Mono has developed a flow-powered, self-cleaning alternative to existing mesh screens for handling storm overflows. The Mono Stormscreen is designed to combat increasingly common flood problems and associated solids discharges, offering a solution to meet the needs of the waste water industry.

By harnessing the power of the storm flow, the flow-powered Stormscreen offers low maintenance and zero power costs, together with efficient and effective screening for storm overflows at inlet and chamber applications. The Stormscreen self-cleans any material build up on the mesh, returning the solids to the main flow for further treatment or disposal, whilst eliminating the need for periodic cleaning. The screen has been developed to conform to discharge consent and AMP 3 guidelines, in line with the Environment Agency’s strict requirements.

A standard 400mm diameter mesh drum incorporates a paddle wheel fitted with adjustable brushes. As the waste water flows through the channel and into the unit, solids above 6mm are captured. The screened flow powers a turbine drive unit, which is mounted below the mesh drum, and drives the paddle wheel. As the paddle wheel rotates, the brushes clean the mesh drum returning any solids back into the main flow. An integrated scumboard protudes into the main flow and deflects large floating solids away from the screen, increasing the screens self-cleaning capability.

Low operating heads make it suitable for handling small flows and long weir installations, with a maximum flow capacity of 400 l/sec per 2m length, depending on solids content. The modular construction means that the Stormscreen is adaptable to existing civil works, with options on diameters and lengths to suit differing weir configurations. The optional monitoring system incorporates status reports and event logging, which is telemetry-linked so that instant signals are sent if the machine starts / stops.

An electrical motor drive option can also be provided where existing power is readily available.

John Brennan, UK Sales Manager for Mono Pumps said: “We have been listening carefully to the needs of the waste water industry, and the Stormscreen is a direct result of this. We have provided an economic and effective screenings solution for storm overflows”.

For further information on the benefits of the Mono Storm Screen, please e-mail or Tel 0161 339 9000.

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