Manchester students leading the sustainable way

Students from Abraham Moss High School are involved in a workshop programme which reinforces each theme of the DCSF's Eight Doorways agenda through collaborative student activities.

classofyourown is already supporting North West Sustainable Schools through promotion and provision of resources to assist teachers in classroom sessions, bringing the significance of climate change to life and demonstrating to students that that they each have an important role to play in helping to protect the environment.

One of these resources is the classofyourown® ‘Route to a Sustainable School’ document, developed with Abraham Moss students. Based on the eight doorways, young learners go beyond a school’s voluntary self evaluation S3 Performance Matrix9 requirements and identify and assess their own school’s Doorway issues. Learners identify concerns and the outcome if they were left unresolved.

They suggest ways to solve the problem, including who would help them achieve their goals (managers, subcontractors etc.) and over what timescale.

Not only does this support student inclusion in the school management process, but it allows brings to life the everyday solutions to a wide range of environmental issues.

Learners can collaborate to agree goals and values, communicating these to their peers and agreeing ways to perform designated individual and group tasks.

From recycling to reducing waste, learners can have a positive impact on their future planet, driving change in their schools’ policies through a bottom up strategy Young people can be motivated to become sustainability activists if they are given responsibility for the decisions made in their own environments, both at school and at home.

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