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December 2003

Making the markets work

a look at the barriers to recycling by Liz Goodwin, Director of Materials Programmes, WRAP

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London's Green Procurement Code

By Tina Perfrement, Market Development Manager, London Remade

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MBT - white knight or white elephant?

Is MBT the solution to meeting the Landfill Directive?
By Pat Wheeler and Dr Neil Varey, AEA Technology.

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· Changes to the Management of Hazardous Waste - Is Industry Ready?

December 2002

Climbing the ladder

Environmental Consultant Charles Haine describes his career route to becoming General Manager for consultancy firm Posford Haskoning Environment Gulf, based in Bahrain.

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Stand out from the Crowd!

So you want that perfect job in the environment industry? But what are employers looking for, and how do you put together the winning CV? Nick Eva, Manager of environmental recruitment agency Evergreen Resources, provides an overview of recruitment in the sector today, and how to gain some valuable

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Financial incentives to encourage recycling within the community

Ed Perry, a consultant with Golder Associates, specialising in waste management with specific emphasis on providing creative solutions for local government, looks at the successes and failures of three schemes designed to increase household recycling of waste.

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· Developers and planners: Delivering waste mamagement facilities through the planning system

· Engaging SME’s in Environmental Projects

· So, what do you do?

December 1999

Could combined UV and ozone be the future of odour control?

Hanovia has developed an odour control system based on ozonation and UV treatment. Following a successful installation in Guernsey, wider application looks likely as the market for compact odour control systems expands.

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Compliance up in the air?

Directive 96/62/EC on ambient air quality assessment and management, together with its daughter directives, will be implemented int he UK through the National Air Quality Strategy

Paul Sheridan and Verity Kidd of Cameron McKenna offer an initial aid to navigating the legislative landscape of air pollution.

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Looking over the horizon to new concepts in street sweeper design & engineering

The equipment used to keep our streets clean has evolved significantly over the last 10 years to become the cleanest, quietest and most efficient machinery anywhere in the world. The world¹s largest manufacturer, Johnston Engineering, based in the UK, looks into the crystal ball to what could

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· What's over the horizon?

· Fly swarm control at Burton-on-Trent STW

· Listen very carefully

· Twin-engined sweepers face threat from environmental legislation

· Simultaneous spectrum speciation

· When the Levy breaks

· WRc develops safe sludge strategy for Cairo

December 1994