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November 2012

Waste authorities need to be wary of contractors offering too good a deal when outsourcing their services or it will be the tax payer who loses out in the end, argues Paul Langham
Greenest city ambitionsCanada's West Coast city has its sights set on becoming the world's greenest metropolis. David Gilliver reports
Energy efficiency in Europe has gained industry momentum and the newly adopted Energy Efficiency Directive (EED) has offered plenty of corporate opportunity. But Member States must inspire business to get on board and realise the benefits available, says Marta Toporek.
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November 2011

The Government says that it is backing the current industry model. Good call, writes Barrie Clarke of Undercurrent
A technique for internal pipe repair is making savings on major United Utilities mains projects. Intrepid WWT editor Natasha Wiseman dropped into the pipe to find out how it works
Volumes of post-consumer plastics recovered for recycling have increased sharply in recent years, according to a recent report
» Integral towing head improves 'no dig' applications
» Raising the alarm
» Remote monitoring improves PS performance
» Making Growth Green
» Opportunity knocks north of the border
» Time to get happy with nappy composting
» Cutting-edge assessment leads the way

November 2008

Waste centres across Cheshire are being protected from intruders by a remote monitoring system, enabling round-the-clock security for site operators
The PRF - plastic reclamation facility - is set to become a cornerstone of our future recycling landscape as demand and value for used mixed plastics rises. Maxine Perella finds out more
Adam Bateman of Earth Tech takes us through the tough challenges of updating the Isle of Man's water treatment works.
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November 2003

Claire Monkhouse from the IEEP looks at the latest developments at the European Commission
Managing director of Advanced Energy Monitoring Systems Maurice A Yates reveals how the water and wastewater industry can reduce its electricity bills and lower its energy costs
IETG and Severn Trent Water have introduced a system that provides a turnkey solution to companies seeking IPPC certification.
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» Renewing hope
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» EU-wide emissions trading moves closer