News Release: Wallingford Software extends worldwide appeal with release of InfoWorks v4.5

“Strengthening the worldwide appeal of InfoWorks, extending its functionality and improving the overall productivity of hydraulic modeling characterizes the release of InfoWorks v4.5”, says Paul Banfield, Sales Director of Wallingford Software, the world’s largest hydraulic modeling software company. Composed of three modules [InfoWorks WS for water supply, InfoWorks CS for wastewater, sewers and storm water, and InfoWorks RS for river systems], InfoWorks is the world’s only integrated modelling package that spans the separate disciplines of water supply, distribution, collection and river systems.

The release of v4.5 – meeting the company’s schedule of two major releases each year – builds on the expansion in the product’s scope achieved over the past five years and maintains Wallingford’s reputation for aggressive and sustained product development.

V4.5 contains many new input, viewing and editing facilities, including improved graphing and printing, a geographic location window (GeoPlan Locator), a geographic magnification window (GeoPlan Magnifier) and extended management of underlying map layers.

Detailed enhancements by module include –

For InfoWorks WS (water supply and distribution):

  • Analysis of pump station operation to improve operational efficiencies

  • Extended programmable controls to model real-time control schemes more accurately

  • Engineering validation to improve the quality of models

For InfoWorks CS (wastewater, sanitary systems, storm water systems):

  • New sediment erosion models

  • Analysis of static and dead storage volumes for fast network assessment

For InfoWorks RS (river catchments):

  • Inclusion of water quality and sediment transport models

  • Gridded ground models in addition to the existing triangulated (TIN) models

  • Geographical subcatchments to define hydrological input to boundary points

  • Lateral flows to and from main channel flow

  • Improved generation of control structures

Paul Banfield, Wallingford’s Sales Director concludes:

“As an international company we are acutely aware of our responsibility to develop products that meet local requirements while enabling companies to benefit from the strength we offer as a global player. InfoWorks v4.5 addresses more of the local issues and complexities that users find in building models, while increasing modeling productivity and quality still further. For instance, v4.5 increases the usefulness of InfoWorks for users worldwide with enhanced naming methods to meet international requirements and with the option for European, US, or user-defined terminology. Further, we have increased the number of third party systems we interface to and import from, which our US users in particular will find highly beneficial. Add enhanced graphing capabilities plus other improvements, and you can see that Version 4.5 represents another major step forward for all InfoWorks users.”

InfoWorks is designed to maximise the operational performance of modelling teams through the adoption of common functionality across the different water disciplines. To emphasize the degree of integration now being achieved in InfoWorks, each time a user purchases a copy of one of the InfoWorks packages, they will also receive demo copies of the other two on the same CD.

About Wallingford Software

Wallingford Software Limited is the software products and systems company within the HR Wallingford Group. Wallingford Software produces market leading software tools for the water industry. Products include data management and network modelling software to support planning and operations in water distribution, sewerage provision, river management and coastal engineering. Water authorities, consulting engineers and academic institutions worldwide, use the company’s flagship solution, InfoWorks.

For more information contact:

Paul Banfield, Sales Director, Wallingford Software Ltd

Tel +44 (0) 1491 824777

E-mail: [email protected]

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