M&S and Landsec exploring energy storage to increase resilience

Energy managers from British retailer M&S and property developer Landsec revealed they are exploring the potential of battery storage technologies on their estates during a recent edie webinar about energy resilience.

Hosted in association with Centrica Business Solutions on 30 November, edie’s energy resilience webinar featured presentations from M&S’s energy efficiency programme manager Maria Spyrou and Landsec’s energy manager Charles Sainsbury.

When asked about the potential of energy storage, Spyrou confirmed M&S is conducting feasibility studies around the technology, while Sainsbury said storage is “critical” for Landsec’s energy security.


Below are the responses to some of the questions that were submitted in the Q&A session at the end of the hour-long webinar.

  • Do you see energy storage playing a key role in your future as a sustainable business?

Charles – It’s critical. We’re committed to looking at energy security as one of the biggest issues for our company in terms of infrastructure and energy supply. It’s a big part of what we do. We are constantly looking at opportunities where we can bring in battery storage across our sites.

Maria – We don’t currently have any battery storage solutions (apart from static inverters for emergency lighting and UPS systems for our tills and IT equipment). However, we are currently conducting feasibility studies to understand battery storage better and select partners to work with in the future

  • How do you address air quality issues related to diesel power generation?

Maria – We are not aware of any air quality issues arising from our diesel generators; we are taking part in the National Grid schemes in order to reduce the overall carbon intensity of the grid. We are undertaking a review of our engine emissions in advance of the Medium Combustion Plant Directive coming into play.

Charles – We adhere to any limits and planning obligations with regards to running hours of diesel generators. If we begin to participate in any STOR programmes with running of generators, we will always seek to address and mitigate the impact of any air quality issues, considering the use of any pollution abatement technologies where required.      

  • How are you utilizing heat dumped from chillers at your buildings?

Maria – In some stores we have heat reclaim systems on our refrigeration systems, that heat is then recirculated in our Foodhalls as it is where we need it the most. We don’t own or operate any CDCs ourselves.

Charles – We don’t currently use a high number of heat recovery chillers, but we are always looking at new innovative products where possible. Our CHP assets ensure we recover heat to be re-used in our buildings’ heating and cooling systems.

  • How does M&S automatically control power, regardless of source, to ensure site power is uninterrupted and priority loads automatically scheduled?

Maria – I think this question refers more to frequency response; we don’t currently take part in any frequency control. When we respond to a STOR request for example, our generators will ramp up, synchronise with the mains, and then take over. Any ‘extra’ power that’s required from the grid will still be taken from the grid, and if we produce more than what we need, then that is pushed pack out onto the grid.

  • Will Landsec be installing rapid charges and V2G in owned buildings?

Charles – We do not currently have any rapid charge points across our portfolio, but we are exploring options to roll these out at our shopping centres. We’re committed to supporting green transport infrastructure at our properties and if rapid charge points are feasible, these will build and support our existing portfolio of EV charge points.

  • Will M&S be placing orders for the Tesla all-electric Semi and installing Tesla Mega-Chargers?

Maria – We are currently working with different partners for our logistics so we don’t own or operate any fleet.

  • Has Landsec done any ROI on climate change mitigation and adaption? Or is there even a need for a ROI to deploy such strategies? What are financiers asking for?

Charles – We have not completed any specific calculations on ROIs of climate change strategies but, as part of our commitment to climate resilience, we are completing climate risk assessments. This is valuable information for investors and financiers alike.

Watch the full energy resilience webinar on-demand here.

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