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November 1998

Determining nightline leakage and usage

Every water company has a top hit list of problem DMAs ­ the ones with huge nightlines which elude all efforts to track down leakage, writes Charles Harris and Roger Ironmonger of Primayer. These invariably include unmeasured trade users ­ the number one headache for leakage practitioners.

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Greywater recycling hangs in the financial balance

Greywater recycling systems, which use water from baths, showers and hand-basins to flush WCs, are being tested in a number of projects across the UK. Peter Minting examines their potential for use in residential developments.

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Descartes' dream at Severn Trent water supply

Mary Monro describes how advances in data analysis and presentation have enabled water supply managers at Severn Trent Water to build up a more coherent picture of performance.

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· The longest of journeys begins . . .

· Systems for pipeline leakage detection

· Cleaning up with disinfection design software

· Toxicity testing times

· Investment goes west

· If it's really leaking, just go and find it

November 1997

November 1994

November 1989