The Mission Possible Pledge Wall

Brought to you in association with the UK Government's Green GB & NI Week, the Mission Possible Pledge Wall showcases the growing list of sustainable business commitments being made under the five campaign pillars of Energy, Resources, Mobility, The Built Environment and Business Leadership.

No Mission Possible Pledge is too small or too ambitious for the Wall - so long as it is a new, measurable action that the pledger believes will help their organisation on its mission to achieve a sustainable future.

Scroll through the Mission Possible pledges and filter by industry, campaign pillar and date below. And join the Mission by making a new commitment of your own.

The Built Environment

"We pledge to enable our three key customers to save over 80% embedded carbon on large-scale sewage works upgrades, compared to current levels of embedded carbon of the civil processes put in to support ageing works."

- Greener Waste Technology

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