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December 2003

MBT - white knight or white elephant?

Is MBT the solution to meeting the Landfill Directive?
By Pat Wheeler and Dr Neil Varey, AEA Technology.

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Changes to the Management of Hazardous Waste - Is Industry Ready?

Edward Perry and Jennifer Boniface of Golder Associates, highlight the issues, facing industry, surrounding the new landfill regulations.

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London's Green Procurement Code

By Tina Perfrement, Market Development Manager, London Remade

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· Making the markets work

December 2002

So, what do you do?

Environmental consultant Georgina Spiro describes her duties as an environmental manager for one of the world’s largest rail transport equipment, manufacturing and servicing companies, Bombardier Transportation.

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Stand out from the Crowd!

So you want that perfect job in the environment industry? But what are employers looking for, and how do you put together the winning CV? Nick Eva, Manager of environmental recruitment agency Evergreen Resources, provides an overview of recruitment in the sector today, and how to gain some valuable

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Engaging SME’s in Environmental Projects

Engaging businesses in environmental initiatives and projects is notoriously difficult. Granted individual projects nationwide may achieve high levels of participation but on the whole most projects involving SME’s struggle to gain business participation. Geo

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· Climbing the ladder

· Developers and planners: Delivering waste mamagement facilities through the planning system

· Financial incentives to encourage recycling within the community

December 1999

What's over the horizon?

Big issues and big questions are facing the environmental world as Millennium 2000 dawns. This special LAWE Millennium 2000 feature spotlights the key themes facing environmentalists, government and local communities as the world seeks solutions in a new century and a new era.

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Individual industry

Just behind the environmental manager is a vast array of people - supervisers, team leaders, technicians, or quality or H&S managers - all of whom would be involved in implementing an environmental management system. Dr Charlie Clutterbuck, Groundwork Blackburn, asks: Why aren't they used more?

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Simultaneous spectrum speciation

As a measure of organic compounds, Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) spectrometry has its origins firmly rooted in laboratory analysis. Cameron Stathers and Colin Blackmore, ETI Group Ltd, consider its transferral to the industrial environment.

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· Could combined UV and ozone be the future of odour control?

· What's over the horizon?

· When the Levy breaks

· Looking over the horizon to new concepts in street sweeper design & engineering

· Twin-engined sweepers face threat from environmental legislation

· Listen very carefully

· Compliance up in the air?

December 1994