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December 2009

The start of AMP5 next April must not be delayed even if water companies challenge Ofwat's final determination, British Water has warned.
Humans, says CIWEM executive director Nick Reeves, are not the point or purpose of the planet. We need to believe in a new way of living - and our goal should be a more equitable world
Measuring the carbon footprint of waste and recycling activities is not easy, so how can the industry be sure it is meeting its commitments? Maxine Perella reports
» Reducing the carbon footprint of packaging: it's more than just plastic
» What lies ahead for waste PFI?
» WWF backs African calls for Kyoto-style agreement
» Go underground for recycling targets
» Applying standards to barrier systems
» UK failing on air conditioning emissions controls
» Small but perfectly formed

December 2008

A crop-friendly approach to bio-ethanol production has been developed, and even the by-products can be treated to ensure nothing goes to waste
Janine Hurley looks at a court case concerning an appeal by Waste Recycling Group for a landfill tax refund, and examines what lessons can be learnt
Traditional submersible sewage pumping stations can be dirty and dangerous to work in. Ian Hallows takes a look at packaged systems, which, as they are mounted on the surface, successfully avoid a whole raft of health and safety issues.
» Fresh take on an old idea
» Why concrete is 'best for 2009'
» Public participation and access to justice
» Why food waste should stay at home
» Scottish courts debate contaminated land
» Going right down to the wire
» Pump control innovation key to improving efficiencies

December 2005

While as a city recycling rates are showing every sign of climbing, London's lunchtime still creates a mountain of waste every day as workers head for the nearest shop, tuck into a pre-packaged meal and dump the litter and left over in the bin. London Remade looks at the problem.
The European Court of Justice (ECJ) issued its judgement in the case of Commission v UK on 17 November 2005.
As concern has grown over the possible threat posed by the spread westwards of avian flu over recent weeks, bird nuisance control specialist, NBC Bird Solutions, reports that it has been contacted by a number of waste management personnel and concerned members of the public about the potential risk
» BSI publishes guidance for managing sustainable development
» Progress cemented
» Maintaining water quality in the distribution network
» Fridges throw spanner in WEEE works
» Scuppered ship creates marine habitat and divers' paradise
» Greening the office
» Article Title

December 2000

Leicester's team of Schmidt Swingo compact sweepers maintains the city's clean imageThe city council's Street Cleansing Division plays a key role in enhancing Leicester's slogan which greets visitors of "Environment City". A fleet of compact Swingo sweepers from Schmidt helps the city maintain its clean image
Water industry reflections - Rodney Coldron, media and sponsorship consultant, National Federation of Anglers
Handover of part of the Euromec street cleansing fleet for Camden's Boulevard projectAs part of a £20 million, four year urban regeneration scheme, Camden London Borough Council has acquired over £500,000's worth of Euromec street cleansing equipment.
» Cat targets waste handling
» Qualified environmental decision making
» Red ochre trapped in reed beds
» Foam dispute bubbles away
» Profits of doom
» Technically speaking
» Tracked excavator boosts waste handling capability at Basingstoke