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October 2013

Being able to tell a positive story is important to manage stakeholders' expectationsIt has become increasingly important to shareholders that companies are accountable and transparent on environmental issues which pose financial risks. Because of this, the quality of environmental reporting is radically changing. Leigh Stringer reports
From rolling out smart meters across the UK to developing technology that changes consumer behaviour, O2 is looking to push sustainability out to the masses. edie talks to head of sustainability, Bill Eyres.
Mary Creagh: "A One Nation Labour government will ban food from landfill so that less food gets wasted in the supermarket supply chain and more food gets eaten by hungry children." Labour has signalled its intention to introduce a landfill ban on food. But is it a credible, cost-effective and even practical policy? David Burrows reports.
» O2 charging its way to sustainability
» In Conversation with SC Johnson's Kelly M. Semrau
» A positive paper cut: Bloomberg's journey to responsible publishing
» Smallscale AD: a small revolution in the making
» Woodland schemes cutting down corporate emissions

October 2012

ETI's Phil ProctorThe need to adapt our electricity distribution networks is vital to the economy and environment, and to do this we must use innovative, affordable and sustainable technologies, says Phil Proctor.
Some of the biggest brands in the hospitality sector have reported significant energy savings over the past few yearsWith the introduction of the government's Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) scheme this summer, the hospitality sector has had to work hard to become a more energy efficient industry. Leigh Stringer looks at how businesses in this struggling sector are dealing with new government legislation
Facing the prospect of a global shortfall in cocoa production of one million tonnes by 2020, Mars Chocolate has implemented a worldwide sustainability initiative, working with the five million smallholders who grow the majority of the world's cocoa - "putting farmers first" to increase yie
» Businesses should focus on their 'unique contribution to sustainability'
» Banking on the GIB: boom or bust?
» A head start on mandatory reporting
» Statesman on a mission to save the planet
» Satisfying consumers: every product must be on the journey to improvement
» Potential 'loophole' in carbon emissions reporting regulation must be resolved
» Leading by legislation: Big Yellow goes green

October 2009

Companies that go the extra mile will be rewarded at the Water Industry Achievement Awards 2010. It's time to enter or make your nominations.
MEASURING THE carbon footprint of operations to reduce carbon usage will become as routine as health and safety policies for contractors, said United Utilities (UU). "Sustainability is fast on the heels of health and safety to become a minimum criteria for tenders," said Kieran Brocklebank, head of
Which are the best ways of improving mixer process performance? The Water and Wastewater Mixing Research Programme at BHR Group says that sensible dosing and mixing design standards are fundamental to success.
» How to fight the urban flooding
» Finning for the Fens project
» Stars of the water industry set to shine at ceremony
» Long-standing relationship that's built on quality sand
» Are you giving credit to conservation?
» Leading from the front
» Getting bad vibes from recycling?

October 2004

In a second exclusive for World Water, Anthony Bennett of Specialist Technical Solutions Ltd evaluates the use of ultrafiltration and micro-filtration technologies at a number of plants worldwide.
VAD Souza and A Neville from the University of Leeds detail their research into boosting the lifetime of wastewater pumps' service through the use of thermal spray coatings
Founded over 40 years ago by Chairman, Gabe Harding, and running a fleet of around 1,500 late registration vehicles, Gulliver's some two years ago extended its operations from its established truck and van hire to move into the municipal hire market. LAWE Editor, Alexander Catto talks to Managing D
» WCR takes innovative approach
» Energy Storage - a distraction for renewable energy? By David Milborrow
» Purified water at your fingertips
» Information nation
» The long road
» Neat solution gives high quality effluent
» Reporting river analyses