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October 2018

October 2017

From climate science to global goals: How Tetra Pak is realigning its sustainability strategy

As Tetra Pak's latest sustainability report reveals that the company looks set to outperform its original goals, the firm's vice president of environment Mario Abreu explains how the food packaging company is preparing to shoot for approved science-based targets.

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In practice: UK's largest landlord-funded distribution warehouse rooftop solar installation

The landlord/tenant relationship can be a barrier when it comes to sustainability and onsite generation, but both Dixons Carphone and LondonMetric will benefit from the new solar installation at a distribution warehouse in Newark.

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In practice: Unite Students' 'Gateway' to an energy-efficiency retrofit

By joining the RBS Innovation Gateway, Unite Students gained access to a wider scope of innovative energy-efficiency solutions - some of which have been retrofitted at the Sidney Webb House in London.

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· What can blockchain do for corporate sustainability?

· In practice: Landsec's BREEAM Outstanding headquarters designed to WELL standards

· In practice: Bloomberg designs world's highest BREEAM-rated office building

October 2014

Are solar farms really hitting British food production?

Environment secretary Liz Truss has cut solar farm's subsidies saying they harm food production, but most UK solar farms successfully produce food as well. Karl Mathiesen investigates.

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Sustainability: fashion's latest trend?

A flurry of new initiatives and awards has thrust the fashion industry firmly into the sustainability spotlight, but is this just a passing fad? Edie investigates...

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Cash into trash: Energy recovery projects turning investors' heads

The UK waste management sector continues to present attractive opportunities for investors and a number of energy-from-waste (EfW) projects have been backed by huge investments in the past few years. Here, Alon Laniado explores what causes investors to dig deep into their pockets.

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· The autumn of recycling: Why science and sociology must meet

· Liquid assets: A guide to sustainable alcohol

· Closed-loop dining: Inside the UK's first zero-waste restaurant

· Edie explains: Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS)

· Defra's 'stepping back' from waste letter - one year on

· Party Conference round-up: What are the big green ideas?

· Molson Coors turns beer green with lightweight innovation

October 2009


Organic waste has huge potential to produce sustainable energy for the UK's household and transport needs. But despite its climate credentials - and government support - Britain is in danger of missing out on the full benefit of biogas for a generation. David Strahan reports

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Government 'must not rush' flood bill

THE ENVIRONMENT, Food and Rural Affairs (EFRA) Select Committee is urging the Government not to rush the draft Floods and Water Management Bill through Parliament because so much of the current bill and its consultation document "is still work in progress".

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My next holiday apartment must have solar water heating

Summer holidays are a time for reflection on family, life and the world in general. A few years ago, for our summer holiday we rented a cottage on an island in the middle of a lake in central Finland. Our cottage was the only building on the island, which was so small that I could swim around it bef

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· Stars of the water industry set to shine at ceremony

· Diving in at the deep end

· Carbon footprint the key to future tenders

· Climate change adaptation needs human focus

· Industry stability at stake

· Leading from the front

· Telepathic powers of telemetry