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December 1998

Chard treatment works cleared for take-off

Chard in Somerset ­ home of the first powered flight ­ is the location for Wessex Water's most recent wastewater treatment works. Built to cope with the town's population growth until the year 2013, the £8 million treatment works has also been designed to blend in with the environment, resulti

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CIRIA report questions focus on sewer capacity

Sewerage undertakers should be more willing to consider a variety of options for the prevention of sewer flooding, according to a report by CIRIA.

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Septic sewer treatment reduces load on STWs

Sewers treated with Nutriox are much less likely to suffer from odour problems and corrosion by sulphuric acid. They also produce effluent which is easier for bacteria to digest at the treatment works. Peter Minting reports on a study by Anette Asoy of HydroCare.

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· Stormwater project meets first major challenge

· Scientists investigate manhole performance

December 1997

Resource recovery: the burning issue

Scientists, engineers and economists have long pondered the issues of using waste to produce energy, but mainly in a municipal context. In the first of our seven-part series, Robin Holder, Tal Golesworthy and Peter Davies of consultants Environmental Development Technology, explore the potential

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December 1994

December 1989