News Release: New ‘TCH’ water jetting nozzle cuts cost of internal tank cleaning

Suitably called the TCH (Tank Cleaning Head), this latest high-pressure water jetting nozzle from Calder provides a safe, economical, easy method of deposit removal within enclosed vessels without putting staff at risk and the need for implementing demanding vessel entry safety procedures.

TCH is a self rotating, two-nozzle water blasting unit that provides a powerful 360° jet pattern for internal cleaning of storage and processing tanks, hoppers and large diameter pipes. A clear advantage of the new nozzle is that it performs its high level cleaning function without the need for operators to actually enter the vessel or pipe.

Regulations are in place that protect workers who enter confined spaces from asphyxiation and other hazards of an environment not normally safe for people to work in. These common sense rules require that all sources of hazardous materials, powered equipment and inert blankets be isolated from the vessel, and that adequate ventilation is provided, with back-up provision. Also, trained rescue personnel and equipment need to be on standby should a worker become overcome by hazardous materials or lack of adequate breathing air.

Although these precautions save lives and are key issues that need to be addressed for contractors who undertake this type of work, implementation can be costly. If vessel entry can be avoided there are substantial cost savings to be made. The three-dimensional water-blast nozzles from Calder can often eliminate vessel entry.

For tank cleaning applications the nozzle is designed for lowering from above the tank by hoist or manual feed. The high-pressure water is fed to the TCH from a high pressure pump unit, apart from generating cleaning pressures of up to 17,400 psi (1200bar), it also drives the nozzle rotation to create a highly effective spherical cleaning pattern. When used for horizontal pipe cleaning, or where greater positioning control is required, Calder will supply a series of standard or bespoke design rigid or telescopic booms for attachment to TCH. The TCH can be mounted permanently above vessels, reactors and autoclaves and fully automated to allow full vessel cleaning to be carried out between product batches. The extent of automation can be adapted to suit the client’s needs, full link with plant control room and PLC software is commonplace.

TCH is a safe, cost-efficient tank/pipe cleaning device and offers true flexibility since it can be carried easily from application to application, whether on a single site or used by maintenance contractors working across a broad spectrum of industries.

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