More chips for gas and vapour monitors

Dräger has added two more chips to its Chip Measurement System (CMS) for the water and waste industries. The new chips enable this portable gas and vapour monitoring unit to measure hydrogen sulphide and ammonia.

Requiring minimal user training, when plugged into the CMS analyser, the system

measures and evaluates concentrations of the substances and the chips provide

an immediate digital read-out without further need for evaluation.

Combining intelligent operation with straightforward user instructions, the

CMS features a back-lit, multi-lingual LCD display and menu driven user interface.

Supplied pre-configured for automatic operation, the analyser performs a self-check

on system start up and, as soon as the chip is inserted, carries out a chip

integrity test.

Incorporating a mass-flow regulated pumps, the CMS measures the movement of

concentration in relation to time, regardless of fluctuations in atmospheric pressure. This constant

mass flow capability, together with the sensitivity of the reagent system, enables

fast, accurate measurements to be made. Before carrying out a measurement, the

system allows the user to select the way in which data are stored.

A tone signal sounds at the end of each measurement cycle, and at this stage,

another measurement can be made or another chip selected. A wide variety of

chips are available for different applications.

Each chip carries a bar code which, when decoded, provides the parameters for

the measurement evaluation such as the gas type and measurement range. Able

to carry out 10 separate measurements, the chips have a 2-year lifespan.

For those applications where liquids may be present, a special float probe

can also be supplied. Protected against dust and spray water in accordance with

IP54, the CMS is intrinsically safe and resistant to eletromagnetic radiation.

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