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November 2015

Pulling power: 12 celebrities calling for climate action

As we fast approach one of the most important climate change meetings of our generation, a host of celebrities from Leonardo DiCaprio through to Gary Neville (yes, really) are using their mighty influence to broadcast the issue of global warming and push for a strong global deal in Paris.

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Natural capital: the next generation of CSR?

With the World Forum on Natural Capital taking place this week, AECOM's Petrina Rowcroft explores how leading figures in the field are helping to shape the emerging dialogue around how we can better account for the value of natural capital.

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Galvanising the manufacturing sector to reduce carbon emissions

With the Paris Climate Conference fast-approaching, business and political leaders are preparing to discuss a plan of action to achieve the communal goal of a universal agreement on climate change. Here, Ramon Arratia, sustainability director at Interface, reflects on the role of the manufacturing i

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· Packing power: The growth and opportunities of energy storage

· Top tips: 5 ways to create an effective behaviour change programme

November 2014

Edie explains: Materiality assessments

In this week's 'edie explains' we've brought together everything you need to know about materiality assessments and what they might mean for your business.

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Edie explains: Renewables Obligation Certificates (ROCs)

The Renewables Obligation (RO) is the main support system for renewable electricity projects across the country. In this week's 'edie explains,' we bring you everything you need to know about Renewables Obligation Certificates (ROCs).

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Edie explains: Feed-in Tariffs

In this week's 'edie explains' we take a look at the renewables subsidy Feed in Tariffs (FiTs). Although the small-scale focus of the scheme means it's very popular for domestic buildings, it can also benefit many SMEs.

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· Plastic bag tax: is the future of polythene surprisingly green?

· Sustainable food systems: Alternative recipes to feed the 9 billion

· Talkin' 'bout Y Generation: sustainable higher education

November 2011

Serving up a solution for restaurant food waste

Doggy bags could soon be back in fashion as restaurants look to cut down on the amount of food waste left by diners. It's all part of a new campaign, as Tom Tanner explains

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Integral towing head improves 'no dig' applications

Polyethylene pipe specialist, GPS PE Pipe Systems, has developed an innovative factory sealed pipe with integral towing head. The company says the this eliminates the risk of towing head failure and reduces installation times for trenchless installations.

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InterfaceFLOR's climb to conquer Mount Sustainability

Global carpet tile manufacturer InterfaceFLOR is on a mission to eliminate its entire environmental impact by 2020. Ramon Arratia talks to Maxine Perella about its journey so far

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· Raising the standard

· Burdens supplies Duktus pipes to three Southern Water projects

· Time to get happy with nappy composting

· Exhumation triumph

· Clearer skies on policy

· Demand for carbon transparency increases in the global supply chain

· Remote monitoring improves PS performance

November 2006

The migration to Ethernet

Telemetry is a complicated business. Mike Knights looks at which solutions an engineer should select for a particular challenge, and asks whether there are any golden rules.

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Suds: Breaking down barriers

New planning guidance will mean better landscaping as developers will have to consider sustainable drainage systems. Richard Whale, chair of EIC's Water Pollution Control Working Group, reports

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Thames bats for nature

A nitrate removal project has earned Thames Water an award because of its choice of building materials and its consideration of local habitats, including a colony of bats. Shan Kelly reports

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· Efficiency is key

· Filtering for the future

· A passion for energy

· Better access to data under environment laws

· Environmental Case Law Summary, November 06

· Construction crackdown

· Safety versus service in kerbside collection