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November 2012

Taking stock of climate change

As long as the Government favours navel-gazing over hard action on climate change, the UK risks becoming a global laughing stock as international targets are missed, says Duncan Everett.

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The perils of contracting out waste services

Waste authorities need to be wary of contractors offering too good a deal when outsourcing their services or it will be the tax payer who loses out in the end, argues Paul Langham

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Checking in for a greener stay

The hotel sector was one of the first to wake up to the cost savings associated with improved environmental performance, and we are all familiar with signs in bathrooms urging us to reuse towels where possible to cut down on water and energy use.

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· Stepping into an ethical future

· Vancouver's green ambitions

· BIS: Building skills for a green economy

· Inspiring Europe to an energy efficient future

· Is it time to come clean on SRF?

November 2011

Councils don't need to become Scrooges on Christmas lights

Christmas is one of the most exciting times of the year for adults and children alike, with the Christmas Lights switch on usually the clearest sign that the festive period is upon us. Energy reducing initiatives however and the worsening economic climate are causing some Councils to consider becomi

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Recovery on the rise for post-consumer plastics

Volumes of post-consumer plastics recovered for recycling have increased sharply in recent years, according to a recent report

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Exhumation triumph

The success of a pipe lining product from 3M in optimising water quality and leak prevention in ageing iron drinking water pipes has been demonstrated following a routine pipe exhumation

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· Raising the alarm

· Efficiency is in the pipeline

· Making Growth Green

· Caroline Lucas writes for edie

· Brawoliner used at cathedral site

· De-risking the market for EfW operators

· Grundfos fixes off-gassing problem at US plant

November 2008

Gullyhawk tackles blockage problem in one fell swoop

Given recent patterns of heavy rainfall and the resultant flooding, there has been focused attention on blocked road gullies. A new remote system that monitors silt levels - saving time, money and traffic congestion - may well be the solution.

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Why bother with an EMS?

Managing your environmental footprint is a step in the right direction but, by taking the next step to certification, companies are able to fully realise the benefits of implementing an environmental management system.

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Just exactly guru are you?

Green guru Jonathon Porritt may have long quit the classroom at the London comprehensive he used to work at, but he is still very much the teacher. Erik Jaques goes back to school and gets a lesson in sustainability

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· We'll always need air quality consultants

· What does the budget mean for your business?

· Geesink restructures to react faster and smarter

· PROM: A considered approach

· Plastics? Get ready to mix it up with a PRF

· How to cut your costs by seeing the bigger picture

· Chlorine, the safer way

November 2003

The Russian enigma

Michael Grubb, associate director of policy at the Carbon Trust and visiting professor of climate change and energy policy at Imperial College, analyses the Russian climate talks

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Green by name, green by nature

The greenwater treatment plant is designed to capture and cope with all wastewater treatment and recycling on-site. Consultant David Triggs explores the world of BedZed

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Past tense, future imperatives

Four process contractors assess the progress of AMP3 and consider what AMP4 has in store

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· Thales Group is unified over EMS

· Guidance through a risky business

· The beginning of the end

· Unwrapping the packaging regs

· Fibre failures in the spotlight

· Further consideration of the definition of waste

· Effective Environmental Management of Wastewater