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December 2014

Defining zero-carbon: Government's golden opportunity

Emma Hines, senior manager of sustainable construction at Lafarge Tarmac, argues that the absence of a zero-carbon standard for non-domestic buildings has resulted in uncertainty, due to a lack of legislative clarity and no mandated need to embrace zero carbon.

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Cutting deforestation: A business imperative

With a number of rainforest conservation pledges being made at the recent climate talks in Lima, Aida Greenbury from Asia Pulp & Paper believes businesses must act on these commitments to end deforestation.

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Edie explains: MCERTS

The Environment Agencies Monitoring Certification Scheme (MCERTS) is designed to ensure that potential polluters are monitoring their emissions effectively. But how exactly does the Scheme work?

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· Spaceflight sustainability: Houston, we have a (pollution) problem

· Forward thinking: 10 futuristic ideas we'd LOVE to see developed in 2015

· Solar subsidies: Paving the way for a support-free future

December 2013

Safeguarding water supplies - a frack too far?

Water is the latest natural resource under threat from fracking and unless the risks are properly assessed, certain areas could face real shortfalls in supply. Maxine Perella reports

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Industrial resources - unlocking their value

Founding member of the recently launched European Industrial Symbiosis Association (EUR-ISA), and this years 'Sustainability Leader' award winner, Peter Laybourn, explains how symbiotic partnerships can achieve wide-scale economic and environmental benefits.

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Autumn statement - missed opportunity for confirming strategy on environmental taxes

Business craves long-term certainty in order to invest, but in perpetuating uncertainty with green taxes and levies, the Government risks failing to achieve its environmental policy objectives and putting up the costs of investment - the worst possible outcome.

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· Disruptive thinking: a step-change to corporate sustainability

· Empowering a franchise - engaging sustainable practices at IHG

· A national wish list for waste prevention

· Resource potential, a question of assets?

· Making obsolescence obsolete: a mobile concept

· Microbeads pollution - a drop in the ocean for the beauty industry

December 2010

Will regulation threaten future investment?

The withdrawal of a big player from the regulated UK market and warnings by analysts of the negative effect on investment of over-regulation have added to the uncertainty within the UK water industry. Dean Stiles reports.

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Derailed or still on track - what now for the PFI seven?

Seven major local authority waste projects were dealt a cruel blow in the Government's spending review, losing their PFI grant allocations. So is there a plan B for this much-needed infrastructure? asks David Burrows

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Why Cancun is the place to be... for energy innovation

Read Nick Martin's article on this year's COP 16. Nick is Managing Director of EMEA, Hara.

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· Don't let recycling gains fall by the roadside

· The politics of energy recovery

· The case for change adds up

· Black & Veatch has designs on Cincinnati tunnel project

· Don't fall foul of flats, just house the right bin

· A powerful push for phosphorus capture and recovery

· Olympian effort flows through

December 2005

Room for change

With landfill costs rising, the hospitality industry needs to reduce the amount of waste it produces. John Haven looks at how one hotel chain set about doing so

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Comparing nitrogen removal techniques

Black & Veatch process expert Frank Rogalla discusses the latest technology for removing nitrogen from wastewater

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Waste woe warning of London's lunchtime litter

While as a city recycling rates are showing every sign of climbing, London's lunchtime still creates a mountain of waste every day as workers head for the nearest shop, tuck into a pre-packaged meal and dump the litter and left over in the bin. London Remade looks at the problem.

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· How do you assess 'whole life costs' for sweepers?

· Smoking ban tipped to add to litter problem

· Maintaining water quality in the distribution network

· Fridges throw spanner in WEEE works

· Euromec serves retail & localautority market sectors

· New horizons

· Johnston Compact sweeps into the Eden Project