Metering for the future

Water meters in the future will not feature moving parts, and will represent a "dramatic step" in water metering technology, according to Sensus Metering Systems.

Jon Parr, sales director for Sensus’ UK and European operations, said this technology alreadyt exists in other areas of flow measurement but the meters “are usually quite large, expensive and complex in terms of power requirements and lifetime”.

He said: “We are at opposite ends of every matrix to do with technology and pricing, and we have to bring those two together. We’re going to do that – that’s our next aim.”

Sensus is a technology company. and one that is not standing still. “We’re constantly pushing ahead,” said Parr. He continued: “We will look to develop the next piece of water technology and it will be non-moving parts meter. It will be a meter that doesn’t have turbines, pistons, moving parts.”

With no moving parts, mechanical failure is eliminated.

Parr said: “It will be a digital viewable system with integrated AMR options.”

The company has already developed such a concept in iPERL, which was launched in the US in June this year, and is available in the North American market.

Development of the flow and AMR technology has now started.

Parr said iPERL is a new water technology system with no moving parts, and AMR-equipped and compatible.

Sensus is now extending the iPERL range as well as extending its performance in terms of AMR and AMI. Parr said this process has now started in the European market.

He said that iPERL will be soft launched in Europe in about 12 months time, and fully launched six months later. The reason for the later launch date in Europe is because the market “is very different to the American market”.

Parr explained: “They have one standard, one way of doing things. We have a few more than one and so have multiple problems to overcome in delivering this technology.”

Parr said iPERL will offer benefits to both the water utilities and their customers. It enables water companies to bill for true water use.

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