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December 2002

Engaging SME’s in Environmental Projects

Engaging businesses in environmental initiatives and projects is notoriously difficult. Granted individual projects nationwide may achieve high levels of participation but on the whole most projects involving SME’s struggle to gain business participation. Geo

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Developers and planners: Delivering waste mamagement facilities through the planning system

With increasing demands on the planning system from Waste Strategy 2000, planning authorities are being asked to make finely balanced judgements on complex decisions against a backdrop of ever increasing public scrutiny. Alan Potter, Technical Director of the Waste and Resources Management Gr

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Climbing the ladder

Environmental Consultant Charles Haine describes his career route to becoming General Manager for consultancy firm Posford Haskoning Environment Gulf, based in Bahrain.

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· Stand out from the Crowd!

· Financial incentives to encourage recycling within the community

· So, what do you do?

December 2001

Ireland maps out massive investment to meet EU environmental standards

Ireland's far-reaching policies to enhance environmental protection and improve waste management provided the stimulus to a successful event held at the RDS venue in Dublin at the end of November with the joint Irish Recycling & Waste Management (IRWM) and Irish Water Waste & Enviro

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Shredders offer iltimate solutions in tackling wide variety of waste

Bin Systems Ltd, manufacturer of bin washing, lifting and tippling devices used in industry and by NHS trusts, expanded its product portfolio with the launch of a range of industrial shredders in April this year. The company now runs the UK shredder agency for the waste industry, on b

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Calculating the cost of flood

The economic assessment of flood defence schemes is growing in importance as flood risk increases. Carolann Simmonds of WS Atkins sets out the formula for prioritising projects.

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· Big plant - cheap at the price

· Double take on jetting damage

· Custom-built recycling plant handles construction site debris and waste

· Creating the right environment for success

· Changing face of water utilities

· Water abstraction: reforms in the pipeline?

· Flexible solutions for emissions monitoring

December 1998

CIRIA report questions focus on sewer capacity

Sewerage undertakers should be more willing to consider a variety of options for the prevention of sewer flooding, according to a report by CIRIA.

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Scientists investigate manhole performance

Manholes are often defined simply as a Œmeans of entry for inspection of sewers and drains¹. Here, Brian Dumbleton reports on studies of pollutant transport through manholes and attempts to improve the efficiency of their design.

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Stormwater project meets first major challenge

Water quality has finally shown some signs of improvement off Brighton's beaches, following the completion of what is claimed to be Europe's largest stormwater storage tunnel by Southern Water. Peter Minting reports.

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· Septic sewer treatment reduces load on STWs

· Chard treatment works cleared for take-off

December 1993