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December 2005

Is there a risk from avian flu on waste sites?

As concern has grown over the possible threat posed by the spread westwards of avian flu over recent weeks, bird nuisance control specialist, NBC Bird Solutions, reports that it has been contacted by a number of waste management personnel and concerned members of the public about the potential risk

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Germany not doing enough to protect conservation areas: Case C-98/03, Commission v Germany

The Advocate General delivered his opinion in the case of Commission v Germany on 24 November 2005. The case was brought against the Federal Republic of Germany back in February 2003, concerning alleged breaches of the Habitats Directive (Directive 92/43/EC).

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Edie environmental case law summary December 2005

This month Edie News and Semple Fraser team up to bring readers the latest on legal cases which impact on environmental industries in the UK, Europe and further afield. Updates covered include the UK victory on emission NAP, Germany rapped for weak protection of conservation areas, UK falls foul of

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· Recycling goes to market

· How do you assess 'whole life costs' for sweepers?

· Waste the Unexpected Menace - Post Tsunami

· Baler Options clinches DIXI range distributorship

· New responsibilities for PRNs

· Euromec serves retail & localautority market sectors

· Waste woe warning of London's lunchtime litter

December 2004

Credible reporting

Lars-Olle Larsson, chairman of the FEE Sustainability Assurance Group, says assurance is key to the development of CSR reporting

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Hagglunds drives into heavy duty composting

Industrial scale composting is becoming an important development in the drive towards improved environmental conditions, reducing landfill volumes by effectively recycling organic materials in the municipal waste streams and Hagglunds Drives is very much involved in the process.

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The implications and complications of recycling waste

Following the Landfill Directive, the British public and local authorities are being pressurised to recycle more and more. Paul Ekins, Head of the Environment Group at the Policy Studies Institute and Professor of Sustainable Development at the University of Westminster, takes a closer look at the g

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· Euromec extends range with multi-purpose machines

· Moving to a Zero Waste Society

· Schmidt sweeps in at Portsmouth and Luton

· Biodiversity - a material risk

· Green card

· Composting research and solutions to meet the UK's requirements for waste management

· Testing the grey matter

December 2001

A quick cure for lining large diameter mains

A major capital project in the UK is saving time and money using new material for relining crumbling pipelines

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Sustainable, safe and economically viable

Juan Gonzalez, Ingemar Karlsson of Kemira outline advances in treatment to produce a high quality product

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Report shames local authorities

New government figures have revealed that 75 per cent of local authorities are failing to implement the UK's core air pollution regulations.

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· Creating the right environment for success

· Groundwater vs. farming - meeting the needs of both

· Flagging-up improvements

· Education, education, education

· All bets are on for compacts sweeping up after the horses

· Calculating the cost of flood

· Custom-built recycling plant handles construction site debris and waste

December 1996