News Release: UKAS award accreditation to CryoService

In recognition of the standards, processes and capabilities of the CryoService laboratory and its technicians, UKAS have awarded accreditation status for a range of instrument analyser control gases. This accolade positions CryoService as one of the elite in calibration gas supply and certainly one of the most reliable in terms of mixture accuracy and deliverability.

Historic traceability

Calibrating analysers or undertaking gas analysis in UKAS accredited applications can reveal several traceability issues regarding the gas mixtures used. Traditionally, gas mixtures have been manufactured gravimetrically, and all traceability has been attributed to the calibration of the balances used to add the gas components. This route is incomplete, since it does not take into consideration two effects. Firstly, any errors that occur in the filling process may remain undetected if the subsequent QC analytical analysis is not rigorous enough, and secondly the actual QC analysis itself does not provide the level of traceability required.

Problematic application

The alternative, which is to provide calibration gases with UKAS certificates, has been difficult due to the bespoke nature, rarity and consequent expense of these mixtures. In addition, those involved in stack emission monitoring often require exceptional levels of service to accommodate the requirements of on-site analysis of a variety of components at different locations, often at short notice.

Research project

CryoService first began investigating these issues in 1999, and believed that it would be possible to produce, and certify, such mixtures in a way that blended the key aims of traceability, a choice of mixtures, lead time, flexible deliveries and price. As one of the key gas suppliers to the gas detection and environmental monitoring markets, feedback from its customers and associates suggested that there was a keen demand for products that met this criteria.

UltraCert…. the solution

The CryoService laboratory’s three year intensive research and development project ultimately resulted in the new UltraCert range of mixtures.

These mixtures are manufactured gravimetrically in accordance with

ISO 6142, but are analysed in CryoService’s new UKAS accredited calibration laboratory and are issued with UKAS calibration certificates. One of the key features of the UltraCert range is that it can apply to a range of gas mixtures (initially CO2, SO2 and CO in nitrogen balance gas) with varying concentrations, due to an innovative analytical methodology.

UltraCert delivers.

This exciting new development raises the game for calibration gases. Now the marketplace has gas mixtures that can meet with the requirements of accredited laboratories, whilst offering the service and delivery of ordinary gas mixtures.

Noor Ali, Sales Development Manager and project leader for the UltraCert concept stated recently: “We needed to start from ground zero, no one had approached these problems before and we set high goals for this product. As members of the Source Testing Association we could see first-hand the often conflicting and very demanding requirements of the emissions monitoring market. Addressing these requirements in one product proved to be a real challenge. However, I am confident that UltraCert will provide real solutions for the emissions monitoring market, and anything that enhances the quality of monitoring work takes the whole industry forward”.

Side effects

Even if the monitoring application process does not need to meet UKAS standards, UltraCert will provide a new level of confidence in gas mixture usage, since, as the premium product in the CryoService range of mixtures, it can be used as a reference gas for ordinary mixtures.

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