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November 2003

EU-wide emissions trading moves closer

Claire Monkhouse from the IEEP looks at the latest developments at the European Commission

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Desperately seeking certification

IETG and Severn Trent Water have introduced a system that provides a turnkey solution to companies seeking IPPC certification.

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Green by name, green by nature

The greenwater treatment plant is designed to capture and cope with all wastewater treatment and recycling on-site. Consultant David Triggs explores the world of BedZed

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· Guidance through a risky business

· Business and biodiversity

· The beginning of the end

· Thales Group is unified over EMS

· The Russian enigma

· Remote control

· So, what's in the money pot?

November 2002

Colliery site regeneration provides 1,000 jobs

The reclamation and development of former industrial sites is a key plank in the Government’s regeneration policy. In this case study, Wardell Armstrong is playing a major role in the Town Road Project at Stoke on Trent, where 1,000 new jobs will be created.

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Audit Commission runs the rule over Las

The Audit Commission inspectors, who rate the performance of local authorities under the Best Value regime, report on the strengths and weaknesses of operations ranging from street cleansing through waste management to environmental services. LAWE looks at how the Best Value scheme can help to impr

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Designing products for a sustainable future

Under European legislation, manufacturers will soon be legally bound to recycle their products at their own expense. Beverly La Ferla spoke to Miles Park, lecturer at the Surrey Institute of Art & Design, about how to design environmentally-friendly products.

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· Sludge Treatment - Process intensification and optimisation

· Derelict gasworks transformed for landmark housing

· Where does the responsiblity lie?

· International trade in British water expertise

· Thermal treatment of waste gets heated

· Ongoing plant developments

· Training keeps sustainability on track

November 1999

Wedeco ozone and UV plant at Bryn Colwyd

Figure 1: UV system

A Wedeco UV and ozone disinfection system has been installed at Bryn Colwyd WTW in Wales. The raw water, from Lyn Colwyd reservoir in Snowdonia, needs a high level of treatment in order to maintain the quality of the final supply.

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Customer pipes responsible for a third of leaks

A study of Lincoln's supply network by Anglian Water has shown that 29% of leakage is from customer-owned supply pipes and domestic plumbing, with a further 39% from stop taps. Anglian's leakage manager Willie Abu Judeh reports.

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RO membranes for low salinity water

DuPont launched two new Permasep HF Cartridge RO membranes for low salinity feed water at this year's IDA World Congress in San Diego.

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· South Australia: the new water gateway

· Small scale sewage disposal

· Buenos Aires: the first six years

· Will Scotland's water industry ever be privatised?

· Advanced lamp technology brings UV solutions

· Polyester and ebonite linings protect against corrosion

· Disinfection system design must be site-specific

November 1994