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November 2003

Deborah Evans, business manager for corporate reporting and assurance at LRQA, advises on how to establish a CSR report's contents and prepare for verification
IETG and Severn Trent Water have introduced a system that provides a turnkey solution to companies seeking IPPC certification.
Elisa de Wit, from law firm Nicholson Graham & Jones, analyses recent environmental court rulings concerning business
» Remote control
» Guidance through a risky business
» Technically speaking
» Green by name, green by nature
» Alternative fuel: the burning issue
» Technically speaking
» Signed, sealed and delivering

November 2002

Gerry Jackson tells WWT his responsibilities as Jersey’s water regulator
The power utilities use to meet treatment standards is growing, as is political pressure to reduce energy consumption. Chris Webb looks into the problem and some of the solutions
Director of science at The Natural Step (TNS), Dr Mark Everard identifies the sustainability challenges facing advanced thermal treatment technologies.
» Water supply in all weathers
» Make the saving of a lifetime
» Advanced surveying techniques probe contaminated petrol station sites
» Developments in Wastewater Modelling
» Colliery site regeneration provides 1,000 jobs
» Where does the responsiblity lie?
» Wastewater needn’t be a waste

November 1999

The Ras Abu Fontas B MSF plant in Qatar. With a capacity of 33MGD, Ras Abu Fontas B is designed to help Qatar meet its rising demand for water. Picture courtesy of Weir Westgarth.Abdulmajeed Ali Alawadhi from Bahrain's Ministry of Electricity & Water reviews current desalination practices in the Gulf and looks at future prospects for desalination in the region, arguing that further research on MSF is needed to bring costs down.
Figure 1: UV systemA Wedeco UV and ozone disinfection system has been installed at Bryn Colwyd WTW in Wales. The raw water, from Lyn Colwyd reservoir in Snowdonia, needs a high level of treatment in order to maintain the quality of the final supply.
Dr. Andreas Kolch and Dipl.-Ing. Ludwig Dinkloh of Wedeco AG and Jon Leech of Wedeco UK claim that a new low pressure UV lamp with variable output can result in reduced civil works and lower operating costs. Several WwTPs in the UK are currently being equipped with the new lamps, among them Preston,
» South Australia: the new water gateway
» Customer pipes responsible for a third of leaks
» Will Scotland's water industry ever be privatised?
» Polyester and ebonite linings protect against corrosion
» Palermo goes for PE
» Buenos Aires: the first six years
» Small scale sewage disposal

November 1994