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December 2000

Applied Sweepers moves into 'next generation'

Applied Sweepers recently introduced the new Applied 424 'Hi-Speed' model. These "next generation" machines can utilise a 16kmph transit speed to travel independently and reach congested sweeping locations quickly. They can then be used on site in their "walk-behind" mode, before moving on to the ne

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Market leading sweeper manufacturer makes major investment in the future

UK manufacturer, Johnston Engineering, which lays claim to be the largest supplier of street cleansing equipment world-wide, has enjoyed a busy year, unveiling a string of initiatives to maintain its prized position as market leader. The latest shots in the Johnston locker include the acquisition o

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Technically speaking

WWT's technical editor, Peter Minting asks the industry a difficult question

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· Warwick Business School pre-empts Blair's green initiative

· GAMBICA launch VSD training

· Qualified environmental decision making

· Red ochre trapped in reed beds

· Purpose-built handling equipment meets specific needs of the recycling industry

· WRAP on demand

· My point is...

December 1999

Individual industry

Just behind the environmental manager is a vast array of people - supervisers, team leaders, technicians, or quality or H&S managers - all of whom would be involved in implementing an environmental management system. Dr Charlie Clutterbuck, Groundwork Blackburn, asks: Why aren't they used more?

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Looking over the horizon to new concepts in street sweeper design & engineering

The equipment used to keep our streets clean has evolved significantly over the last 10 years to become the cleanest, quietest and most efficient machinery anywhere in the world. The world┬╣s largest manufacturer, Johnston Engineering, based in the UK, looks into the crystal ball to what could

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Could combined UV and ozone be the future of odour control?

Hanovia has developed an odour control system based on ozonation and UV treatment. Following a successful installation in Guernsey, wider application looks likely as the market for compact odour control systems expands.

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· Listen very carefully

· Fly swarm control at Burton-on-Trent STW

· Simultaneous spectrum speciation

· Twin-engined sweepers face threat from environmental legislation

· What's over the horizon?

· What's over the horizon?

· Compliance up in the air?

December 1996

December 1991