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November 2017

The 12,000 LED retrofit has seen Guadalajara generate immediate electricity savings of approximately 68% compared to the previous lighting systemPhilips Lighting has this week completed a LED retrofit across the Spanish City of Guadalajara that will help the city council realise huge energy efficiency and carbon savings.
The new energy and heating infrastructure will reduce carbon emissions at the Trust by around 10,000 tonnes annuallyOxford University Hospitals benefited from a finance procurement system that partnered the Trust with companies that could replace aging heat and power infrastructure with a combined heat and power system that would generate massive economic savings.
British papermaker James Cropper has invented what it claims is “the world’s first upcycling process” for used disposable paper cupsAhead of edie's flagship Sustainability Leaders Awards in January, edie is taking a closer look at some of the projects initiatives that have been deemed worthy of a finalist position by our expert judges. First up: James Cropper's upcycling system for paper cups.
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November 2016

Beyond creating a 'nice story' as part of a company’s CSR commitments, what is the business case for not just investigating water security, but actually improving it?With global water supplies running dry at an alarming rate, edie's Matt Mace hears from some of the private sector's leading lights on tackling water scarcity to uncover the business case that lies beneath the surface.
Companies are having to navigate the minefields of green innovation and low-carbon start-ups to find the required sharp young minds to progress CSR programmesCompanies that are driving the global low-carbon transition do so through the effective use of clean technology and a willingness to embrace new businesses models, but are the next generation of green businesses leaders primed with the right skills to push the sustainability agenda even further?
Taking inspiration from cities such as Vancouver, Stockholm and Copenhagen, Bournemouth wants to position itself at the vanguard of environmental protectionClimate change may be consuming shores and islands at a faster rate than ever before, but nestled on the southern coastline of the UK, Bournemouth Council has extended its climate change strategy beyond just delivering local efficiency improvements through to a long-term vision to become the nation'

November 2013

The John Lewis Partnership is exploring a pay-by-weight model for its waste collection activities in a bid to gather more accurate data that will inform its sustainability strategy
In this week's 'In conversation', edie speaks to one of the company's leading innovation in 3D design, engineering and software. Autodesk's head of sustainability solutions, Emma Stewart, talks about the next steps in sustainable innovation.
Liz Gyekye presents the 2013 waste industry highlights across England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland and offers a sneak preview of what's in store for 2014

November 2008

A new way of routing pipelines is proving increasingly popular with the water companies. Craig Roberts and Paul Hart of Black & Veatch explain the company's Pipeline Routing Optimisation Method
Given recent patterns of heavy rainfall and the resultant flooding, there has been focused attention on blocked road gullies. A new remote system that monitors silt levels - saving time, money and traffic congestion - may well be the solution.
The life cycle cost (LCC) approach requires a radical restructuring of contracting and procurement practice. Bob Went, group consultant for ITT Water & Wastewater, comments on why it is essential for all pump installations
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