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December 2007

Scarab's latest Merlin: a wizard on the streets?

The Merlin XP sweeper is built around the Euro 4 chassis and packs an impressive payload. But does it work its magic where it matters? Dan Gilkes took it for a ride

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Make sure your site doesn't leak WEEE

With scrap metal theft on the rise, valuable WEEE material is now being lifted from the waste stream across Europe - a problem which could soon hit the UK, warns Graham Davy

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Automatic for the people

Many councils are failing to show their public what is happening to their waste. But automated sorting systems can address this problem, says Jonathan Clarke

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· Carbon commitment 'lacks ambition'

· Energy-efficiency laws shake up property industry

· Driving change in fleet management

· Airport expansions may need fresh impact assessments

· 10 steps to a greener IT strategy

· Smooth takeover boosts strengths

· Luxembourg told to look at pollution law

December 2006

Commercial composting provides food for thought

The retail sector and food manufacturers produce a mountain of waste but, unlike householders, they cannot simply throw it in the compost and wait for it to rot down. The Compost Association told edie about the obstacles in the way of recycling waste from the commercial sector.

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Environmental Case Law Summary, December 06

Once again Edie News and Semple Fraser team up to bring readers the latest on legal cases which impact on environmental industries in the UK and Europe. This month we see Finland hounded for allowing wolf hunting, Russia in trouble for forcing residents to leave a heavily polluted area without provi

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Overlooking the obvious

Rainwater harvesting can drastically cut water demand - yet it is being grossly underestimated, writes Chris Williams.

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· Dutch lead post-tsunami reconstruction in Indonesia

· Battery manufacturers charged with task of making product safer

· Finland in wolf hunting howler

· How Barnet is winning the war on fly-tipping

· Water - where the money is

· Luxembourg sewage plants fail to meet standards

· No impact assessment for waste plant lands Italy in hot water

December 2003

Changes to the Management of Hazardous Waste - Is Industry Ready?

Edward Perry and Jennifer Boniface of Golder Associates, highlight the issues, facing industry, surrounding the new landfill regulations.

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London's Green Procurement Code

By Tina Perfrement, Market Development Manager, London Remade

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MBT - white knight or white elephant?

Is MBT the solution to meeting the Landfill Directive?
By Pat Wheeler and Dr Neil Varey, AEA Technology.

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· Making the markets work

December 1998

Chard treatment works cleared for take-off

Chard in Somerset ­ home of the first powered flight ­ is the location for Wessex Water's most recent wastewater treatment works. Built to cope with the town's population growth until the year 2013, the £8 million treatment works has also been designed to blend in with the environment, resulti

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Stormwater project meets first major challenge

Water quality has finally shown some signs of improvement off Brighton's beaches, following the completion of what is claimed to be Europe's largest stormwater storage tunnel by Southern Water. Peter Minting reports.

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Scientists investigate manhole performance

Manholes are often defined simply as a Œmeans of entry for inspection of sewers and drains¹. Here, Brian Dumbleton reports on studies of pollutant transport through manholes and attempts to improve the efficiency of their design.

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· CIRIA report questions focus on sewer capacity

· Septic sewer treatment reduces load on STWs