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December 1999

When the Levy breaks

The CBI believes that negotiated agreements should be made available to as wide a spectrum of the business sector as is feasible, rather than being limited to those sites covered by IPPC. In return, participating sectors should receive relief from the Levy on a banded sliding scale related to factor

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Individual industry

Just behind the environmental manager is a vast array of people - supervisers, team leaders, technicians, or quality or H&S managers - all of whom would be involved in implementing an environmental management system. Dr Charlie Clutterbuck, Groundwork Blackburn, asks: Why aren't they used more?

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Listen very carefully

Under IPPC, provisions for the management and control of noise are soon to be adopted, in a similar manner to other environmental pollutants - UK regulations are under construction. Mick Jenkins, Acoustic Technology Ltd, considers the integration of noise within an Environmental Management System.

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· Speak softly, carry a big stick

· Compliance up in the air?

· What's over the horizon?

· Simultaneous spectrum speciation

· Could combined UV and ozone be the future of odour control?

· Fly swarm control at Burton-on-Trent STW

· Looking over the horizon to new concepts in street sweeper design & engineering

December 1998

CIRIA report questions focus on sewer capacity

Sewerage undertakers should be more willing to consider a variety of options for the prevention of sewer flooding, according to a report by CIRIA.

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Scientists investigate manhole performance

Manholes are often defined simply as a Œmeans of entry for inspection of sewers and drains¹. Here, Brian Dumbleton reports on studies of pollutant transport through manholes and attempts to improve the efficiency of their design.

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Chard treatment works cleared for take-off

Chard in Somerset ­ home of the first powered flight ­ is the location for Wessex Water's most recent wastewater treatment works. Built to cope with the town's population growth until the year 2013, the £8 million treatment works has also been designed to blend in with the environment, resulti

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· Stormwater project meets first major challenge

· Septic sewer treatment reduces load on STWs

December 1995

December 1990