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November 2006

Bagging extra space

Rosedale's multibasket strainers and bag filters offer a variety of flow capacities. And the range is growing.

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Court annoyed about noise

Austria needs to hurry up in implementing legislation relating to environmental noise, says the ECJ.

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Edie Environmental Legislation Summary, November 06

This month sees changes to pollution rules across the UK and the EU, with asbestos regulations tightening up in Britain as new additions are made to the list of information, training and protection companies are required to provide asbestos workers with.

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· Driller thriller: Game on

· Siemens broadens range

· Giving a **it

· Austrians told energy tax reductions are illegal

· Recycling drive keeps suppliers on their toes

· Extreme measures

· Safety versus service in kerbside collection

November 2005

Stormwater study will aid management

US engineering consultants Black & Veatch (B&V) have completed a three-year study of Best Management Practices (BMPs) and Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SUDS) that will enhance mutual understanding of stormwater quality management technologies and issues in the US and UK. Changes in land use as

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The unexpected menace

Martin Petersen recently visited the tsunami-hit region of Banda Aceh, Indonesia, to establish short-, mid- and long-term waste-management solutions

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Noise assessment aids environmental planning

As environmental issues move up the political agenda, decision makers are becoming more sensitive to the implications of an increasingly noisy society. The possible effects of noise on people: increased stress, reduced ability to sleep and, in extreme cases, cardiovascular problems, have placed a gr

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· Concrete ideas

· Heat and safety

· Taming contaminants

· Edie environmental case law summary November 2005

· Olfactometry laboratory provides odour surveys and analysis

· Taking the long view

· Oldham mill site remediated

November 2002

The desirability of power cuts

The power utilities use to meet treatment standards is growing, as is political pressure to reduce energy consumption. Chris Webb looks into the problem and some of the solutions

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International trade in British water expertise

Neil Semple, Deputy Head of the Worldwide Water Unit at Trade Partners UK, discusses some of the primary factors behind the state of the UK water industry’s business activity overseas.

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Derelict gasworks transformed for landmark housing

A combination of traditional and state-of-the-art techniques has been employed at the former Orwell Gas Works to regenerate a derelict site for housing development

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· Where does the responsiblity lie?

· New fuel cooks up a storm

· Advanced surveying techniques probe contaminated petrol station sites

· Sludge Treatment - Process intensification and optimisation

· Make the saving of a lifetime

· EU set to transform UK noise regulation

· Water supply in all weathers

November 1997