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March 2020

March 2019

March 2016

No breaks for Nestlé in its relentless pursuit of global supply chain sustainability

Brimming with 39 commitments the Nestlé in Society CSR report is as much a behemoth of sustainability pledges as it is a beacon of business best practice

If you're one of the thousands of people across the globe heeding Nestlé's advice to 'have a break, have a KitKat' this lunchtime, it might be worth taking an additional moment to consider exactly how the world's largest food company is working to ensure its snacks are sustainably and ethically

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University challenge: How behaviour change can unite staff and students on sustainability

Aston University has introduced monthly Go Green workbooks which are sent to each department, calling for evidence and ideas on how to improve energy efficiency

Britain's universities are facing the same carbon conundrum as the entire global economy: how can you achieve meaningful emissions reductions while the market in which you operate continues to grow? Birmingham's Aston University believes it has found the most effective answer: behaviour change.

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ESOS: what have we learned about the energy efficiency opportunities?

Analysis of a sample of the ESOS assessments undertaken by the Carbon Trust shows an average energy spend of around £1.8m

With the extended grace period for compliance with the Government's Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) coming to an end, David Tobin, energy consultant at the Carbon Trust, provides an insight into the environmental and financial benefits that the Scheme offers to businesses across a variety o

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· Cleantech innovation: Navigating the minefield of investment

· The importance of measuring and evaluating your CSR impact

March 2011

EA derails super dairy

William Neville, of Burges Salmon, the Bristol-based law firm laments the Environment Agency's objections to a super dairy.

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Keeping TEQs on track

Shaun Chamberlin photo by Jonathan Helm

edie's energy editor Luke Walsh speaks to TEQs champion Shaun Chamberlin on overcoming personal tragedy and becoming the spokesman for a potentially revolutionary system.

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Weather-proofing the water industry

Collaboration is key to adapting UK infrastructure for climate change resilience, says Atkins' climate change consultant Geoff Darch

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· Taking the heat out

· Damning approach to catchment preservation

· Stop the greenwash

· Getting real with monitoring

· Interview: Sanjit 'Bunker' Roy

· Good Energy ad banned

· A trenchless triumph in Lancashire