipment leased through WRAP's RVG scheme