25-year Environment Plan

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The Climate Change Committee recommends that emissions from land use in the UK are reduced by at least 64% by 2050, against a 2019 baseline

Farmers in England to be paid for nature restoration and creation from 2023

The UK Government has confirmed plans to pay farmers and landowners for restoring biodiversity from 2023, as part of its post-Brexit changes to agricultural policy.

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Natural England reappoints Tony Juniper as chair for a second term

The Government's advisory body on nature in England has reappointed Tony Juniper, who stepped into his role as chair in 2019, for a second term.

A new countryside: Restoration of biodiversity in the UK

'This is our last chance'. These were the words of Sir David Attenborough at COP26. They apply equally to rebuilding biodiversity as they do to addressing climate change.

A new plan for our planet: What does the Environment Bill mean for developers, landowners and local authorities?

When enacted later this year, the Environment Bill will require all development to deliver a minimum uplift of 10% in the amount of biodiversity as a result of the developers activity - called Biodiversity Net Gain (BNG).

Green campaigners and trade bodies had been calling for policy certainty over emissions trading and the OEP

UK government confirms interim environmental watchdog and emissions trading scheme launch

The UK Government has confirmed that England's post-Brexit environmental watchdog will launch in July on an interim basis and that its domestic emissions trading scheme (ETS) will launch in May.

The Government committed in 2011 to leave nature in a better state across the UK within a generation

UK's progress on nature and the environment 'painfully slow', MPs warn

The UK Government is not on track to deliver its vision of improving the natural environment within a generation, due to "serious delays" implementing legislation and "disappointing progress" against existing goals and requirements on air, water and wildlife.

The delay is likely to last for six months or more

'Extremely disappointing news': Government delays Environment Bill's return to Parliament

The Environment Bill was due to return to Parliament today (26 January), but the Government has confirmed that it will be delayed once more - much to the disappointment of green campaigners and business groups.

Around 80% of deforestation to date is linked to agriculture

Environment Bill: UK businesses to be banned from sourcing through deforesters overseas

New measures designed to stop UK-based businesses from importing products or materials linked to deforestation abroad have been added to the Environment Bill - but some green groups argue that loopholes will remain.

The OEP is due to start operating in January 2021

Environment Bill: Amendments raise fresh concerns over post-Brexit watchdog

Proposed amendments to the Environment Bill have sparked concerns around green campaign groups, who claim they could delay the introduction of the UK's post-Brexit watchdog and weaken its powers.

The Conservative Party risks failing to deliver on its overarching pledge to improve nature for the next generation, the report warns

Natural Capital Committee: UK failing on promise to leave nature better for the next generation

The quality of the UK's soil, freshwater and marine habitats has declined in recent years, meaning that the Government is likely to fail to meet its long-term environmental promises without a step-change in action.

The whitepaper confirms that MPs will respond to the consultation on the Future Homes Standard this autumn

Government faces backlash over 'zero-carbon-ready' homes proposal

Housing Secretary Robert Jenrick has today unveiled new proposals to streamline the planning process for housebuilders, in a bid to deliver homes that are "zero carbon ready", but environmental groups have warned that the shake-up to planning could neglect the natural environment.

The pilot will assist Defra’s 25-year Environment Plan, which includes a commitment to increase tree planting across the UK to 30,000 hectares per year by 2025

Vodafone and Defra launch IoT tree monitoring system to inform climate policy

Vodafone has enrolled in a new partnership with the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) to use Internet of Things (IoT) technology to monitor and research tree growth to assist in tackling the climate crisis.

The projects will receive funding and assistance to develop business plans with the aim of attracting additional private sector investment

Defra backs natural capital investment projects

Four projects focused on protecting and restoring natural habitat across the UK are being backed by Government funding as part of a pilot scheme to funnel more private sector investment into the natural environment.

The Green Brexit Matrix: What do the different outcomes mean for environmental policy?

With Boris Johnson entering number 10 as the new Prime Minister, the likelihood of a no deal Brexit has increased. This download, originally published in April, explores the potential exit scenarios and the impacts they will have on UK sustainability, energy and environment policy.

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