LIVE Sustainable Business Covered podcast: Leadership in the post-CSR era

The Sustainable Business Covered podcast returns, this time we're broadcasting LIVE from a panel discussion at the UK's largest sustainability and energy exhibition, edie Live. In this episode, four industry experts discuss how sustainability leadership is undergoing a transformation.

LIVE Sustainable Business Covered podcast: Leadership in the post-CSR era

The Sustainable Business Covered podcast episode returns to edie Live 2019 in the form of an on-stage panel discussion

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Episode 63 of the edie podcast, sponsored by Mitie Energy, is brought to you from the Sustainability Keynote theatre at edie Live. The episode sees edie’s content editor Matt Mace chair an on-stage panel discussion on “sustainability leadership in a post-CSR world”.

As climate-related impacts and social wellbeing become more business critical, some organisations in the vanguard of sustainability are ready to push through to a “post-CSR” era, where sustainability isn’t a siloed operation of the business. This podcast episode will hear from the sustainability leads across a range of companies as part of a small roundtable discussion on embedding sustainability across the business.

This episode features fascinating insight from Marcela Navarro, chief executive and co-founder, ProjectXGlobal, Mike Hanson, head of sustainable business at BaxterStorey, Simon Graham, head of innovation at De Courcy Alexander and Jamie Hall the operations Director of Mitie Energy.

During the discussion, the speakers look back on their careers to date, noting the trends and themes that have evolved and still remain prominent for a sustainability professional. Across the spectrum of energy, resource efficiency and innovation, the speakers discuss the key areas of CSR that they’d like to solve in the next few years.

Finally, speakers explore what comes next for the sustainability professional? What are relations like with other departments? How has the language changed? And does the job role cease to exist all together?

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