Mitie to double energy productivity through EP100 initiative

British facilities management (FM) firm Mitie has built on its net-zero emissions target set for 2025 by joining the Climate Group's EP100 initiative to double its energy productivity.

Mitie to double energy productivity through EP100 initiative

According to the Climate Group

The Climate Group’s EP100 initiative is a global scheme aimed at uniting corporates in a collective drive to increase energy productivity (i.e. achieving a higher economic output per unit of energy consumed).

By joining the initiative, Mitie has committed to double its energy productivity, which will be measured by the amount of energy used per pound of revenue generated. While Mitie has a 25-year timeframe to achieving the target, the company is confident that it will achieve the goal by 2025.

The EP100 is the second of The Climate Group’s initiatives that Mitie has signed-up to, having become a member of EV100 in 2019. As part of that commitment, Mitie will convert its entire transport fleet of 5,500 cars and vans to zero-emission vehicles. Again, Mitie believes this will be achieved by 2025. By coupling the vehicle transition with a plan to reduce business travel through video conferencing tools, Mitie believes it will reach the EP100 target in five years.

Mitie’s director of sustainability and social value Simon King said: “The climate crisis is not a challenge that we can solve alone – it is only by joining other like-minded businesses that we can come together and tackle it. We’re proud to be taking another step closer towards our Plan Zero commitment by joining this important initiative to double our energy productivity.”

According to the Climate Group, businesses signed up to its EP100 initiative have collectively shaved $55m (£45m) off their energy costs by implementing better efficiency measures

Under EP100, companies are required to either double their energy productivity, make their buildings net-zero carbon or implement an energy management system, based on which of these actions is most relevant to their business model.

Jenny Chu, Head of EP100, said: “By doing more with less energy, Mitie are seizing the opportunity to save emissions and boost the bottom line – leading by example in the facilities management and professional services sector. We are thrilled to have them join our global EP100 initiative for energy-smart companies, and know they will inspire others to follow suit

The announcement from Mitie builds on the company’s recently announced net-zero target for 2025. Mitie has set out a three-pillar decarbonisation plan centred around power and transport; waste; and the energy efficiency of buildings.

The power proportion of the overall plan, called Plan Zero, binds Mitie to source 100% renewable electricity for operations through subsidy-free Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) and to switch to low-carbon heating systems before offsetting any residual emissions from heat.

Mitie has said it will help its clients set and meet their own net-zero targets by launching a new package of bespoke services. The firm’s sustainability director Simon King said this move will ensure that Mitie shows climate leadership “not just within [its] own industry but across wider UK business too”.

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