Making the smart-grid transition: edie launches free guide for businesses

Organisations seeking to capitalise on the benefits offered by smart grid technologies and solutions now have access to a new edie Explains guide which breaks down everything you need to know about making the smart grid transition.

The new edie Explains: Smart grids business guide, produced in association with edie’s supporting partner EDF Energy, provides an in-depth summary of the smart grid concept, which is one of the most exciting global energy developments in modern times.


Smart grids are networks based on digital technology which is used to supply energy to consumers via two-way digital communications. They offer the potential to significantly reduce grid inefficiency, enable more interactive demand management, better integrate distributed power sources into the grid, enhance customer experience and facilitate new uses for gas and electricity.

How can smart grids be utilised by business? What are the potential business benefits of the smart grid transition? And how mature is the smart grid concept in the UK? The nine-page edie explains guide answers all of these questions and more to help energy managers understand exactly what a smart grid is, and how UK businesses can begin transitioning to smart grids.

The guide also incorporates a number of ‘top tips’ on deploying smart grid solutions, and concludes with a real-life case study, provided by EDF Energy, which illustrates how a technology innovation project is demonstrating the benefits of smart grids through optimised use of energy storage for small business sites.

Commenting on the Battery Optimisation and Storage System (BOSS) project, Xavier Mamo, R&D director for the EDF Energy R&D UK Centre, said: “This system aims to deliver greater capacity from existing assets, along with improved efficiencies and lower costs for the customer.”

The edie explains: Smart grids guide is available to download for free now. Get the guide here.

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