More rapid response to climatic changes

Wireless communication is making great advances in environmental monitoring. Programming and reading data from a distance and by subsequent measurements arranged long distance are one of the many possibilities offered by e-SENSE from Eijkelkamp Agrisearch Equipment.

The e-SENSE system is made up of sensors connected to an SMS modem that uses wireless GSM telephone technology. The modem regularly reads the measurement information from all sensors and sends the data in the form of SMS messages to a database. These messages are translated back into measurement data at the site of the Internet server and are stored in a central database.

Wireless flexibility

There are several advantages attached to the use of the e-SENSE website – it is not necessary to read the data from the sensors on the spot or in the field, as the measurement data from the sensors are read and processed via a wireless SMS modem. Processed data are available instantly anywhere.

All the system components are configured in the e-SENSE system in such a way that they are fine-tuned individually and to each other.

Depending on what the user requires, a number of sensors can be connected to the SMS modem and the sensors, SMS modem and database can be adjusted to the desired measurement variables. The SMS modem automatically recognises the type of sensor that has been connected so that the modem does not need to be configured specially for the type of sensor. Depending on the configuration of the sensor that is connected, the time and read-out frequency of the measurement values and the number of measurement variables are adjusted for each input in the SMS modem.

Stand-alone facility

The use of GSM communication makes it possible to take measurements by wireless transfer in a database, even in locations without electricity or telephone access. In addition to the fact that it is no longer necessary to read the measurements in the field, it is possible to carry out various setting adjustments from a distance using the e-SENSE website, thus eliminating the need to carry out these tasks in the field. Once the e-SENSE installation has been configured and constructed, the only tasks left to carry out in the field are the replacement of batteries in the sensors and modem.

The use of the e-SENSE website and a range of different types of sensors in a single system allow a measuring system to be created that makes it possible to carry out the most wide-ranging measurements and to look at the results at a central point.

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