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November 2005

Innovative belt drier for fermented residues

Belt drying is a well-known, established process for biomass. However, as Armin Vonplon and Werner Jenewein of the Austrian manufacturer Andritz report, the challenge was to find ways of developing proven sludge drying components in a newly adapted belt drying system.

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Greenpeace Vs UK Government: Trawler fishing

Meanwhile, in a case which came before the High Court this month, Greenpeace have failed in their attempts to ensure that stronger measures are taken by Government in order to protect dolphins from trawling in the English Channel.

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Commission v Hellenic Republic. Special Protection

The European Court of Justice (ECJ) gave judgement this month in the case of European Commission v Hellenic Republic (Case C-166/04).

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· Heat and safety

· Australian sewerage system wins global award

· Making a clean break

· The Environment Business Interview

· The unexpected menace

· Real alternative

· Blended value

November 2004

Top trenchless techniques

Nick Sheehan of Perco reports on low-impact trenchless technology

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Italians take a chance on new pipe liner

Some of Turin's network of sewer pipelines dates back to ancient times and over 80% of them are egg-shaped. In the municipality of Turin and Venaria, about 135m of egg-shaped pipeline was close to collapse and that the rehabilitation of a further 400m was necessary.

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World Bank consults on Laos dam

In the first public consultation of its kind, the World Bank (WB) recently held a series of international workshops to discuss the issues surrounding the proposed Nam Theun 2 Hydroelectric Power Project (NT2) in the Mekong river basin.

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· Case Study on the use of ferric dosing in Cranleigh by Watson Marlow

· Looking good and smelling good

· Linking WFD with development control and land-use planning

· Contamination crisis in Brazil

· Sewer Flooding: The Next Step

· Tapping into SAP

· Turning up the pressure on reuse

November 2001

Microwave-induced aluminium recovery

Microwave-induced pyrolysis separates laminates in cartons (left) into their aluminium and hydrocarbon components (middle and right)

Pyrolysis is one of the principal routes for recycling plastic wastes. In such a process both the calorific and chemical values of the plastic are recovered, as opposed to incineration in which the chemical value of the polymer is completely lost. Most research and development on pyrolysis

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Environmental service group invests in ambient air monitoring capability

The growing demand for environmental services, in the laboratory, analytical, testing and monitoring markets, has spurred the development of a wide range of specialist facilities, provided by global groups and by nationally and locally based companies.

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Mercury rising

One florescent lamp contains enough mercury to pollute 30,000 litres of water, yet they are regularly sent to landfill.

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· Site remediation paves the way for London Dockland homes

· Guidance aids local authorities to meet their contaminated land responsibilities

· Pyrolysis turns scrap tyres into oil and gas

· Enhanced thermal conduction remediates petroleum hydrocarbon pollution

· EIC assesses impact of the Landfill Directive on the remediation of contaminated land

· Producer responsibilty and electrical waste: a case of deja vu?

· Model behaviour

November 1996