Llamas carry endangered fish to safety

In a relocation project to protect a rare and vulnerable species of fish, llamas were used to transport 25,000 fish up a Cumbrian Tarn.

The llamas were judged to be the safest way to move the vendace species of fish up the lower reaches of the steep Lake District mountainside to Sprinkling Tarn.

Vendace is becoming endangered due to the warming effects of climate change and its impact on rivers and lakes. The Cumbrian Tarn offers a cooler safer environment for the fish.

The project overseen by the Environment Agency is part of a wider plan to protect species including salmon and trout, which are particularly vulnerable to increasing temperatures.

Climate change is adding to the existing pressures of the growing population and urban development on fish stocks.

Environment Agency chairman, Lord Chris Smith, said: “Climate change is the biggest environmental challenge facing the world today.

“In addition to the anticipated warming of lakes and rivers, we may also see an increase in the occurrence of extreme weather events such as floods, droughts and heatwaves.

“All of these could have an impact on much of the native wildlife in England, especially aquatic species such as the rare and specialised vendace, so we are taking action now to conserve the existing populations.”

Alison Brown

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