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December 2002

Ed Perry, a consultant with Golder Associates, specialising in waste management with specific emphasis on providing creative solutions for local government, looks at the successes and failures of three schemes designed to increase household recycling of waste.
So you want that perfect job in the environment industry? But what are employers looking for, and how do you put together the winning CV? Nick Eva, Manager of environmental recruitment agency Evergreen Resources, provides an overview of recruitment in the sector today, and how to gain some valuable
With increasing demands on the planning system from Waste Strategy 2000, planning authorities are being asked to make finely balanced judgements on complex decisions against a backdrop of ever increasing public scrutiny. Alan Potter, Technical Director of the Waste and Resources Management Gr
» Engaging SME’s in Environmental Projects
» Climbing the ladder
» So, what do you do?

December 2001

The diversion of a considerable proportion of the millions of tonnes of building and demolition waste that makes up a large percentage of the material going to landfill in the UK is seen as key factor in meeting national waste strategy targets driven by EU legislation. LAWE features a purpo
New reforms will make abstraction licences time limited and introduce penalties of up to £20,000 for breach of licence conditionsThe days of unlimited water abstraction are over. Owen Lomas, Rachel Devine and Claire Smith of the Environmental Law Group at Allen & Overy, tell you why.
Paradise Street bus station in Merseyside where PM10 monitoring is being carried out for the Merseyside Transport Futures project.While Meacher talks tough about government air pollution targets, a project in Merseyside has researched and developed methods to measure particle emissions from engine exhausts and certain industrial processes.
» Ovoid digesters shape Fukuyama skyline
» Groundwater vs. farming - meeting the needs of both
» Shredders offer iltimate solutions in tackling wide variety of waste
» Calculating the cost of flood
» Big plant - cheap at the price
» Report shames local authorities
» Double take on jetting damage

December 1998

Sewerage undertakers should be more willing to consider a variety of options for the prevention of sewer flooding, according to a report by CIRIA.
Sewers treated with Nutriox are much less likely to suffer from odour problems and corrosion by sulphuric acid. They also produce effluent which is easier for bacteria to digest at the treatment works. Peter Minting reports on a study by Anette Asoy of HydroCare.
Manholes are often defined simply as a Œmeans of entry for inspection of sewers and drains¹. Here, Brian Dumbleton reports on studies of pollutant transport through manholes and attempts to improve the efficiency of their design.
» Chard treatment works cleared for take-off
» Stormwater project meets first major challenge

December 1993