Situated in the north east of the country, close to the Baltic coast, the city lies on the banks of the Narva river, which for centuries has served as a natural boundary between Estonia and Russia. The river is a vital water source for the towns and cities along its length with Narva itself occupying the final few kilometres before the river discharges into the Gulf of Finland. Pollution of the Baltic has long been a major concern and the refurbishment project is just one of many initiatives sponsored by the Finnish Government to help improve the marine environment.

Funded jointly by Finland’s Environment Ministry and Narva Water, the refurbishment was aimed at achieving operational reliability through the use of new machinery and control equipment.

Particular importance was paid to the choice of pumps, with non-clogging operation, energy-efficiency and ease of maintenance being the top priority. To this end, four Sarlin S2 554 AM 6 pumps were selected for horizontal installation. The 55kW pumps are all equipped with flood-proof motors. These not only represent a considerable improvement in energy efficiency over the old pumps, but ensure continued operation of the station under flood conditions. The new station can handle flows of 30,000 to 35,000m3/h.

Unmanned operation was also a priority so control and monitoring can now be handled remotely. Control of the four pumps is managed using Sarlin PM 2000 equipment linked to a remote PC running the Sarlin Kauko remote control programme. Alarms are transmitted to the duty water officers through the GSM mobile network.

While aggregate power consumption of the old pumps was 490kW, the new pumps are able to achieve superior performance using just 232kW, resulting in a considerable annual energy saving. Sarlin also undertook full training of personnel responsible for the operation and maintenance of the new station.

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