Net-Zero Business podcast: IHG’s low-carbon hotels and a spotlight on ESOS phase 3

In response to the accelerated pace at which corporates are examining and setting net-zero targets to help alleviate the climate crisis, edie's monthly Net-Zero Business podcast was created. Up next, we talk low-carbon hotels with IHG and energy efficiency with Inspired Energy.

Net-Zero Business podcast: IHG’s low-carbon hotels and a spotlight on ESOS phase 3

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Following on from the UK Government’s world-leading net-zero carbon commitment, edie’s spinoff podcast series, Net-Zero Business, will hear from the trendsetters and trailblazers of responsible businesses.

Since the UK Government set it’s 2050 net-zero target into law, more and more businesses are attempting to get ahead of the political curve by strengthening carbon and energy strategies and pledging to become net-zero businesses well before the 2050 deadline.

The Net-Zero Business podcast is a monthly digest of episodes that are 35 minutes or less in length. It usually features one in-depth interview with a sustainability or energy manager at a business working towards net-zero or carbon-neutrality. But, for this month’s special edition, sponsored by Inspired Energy, we are also exploring how compliance with the third phase of the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) can help your organisation’s low-carbon journey. 

First up is an interview with IHG’s chief sustainability officer and vice president for global corporate responsibility Catherine Dolton. Dolton explores how 6,000 existing hotels could be transitioned to net-zero operational emissions, and how standards for new builds can tackle all-important embodied carbon. This is all against the backdrop of the global hospitality sector’s recovery from Covid-19. 

Then, edie’s senior reporter Sarah George dials Inspired Energy’s client optimisation manager Helen Barnet, who answers some of your most frequently asked questions on how to comply with ESOS phase 3, and how the recent consultation on the scheme could bring about changes. Proposals include extending the scheme to smaller organisations, increasing fines for non-compliance and streamlining reporting processes. 

Want to learn more?

This episode is part of edie and Inspired Energy’s 2021 masters series on ESOS Phase 3. A free edie-explains guide on the topic is available to download here, answering FAQs and summarising the current states of play in an exclusive viewpoint from Inspired Energy’s director of energy solutions Robert Leak. 

The final part of the masters series is a 45-minute masterclass webinar on seizing the net-zero opportunities of ESOS phase 3, which aired on Thursday (14 October) and is now available to watch on-demand. This event featured exclusive presentations from Emma Hird at Inspired Energy and Gary Shanahan at the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS), as well as a Q&A. Click here to watch the masterclass on-demand.

The edie podcast is available to listen to on Spotify. You can also subscribe to this podcast on iTunes and bookmark this page to see the full list of podcast episodes as they appear. Have a question about this podcast or a suggestion for future episodes? Email us at [email protected]. Please bear in mind that all our speaker slots are now filled for 2021. 

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