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November 2016

Human capital: Why low-carbon innovations must grow hand-in-hand with new sustainability skills

Companies that are driving the global low-carbon transition do so through the effective use of clean technology and a willingness to embrace new businesses models, but are the next generation of green businesses leaders primed with the right skills to push the sustainability agenda even further?

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Liquid assets: Strengthening the business case for water management

With global water supplies running dry at an alarming rate, edie's Matt Mace hears from some of the private sector's leading lights on tackling water scarcity to uncover the business case that lies beneath the surface.

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The Bournemouth Identity: Building a green business hub on the south coast

Climate change may be consuming shores and islands at a faster rate than ever before, but nestled on the southern coastline of the UK, Bournemouth Council has extended its climate change strategy beyond just delivering local efficiency improvements through to a long-term vision to become the nation'

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November 2015

Natural capital: the next generation of CSR?

With the World Forum on Natural Capital taking place this week, AECOM's Petrina Rowcroft explores how leading figures in the field are helping to shape the emerging dialogue around how we can better account for the value of natural capital.

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Galvanising the manufacturing sector to reduce carbon emissions

With the Paris Climate Conference fast-approaching, business and political leaders are preparing to discuss a plan of action to achieve the communal goal of a universal agreement on climate change. Here, Ramon Arratia, sustainability director at Interface, reflects on the role of the manufacturing i

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Packing power: The growth and opportunities of energy storage

The recent surge of new energy storage solutions shows no sign of abating with Tesla's Powerwall coming soon in the UK. But what are the potential implications for sustainability professionals?

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· Pulling power: 12 celebrities calling for climate action

· Top tips: 5 ways to create an effective behaviour change programme

November 2012

The perils of contracting out waste services

Waste authorities need to be wary of contractors offering too good a deal when outsourcing their services or it will be the tax payer who loses out in the end, argues Paul Langham

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Taking stock of climate change

As long as the Government favours navel-gazing over hard action on climate change, the UK risks becoming a global laughing stock as international targets are missed, says Duncan Everett.

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Stepping into an ethical future

Social and environmental responsibility is the foundation upon which French shoe and accessory manufacturer Veja built its business from the outset - with considerable success, going from manufacturing 5,000 pairs of shoes to 125,000 pairs in just six years.

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· Vancouver's green ambitions

· BIS: Building skills for a green economy

· Inspiring Europe to an energy efficient future

· Checking in for a greener stay

· Is it time to come clean on SRF?

November 2007

Smaller steps to a daintier footprint

Iema's Acorn scheme lets companies gain environmental credentials in bite-sized chunks. It is a logical system with benefits for small and large firms, says Catherine Golds

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The flow must go on

Hydraulics - often disregarded in the industry - can play a key role in ensuring effective water management. Dr Vasilios Samaras outlines the importance of hydraulics in the ongoing plastic versus concrete and clay debate.

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Automation irons out phosphate compliance

Installing an automated feed-forward monitoring system has reduced dosing costs and improved phosphate discharge compliance at Keynsham water treatment works, writes Angus Fosten of Partech

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· Accurately accounting for LATS

· Court blocks damages claim from chemical companies

· Pioneers link up for real-time monitoring

· Skilling up staff for better service delivery

· UV expands into the mainstream

· Cab capability: stepping into the future of low entry

· How to attract investment