edie feature articles on this day... for November 2005, 2004, 2001, 1996

Take a trip into the past and see what feature articles were in published in November 2005, 2004, 2001, 1996

November 2005

Balancing supply and demand

Teresa Evans, Head of Consumer Policy outlines the options.

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Cambodian polder plan boosts paddy production

The upgrade of the Prey Nup polders in Cambodia meant engaging farmers in a dialogue to manage water resources. Jean-Marie Brun of the French research and technological exchange organisation GRET describes how a new structure has nearly doubled rice production.

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Commission v UK. Habitats Directive

The European Commission has given its judgement in the case of Commission v UK (Case C-6/04).

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· Noise assessment aids environmental planning

· The fear of carbon

· Commission v Austria. Birds and Habitats Directive

· Olfactometry laboratory provides odour surveys and analysis

· Outsize components help clean up San Diego

· Australian sewerage system wins global award

· Edie environmental case law summary November 2005

November 2004

Enhanced cameras improve inspection

A highlight of the RoKaTech Tradeshow in Leipzig in September 2004 was the new DigiSewer camera. This camera is a further development of the DigiSewer system which Painehuuhtelu from Finland was showing two years ago.

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Tapping into SAP

As SAP unveils its new emissions management application, Peter McCrum takes a closer look

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Ethiopia's Awash washed up?

Lack of finance has stalled the US$120 million Kesem, Kebena and Tendaho dams project in the Awash Valley Development in Ethiopia. Chief Engineer for the Ministry of Water Resources, Dragutin Jovanovic has warned that the government will abandon the scheme if funds are not forthcoming.

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· Innovative membrane technology for potable water production in the Channel Islands, by Jack Noble, Managing Director at Zenon Environmental (UK) Ltd.

· Call for action in former Soviet-bloc

· IN BRIEF - November 2004

· New build homes on 'brownfield' sites near 70%

· ETS - in or out?

· Contamination crisis in Brazil

· World Bank back in big infrastructure - Briscoe

November 2001

Looking after the grey matter

Supplier of grey and rainwater-recycling systems Water Dynamics looks into the problem of overcoming resistance to grey-water use and alternative methods of water conservation

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Microwave-induced aluminium recovery

Pyrolysis is one of the principal routes for recycling plastic wastes. In such a process both the calorific and chemical values of the plastic are recovered, as opposed to incineration in which the chemical value of the polymer is completely lost. Most research and development on pyrolysis

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Technically speaking

Binnie Black and Veatch's Frank Rogalla looks at biological aerated filters

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· Sand, gravel and rock, with some exceptions...

· Guidance aids local authorities to meet their contaminated land responsibilities

· Regeneration site demonstrates 'suitable for use' approach

· EIC assesses impact of the Landfill Directive on the remediation of contaminated land

· Mercury rising

· Enhanced thermal conduction remediates petroleum hydrocarbon pollution

· Pyrolysis turns scrap tyres into oil and gas

November 1996