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December 2011

Give us greater security on the resource issue

Defra must act decisively on resource efficiency: Matthew Farrow

Decisions in a field as complex and slippery as resource efficiency/security need to be well thought out if they are to be effective, argues Matthew Farrow

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The practical approach to cleaner energy

CNBC's morning show Squawk Box host and Energy Opportunities ringmaster, Geoff Cutmore, writes for edie energy on the visions of three key thought leaders in delivering cleaner energy across the globe.

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Roadmap to resource efficiency

A recent European Commission report requires the waste management sector to be more proactive in its use of resources, as Adam Read explains

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· Cheltenham's flood risk reduced

· CIPP relining success in Essex

· The high cost of living with incineration

· 20 by 20: how Sainsbury's is trying something new

· Enhancing quality and safety

· Bulmers aims to brew a better future

· Voltage optimisation: an overview

December 2010

Don't fall foul of flats, just house the right bin

There is plenty of potential to improve domestic recycling rates in areas of high density housing if you install the correct infrastructure, as a new report points out.

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A big drop of ingenuity

Rainwater harvesting is the perfect answer to the new standards for water consumption in sustainable homes, says Steff Wright, chairman of the Gusto Group and a member of the Rainwater Harvesting Association

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Black & Veatch has designs on Cincinnati tunnel project

Planning is under way for a US$244M (£156M), 1.2-mile tunnel system, pump station and enhanced high-rate treatment facility in Cincinnati, Ohio, that could reduce the mixture of sewage and stormwater that enters local waterways, improving the quality of life for the more than two million people livi

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· Olympian effort flows through

· Bolivia compares Copenhagen negotiation process to the Matrix

· WEEE regulations recast

· A powerful push for phosphorus capture and recovery

· Marching on: a presidential portrait

· The politics of energy recovery

· Kautex waste reduction case study

December 2007

Automatic for the people

Many councils are failing to show their public what is happening to their waste. But automated sorting systems can address this problem, says Jonathan Clarke

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Driving change in fleet management

Environmental concerns are changing in the role of the fleet manager. But tighter emissions laws, tax schemes and safety regulation could provide an opportunity rather than a threat, says Paul Harrop

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How to banish the bane of fly-tipping

Following a consultation exercise, the Countryside Alliance has proposed measures to curb the blight of fly-tipping. Charlotte Fiander outlines what's required

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· Tank bottoms get less crude

· Futureproofing your data centre

· Being green: A question of class

· Luxembourg told to look at pollution law

· A mood for change

· Smooth takeover boosts strengths

· GLA 'filters out' industry views

December 2002

Climbing the ladder

Environmental Consultant Charles Haine describes his career route to becoming General Manager for consultancy firm Posford Haskoning Environment Gulf, based in Bahrain.

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Financial incentives to encourage recycling within the community

Ed Perry, a consultant with Golder Associates, specialising in waste management with specific emphasis on providing creative solutions for local government, looks at the successes and failures of three schemes designed to increase household recycling of waste.

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So, what do you do?

Environmental consultant Georgina Spiro describes her duties as an environmental manager for one of the world’s largest rail transport equipment, manufacturing and servicing companies, Bombardier Transportation.

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· Engaging SME’s in Environmental Projects

· Stand out from the Crowd!

· Developers and planners: Delivering waste mamagement facilities through the planning system