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December 2009

Bakewell proves the perfect start

A new inlet works designed by Haigh Engineering is being trialled at Severn Trent Water's sewage plant in Bakewell, Derbyshire. Maureen Gaines reports on how the system is reducing screenings

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Sludge handling banished

Water companies looking for low-carbon systems should examine lagoon technology, insists Gurney's David Orme

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Applying standards to barrier systems

A rise in brownfield developments has increased the use of barrier piping. Even with the right pipes, however, contamination is still a risk from poor installation, says Richard Graty of GPS PE Pipe Systems

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· Don't let disaster strike head!

· Water work sees surge in confidence

· Challenges should not 'delay AMP5'

· Surprise as Thames chief Owens quits

· SCA Recycling broadens its paper wings

· Bubbling over the surface

· Go underground for recycling targets

December 2008

German MRF trial shows bags of potential

Renting out a German MRF for the day doesn't come cheap, but one technology supplier wanted to demonstrate that mechanical sorting of residual black bag waste yields good returns. Dean Stiles travelled to Munich to find out more

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Scottish courts debate contaminated land

The Inner House of the Court of Session has reversed an earlier decision of the Outer House, concerning the ability of a commercial landlord to carry out intrusive site investigations on potentially contaminated land.

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Why food waste should stay at home

Home treatment cuts food waste arisings and collection costs. Maxine Perella flew to Sweden to find out how Gothenburg is incentivising householders to do more

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· Why concrete is 'best for 2009'

· Taking the more natural approach to sewage

· Food-friendly breakthrough in race to sustainable fuels

· Going right down to the wire

· Italian firm loses ETS challenge

· No-dig carves niche for itself

· Pump control innovation key to improving efficiencies

December 2005

Turning the tide

After more than a decade of investigation and negotiation, a determined builder has moved a regulatory mountain to turn a polluted old shipyard into a residential complex and marina

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Article Title

The Sustainable Communities Plan will mean development in the countryside, and London moving east. This, suggests CIWEM's Nick Reeves, is a symptom of an urban-fixated society.

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Is there a risk from avian flu on waste sites?

As concern has grown over the possible threat posed by the spread westwards of avian flu over recent weeks, bird nuisance control specialist, NBC Bird Solutions, reports that it has been contacted by a number of waste management personnel and concerned members of the public about the potential risk

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· Smoking ban tipped to add to litter problem

· Establishing the sustainability of water efficiency measures

· Going for gold

· Scuppered ship creates marine habitat and divers' paradise

· The inside story

· Absolute zero

· Progress cemented

December 2000

Applied Sweepers moves into 'next generation'

Applied Sweepers recently introduced the new Applied 424 'Hi-Speed' model. These "next generation" machines can utilise a 16kmph transit speed to travel independently and reach congested sweeping locations quickly. They can then be used on site in their "walk-behind" mode, before moving on to the ne

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Camden invests in cleaning fleet for £20m Boulevard regeneration

As part of a £20 million, four year urban regeneration scheme, Camden London Borough Council has acquired over £500,000's worth of Euromec street cleansing equipment.

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Purpose-built handling equipment meets specific needs of the recycling industry

German manufacturer, Fuchs, which is part of the Schaeff Group, is in the forefront of developing purpose-built handling equipment applied on many recycling and rehandling sites in the UK, including the scrap metals and general rehandling industries. LAWE takes a look at the company's approach to

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· Alpha factor improved at Shieldhall

· My point is...

· High pressure cleaning

· Profits of doom

· Demountable sweeper body designed for Mercedes-Benz Unimog U400

· Foam dispute bubbles away

· Ceramics avoid dioxin reformation