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December 2003

Edward Perry and Jennifer Boniface of Golder Associates, highlight the issues, facing industry, surrounding the new landfill regulations.
By Tina Perfrement, Market Development Manager, London Remade
a look at the barriers to recycling by Liz Goodwin, Director of Materials Programmes, WRAP
» MBT - white knight or white elephant?

December 2002

Environmental consultant Georgina Spiro describes her duties as an environmental manager for one of the world’s largest rail transport equipment, manufacturing and servicing companies, Bombardier Transportation.
Ed Perry, a consultant with Golder Associates, specialising in waste management with specific emphasis on providing creative solutions for local government, looks at the successes and failures of three schemes designed to increase household recycling of waste.
Engaging businesses in environmental initiatives and projects is notoriously difficult. Granted individual projects nationwide may achieve high levels of participation but on the whole most projects involving SME’s struggle to gain business participation. Geo
» Developers and planners: Delivering waste mamagement facilities through the planning system
» Stand out from the Crowd!
» Climbing the ladder

December 1999

Big issues and big questions are facing the environmental world as Millennium 2000 dawns. This special LAWE Millennium 2000 feature spotlights the key themes facing environmentalists, government and local communities as the world seeks solutions in a new century and a new era.
Brewery waste entering Severn’s Clay Mills STW creates an ideal breeding ground for Psychoda fliesSevern Trent has taken a new approach to fly control at Clay Mills STW in Staffordshire. The plant, which serves Burton-on-Trent, uses biological filters to treat sewage with a high proportion of brewery waste.
The CBI wants negotiated agreements available to non-IPPC sitesThe CBI believes that negotiated agreements should be made available to as wide a spectrum of the business sector as is feasible, rather than being limited to those sites covered by IPPC. In return, participating sectors should receive relief from the Levy on a banded sliding scale related to factor
» Compliance up in the air?
» Twin-engined sweepers face threat from environmental legislation
» What's over the horizon?
» Individual industry
» Speak softly, carry a big stick
» Simultaneous spectrum speciation
» WRc develops safe sludge strategy for Cairo

December 1994