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October 2013

From rolling out smart meters across the UK to developing technology that changes consumer behaviour, O2 is looking to push sustainability out to the masses. edie talks to head of sustainability, Bill Eyres.
Being able to tell a positive story is important to manage stakeholders' expectationsIt has become increasingly important to shareholders that companies are accountable and transparent on environmental issues which pose financial risks. Because of this, the quality of environmental reporting is radically changing. Leigh Stringer reports
Smallscale AD represents a massive opportunityOvershadowed by large-scale anaerobic digestion facilities, smaller-scale projects are gaining currency among policy makers. Richard Gueterbock highlights the challenges the emerging sector faces and outlines a few projects.
» Woodland schemes cutting down corporate emissions
» A positive paper cut: Bloomberg's journey to responsible publishing
» O2 charging its way to sustainability
» Labouring over the food waste dilemma
» In Conversation with SC Johnson's Kelly M. Semrau

October 2012

Driving dialogue and debate on key waste issues through the use of twitter or facebook is both valuable and cost-effective. So get connected, urges Gareth Morton
Liz Goodwin: More thinking is required around new business modelsWRAP chief executive Liz Goodwin took time out during her organisation's annual conference to talk to Maxine Perella about her thoughts on how the circular economy is shaping up
Heathrow Airport is upgrading its sustainability agenda as it looks to push waste up the hierarchy. Stakeholder engagement and behavioural change will form the backbone of this challenge, as Maxine Perella finds out
» Is consumer engagement the key to cleaning up?
» Brewing a more efficient future
» Why training is essential to the Green Deal's success
» Shine a light on lamp recycling
» Waste gets an ethical makeover at John Lewis
» Businesses should focus on their 'unique contribution to sustainability'
» Michelin in the fast lane for tyre recovery

October 2009

Summer holidays are a time for reflection on family, life and the world in general. A few years ago, for our summer holiday we rented a cottage on an island in the middle of a lake in central Finland. Our cottage was the only building on the island, which was so small that I could swim around it bef
Launched 10 years ago, Flowline's Flo-Dar system has proved itself a reliable - and rugged - general purpose flow meter. And, as Mark Davis reports, it's still evolving.
Climate change is posing a serious threat to our food supply. CIWEM executive director, Nick Reeves, calls for a revolution in farming and consumer attitudes
» Telepathic powers of telemetry
» Biomethane trial offers fuel for thought
» Diving in at the deep end
» Getting bad vibes from recycling?
» Energy efficiency remains focus of CRC
» Climate change adaptation needs human focus

October 2004

Jon Burke, marketing manager for Eutectic, looks at particularly high levels of corrosion that can occur in high temperature applications and offers various protection solutions
The general air of optimism marking this year's RWM Exhibition at the NEC was summed up in the post-show assessment from FAUN who said the show "was its most successful exhibition ever." The business buoyancy that marked the event was supported by the range of new products and services being launche
VAD Souza and A Neville from the University of Leeds detail their research into boosting the lifetime of wastewater pumps' service through the use of thermal spray coatings
» Web-enabled remote monitoring is here
» Semiconductor industry spurs innovation
» Information nation
» Cinderella of remediation and clean-up
» It's time to renew our obligations towards heat.
» Hitting ammonia consent levels
» A viable alternative