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The new metric aims to create a business case for investors and companies to demonstrate positive impacts and show they are reversing the trend of natural environment degradation

New natural capital metric a 'powerful lever for change', says Kering

EXCLUSIVE: A new natural capital biodiversity metric will act as an "internal change management tool" that allows companies to define and translate what environmental footprints look like in a business context, Kering's head of sustainable sourcing innovation has claimed.

A growing number of businesses are turning to natural capital accounting to underpin their sustainability strategy, but is it the right approach to take?

Natural capital: Credible concept or spurious sustainability approach?

EXCLUSIVE: Natural capital accounting can be a "disaster" for sustainability professionals and is not an effective way of engaging the finance community with environmental issues, the head of sustainability and finance at UK brewer Adnams has said.

SC Johnson goes 'Acre-for-Acre' with customers to protect the Amazon rainforest

Cleaning products manufacturer SC Johnson has unveiled a new challenge to help with the "necessity" of saving the Amazon rainforest, by challenging consumers to protect 10,000 acres.

While low in emissions intensity, sugary food and drink products are relatively resource-intensive at every stage in the supply chain

Sweet success? How the sugar tax will impact Britain's low-carbon commitments

Many of us will have made a healthy New Year's resolution, often tailored to running off a Christmas dinner or two and reducing the amount of sugar in our diets. In light of the UK's upcoming sugar tax, what impact could a sugar-reduced diet have on the environment and the sustainability of big food retailers?

The new hub (pictured) will help with assurances that 100% of its natural ingredients are traceable and sustainably sourced

The Body Shop accelerates CSR commitments through East Croydon innovation hub

EXCLUSIVE: The Body Shop has officially unveiled a £1m innovation hub in East Croydon that it claims will enhance the company's ability to reduce the environmental impact of its product category footprints and develop an innovation pipeline to deliver pioneering cosmetics produced from biodiversity hotspots.

The programme is being promoted through The Body Shop’s Christmas in-store and digital marketing campaign, ‘The Wildest Christmas Ever”

The Body Shop extends Southeast Asian biodiversity programme

The Body Shop has today (1 November) extended its Bio-Bridges programme which aims to regenerate 75 million square metres of forest by 2020.

A new report from leading consultancy WSP is calling for the public and private sector to do more to protect the UK’s biodiversity

Biodiversity in the spotlight as reports highlight need for infrastructure advances

An international collaboration of top biologists has found that vital improvements must be made to forecast the global impact of climate change on plants and wildlife, as a separate report outlines how a planning framework is necessary for the UK to reverse biodiversity loss by 2020.

Photo: The i360 is expected to attract more than 700,000 visitors a year from existing tourists to the city, also bringing 165,000 to 305,000 new visitors. Photo: British Airways i360/Facebook

Brighton sets 'sustainability benchmark' for eco-tourism with i360 opening

The world's first vertical cable car, the British Airways i360, has opened on Brighton's seafront, with the developers "aiming to set a new global benchmark in sustainability".

National Trust already manages its land for the benefit of nature rather than for food production. Renewables, flood protection services and eco-tourism could pay more than subsidies

National Trust calls for complete reform of British farm subsidies

The National Trust has called for complete reform of the British farm subsidy system after Brexit, by ending payments for owning land and only rewarding farmers who improve the environment and help wildlife.

The letter claimed that business investors required “stability” and that the Brexit strategy should provide evidence on how the UK plans to implement new environment protection standards

MPs call for evidence on post-Brexit environment strategy

The Environmental Audit Committee (EAC) has set a September deadline for the new Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union (EU) David Davis, and new Minister for the Environment Therese Coffey to reveal how they plan to handle environmental policies during exit negotiations.

The leave camp says that, in the event of a Brexit vote, £2bn would be earmarked for conservation spending out of the money it expects to recoup from payments to Brussels

Brexit would free UK from 'spirit-crushing' green directives, says minister

The UK could develop a more flexible approach to environmental protection free of "spirit-crushing" Brussels directives if it votes to leave the EU, the farming minister, George Eustice, has said.

The Body Shop today installed five six-foot moneys along Westminster Bridge in London, to mark the launch of its new Bio-Bridges programme  Photo: Getty Images for The Body Shop

How The Body Shop is using 'monkey dating' to tackle deforestation

The Body Shop has today (24 May) officially launched its new Bio-Bridges programme, which aims to regenerate and reconnect 75 million square metres of damaged forests, as part of the beauty products retailer's ambitious new CSR strategy.

Biodiversity offsetting could improve the environment for wildlife as well as simplify the existing planning process, says the Government

Biodiversity 'offsetting' proposals could be 'license to trash'

The Government's proposals to introduce biodiversity offsetting in the UK have been met with apprehension by environmental groups, who feel it could be a "license to trash" for developers.

Sir David Attenborough hails Cory's landfill transformation

Sir David Attenborough hails Cory's landfill transformation

Sir David Attenborough has officially opened a nature park on a former landfill site in Essex, hailing it a "new chapter" for the region's landscape.

Natural wonder: Biodiversity strategies in action

Urban areas can provide homes for many species and plants that bring a multitude of benefits to the population. Dr Richard Delahay and Mark Line, explain why companies should strive to contribute to a richer environment by enhancing the biodiversity

There are at least 121 industrial biotechnology businesses already established in the UK

Bioeconomy ready to boom, says Government report

The UK bioeconomy could be worth £100bn a year with Government support, claimed a new report from the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS).

The EIB and European Commission are joining forces to launch two financial initiatives with a €715m investment

EIB launches initiatives to support European climate and biodiversity challenges

The European Investment Bank (EIB) and the European Commission have joined forces to launch two financial initiatives with a €715m investment to encourage private sector involvement in schemes that reduce energy use and conserve natural capital.

The Environmental Audit Committee says David Cameron's Government must have its mind set on de-coupling economic growth from polluting and unsustainable resource use

Sustainable development goals must not be undermined, say MPs

With UN negotiators eventually reaching a watered-down deal in Peru over the weekend, the UK Parliament's green watchdog is now warning the Government to uphold its Sustainable Development Goals ahead of Paris 2015.

The UNEP Protected Planet report claimed that investment from businesses and national governments is needed to improve and expand protected areas.

UNEP: Protected areas 'vital' to global economy and climate

More than six million square kilometres of land has been 'protected' in the past four years, but a new UNEP report has argued that better funding and management would help these areas boost local economies and mitigate the impact of climate change.

Sheep have become an essential part of many solar energy farms, and the panels even provide shelter for the animals

Are solar farms really hitting British food production?

Environment secretary Liz Truss has cut solar farm's subsidies saying they harm food production, but most UK solar farms successfully produce food as well. Karl Mathiesen investigates.

New work reveals that an anti-depressant reduces feeding in starlings and that a contraceptive drug slashes fish populations in lakes

Drugs flushed into the environment could be cause of wildlife decline

New studies show antidepressants causing starlings to feed less and contraceptive drugs reducing fish populations in lakes.

The global population is catching fish faster than the oceans can restock

Earth lost 50% of its wildlife in the past 40 years, says WWF

Species across land, rivers and seas decimated as humans kill for food in unsustainable numbers and destroy habitats.

The Environmental Audit Committee's report supports calls for the Government to help businesses and communities become more flood-resilient

MPs give 'red card' to Government's green record

The UK's self-proclaimed 'Greenest Government Ever' has been given a 'red card' for its limited progress in reducing air pollution, protecting biodiversity and preventing flooding.

Solar farms are often used for the grazing of sheep and can be particularly suited to the fattening of young, hill-bred lambs

Solar energy offers 'lifeline' for struggling farmers

More and more British farmers are combining their sheep, chickens and other poultry with rows of solar panels and producing a double output of food and home-grown energy, according to a new report.

The UN has revealed that the zone layer is recovering so fast that it will be more or less mended by the middle of the century

Stopping climate meltdown needs the courage that saved the ozone layer

Governments dither on the solution to global warming - but the Montreal protocol is a reminder of a time when they took their hands out of their pockets.

Davey says that the environment has always been a top priority for the Lib Dems

Lib Dems plan five new laws for a 'greener' Britain

The Liberal Democrat manifesto will include plans for five new laws to protect the environment, the party announced today.

Lessons learned: using GRI's G4 reporting guidelines

UPS director of sustainability, EMEA Peter Harris shares the challenges, solutions and lessons learned from adhering to the Global Reporting Initiative's G4 guidelines.

First Milk farmers visit the Nestlé Girvan site

Nestlé secures sustainable milk supply chain for Kit Kat and Nescafé

Nestlé has set up a partnership within its milk supply chain to drive sustainability through lower carbon emissions and on-farm biodiversity. Its Kit Kat and Nescafé brands are the first to benefit from the move.

The Danube River has seen 80% of its floodplains and wetlands disappear over the past 150 years

Coca-Cola tackles water scarcity with Danube restoration project

Coca-Cola Enterprises has reinforced its global water stewardship efforts in a ground-breaking collaboration with WWF to restore vital wetlands and floodplains along the Danube River.

There are currently 143 solar farms seeking planning permission in the UK

Pickles accused of picking on solar sector

The UK's solar farm industry has been dealt another blow following an intervention by Communities Secretary Eric Pickles and the reported scrapping of two major solar projects in Suffolk.

The UK Government has consistently opposed implementation of a Soil Framework Directive

Commission withdraws environmental proposals

The European Commission has announced the withdrawal of its proposal for a Soil Framework Directive and for a directive on access to justice in environmental matters, which would have transcribed the third pillar of the Aarhus Convention into European law.

Environment Commissioner Janez Potočnik (pictured):

EU approves more than €280m for new environment and climate projects

The European Commission has today approved €282.6m (£232m) funding for 225 new projects under the LIFE+ programme, the European Union's environment fund.

Solar farms typically take up less than 5% of the land they are on leaving huge scope to develop protected habitats to support local wildlife and plant life, BRE claims

BRE launches guidance on how to optimise biodiversity on solar farms

The BRE National Solar Centre (BRE NSC) is unveiling guidance today on how to turn solar farms into biodiversity 'hotspots'.

One of the Environment Audit Committee's recommendations is to lower the maximum speed of HS2 trains

HS2 needs separate 'ring-fenced' budget to safeguard environment

Environmental safeguarding must be better implemented into the planning of the HS2 project with the help of a separate budget, MPs are recommending.

Sustainability practitioners are filling their twitter timelines and linkedin updates with high-brow terminology

Is sustainability getting too clever for its own good?

Every month there appears to be a new buzzword on the block, seeking to define the trends shaping green business. But as the language evolves, could it be in danger of becoming too self-serving and elitist? Maxine Perella reports

Kingfisher CEO Ian Cheshire

Kingfisher's Ian Cheshire on shaping the built environment

Energy efficiency to biodiversity offsetting, shaping the built environment requires us to consider all potential impacts, writes Ian Cheshire

SEPA misses two green targets

The Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) has announced that it has failed to meet some of its environmental targets.

Natural Capital - the missing piece of the economic jigsaw

There is a growing realisation among some businesses and policy makers that economics has failed to take account of a third form of capital, natural capital, says Claire Wansbury and Rupert Haines.

Report: Intensive meat production devouring land and raw materials

The current industrialised meat and dairy production system is "untenable" and needs a radical rethink to reduce its impact on the environment, according to a new report.

Microbeads pollution - a drop in the ocean for the beauty industry

The threat plastic pollution poses to marine wildlife is now a recognised issue amongst consumers, businesses and governments, but is the damage from microplastics, found in many beauty products, a problem literally being washed down the drain? Leigh Stringer investigates

Water is a primary component of concrete, representing approximately 25% of the mixture

Cemex's new policy puts water scarcity higher up the agenda

Global building materials firm Cemex has implemented a corporate water policy to increase water efficiency by managing consumption and utilising sustainable water sources such as rainwater.

Regent's Place: 24.6% of construction materials came from recycled sources

Regent's Place 'exemplar' for sustainable development

Regents Place, a 13-acre mixed-use site, located north of the Euston Road, has undergone a transformation to establish the building as an exemplar of sustainable development.

Compared with results from last year's report, 20% of the Government's commitments have

PM not delivering on environmental commitments report warns

The Government is failing to deliver nearly a third of its natural environment commitments, finds a new report.

The Environmental Audit Committee says the Government's biodiversity offsetting proposals could give developers

Government's biodiversity offsetting proposals 'too simplistic'

Government proposals to introduce a system of 'biodiversity offsetting' must be improved to properly protect Britain's wildlife and woodlands, according to the Environmental Audit Committee.

Southern Railway steams ahead with network-wide biodiversity push

Southern Railway has entered into a partnership with Sussex Wildlife Trust to launch a biodiversity project which it hopes to expand across its entire rail network.

Southern Railway sets out platform for smarter resource efficiency

One of the UK's leading train operators is looking to forge stronger networks in its sustainable ambitions, to leave a lasting legacy both on and off the tracks. Maxine Perella reports

Spending just 2% of your budget on employee engagement can generate savings of 10%

Top tips: 5 ways to create an effective behaviour change programme

Three-quarters of energy managers surveyed in a recent edie report claimed that employee engagement and behaviour change was a top priority this year. But they also listed it as one of the biggest barriers to getting their energy efficiency schemes off the ground...

Chidi Ofoegbu examines how circular economy theory can work in action

Lessons learnt from the school of Ellen MacArthur

Circular economy student Chidi Ofoegbu recently participated in the first Schmidt-MacArthur summer school and has since returned to South Africa to continue his studies in this field. He talks to Maxine Perella about the experience

Barry Gardiner

Barry Gardiner appointed shadow minister for natural environment

Labour Leader Ed Miliband has appointed Barry Gardiner as Shadow Minister for the Natural Environment and Fisheries.

EEA calls into question 'carbon neutral' biomass

The European Environment Agency (EEA) has said that the production of bioenergy is not always carbon neutral and must follow EU resource efficiency principles, but experts say more research is needed.

In conversation with Eurostar's Peter Bragg

This week we catch-up with Eurostar's head of environment and energy, Peter Bragg, on why we should all take European high-speed rail instead of short-haul flights and why consumer engagement in environmental issues has declined.

Businesses called on to protect Natural Capital for World Environment Day

Two of the key figures involved in the inaugural World Forum on Natural Capital have today urged business leaders that the benefits of properly valuing natural capital must not be underestimated.

UKIP leader Nigel Farage

EXCLUSIVE: Green 'industry' bullying weak minded politicians says UKIP's Nigel Farage

The environmental movement has become politicised, urbanised and is 'full of profound deep ignorance' says UKIP leader Nigel Farage.

UKIP leader Nigel Farage Image courtesy of the European Parliament

UKIP's Nigel Farage on wind farms, global warming and Charles Darwin

His political views have been criticised for being 'offensive' and controversial, so it comes as little surprise that Nigel Farage's environmental ideologies are equally unorthodox. Leigh Stringer talks to the UKIP leader about the Government's environmental strategy and his connection to Charles Darwin.

Ban Ki-Moon

UN calls for greater collaborative effort to achieve global water security

The United Nations (UN) has called for stronger scientific alliances to understand and protect natural resources, warning that unless greater efforts are made to reverse current trends the world will run out of freshwater.

Sustainability must go mainstream: Interview with Peter Bakker

Business cannot succeed in a society that fails - that is the personal mantra of Peter Bakker, president of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development. He takes time out to tell Zeljka Davis why

EXCLUSIVE: Internal engagement 'vital' for a low carbon construction sector

The construction industry must try to drive sustainability further into distribution, from raw material extraction right the way through to completed construction projects, says CEMEX's Andy Spencer.

Natural Environment minister Richard Benyon

Climate change report card prompts action to conserve biodiversity

The Living With Environmental Change Partnership (LWEC) has gathered together the latest evidence and observations to show how climate change is affecting the UK's countryside.

Greater urgency needed to green up London's built environment

More inclusivity must be built into London's smart city agenda to safeguard its infrastructure against future climate threats, a leading sustainability analyst has warned.

EXCLUSIVE: APP responds to allegations of 'irresponsible' deforestation policy

Asia Pulp & Paper (APP) announced today that it has not breached its deforestation policy following allegations by WWF that it will not provide "any real conservation benefits".

Study warns of 'significant risk' to businesses not managing natural capital

The economic value and conservation of natural resources must be integrated more closely into global business models, according to a study.

Nature must be 'new lens' for corporate resource security

Business needs to re-examine its relationship with nature and start integrating true resource value into operational strategies, if it is to guard against future risk.

Businesses rally to promote profit sense of valuing environment

A group of influential businesses has published its final report to the Government advising that substantial economic benefits could be made if companies value their surrounding environment more.

Europe must double efforts to protect water supply

Europe needs to intensify efforts to keep sufficient quantity and quality of fresh water to maintain the regions ecosystems, according to a series of reports published by the European Environment Agency (EEA).

EU ministers urge Member States to safeguard water resources

EU Environment Ministers have set out key actions to improve governance of those involved in managing water resources.

Euro leaders call for wasteful goods to be 'taken off market'

The European Commission is calling for a cull of resource-inefficient consumer goods across Europe to stimulate markets for products and services that have lower lifecycle impacts.

One of Center Parc's village squares at Elveden Forest

Center Parcs engages employees in energy efficiency

Family holiday company Center Parcs has launched a UK-wide scheme encouraging employees to engage with energy saving away from the workplace.

Wetland are crucial for water retention and flood prevention

Water management crucial in fight against rising tide of ecosystem damage

Water must be managed within sustainable limits in order to stop the damage to ecosystems, says the European Environment Agency (EEA).

Stepping into an ethical future

Social and environmental responsibility is the foundation upon which French shoe and accessory manufacturer Veja built its business from the outset - with considerable success, going from manufacturing 5,000 pairs of shoes to 125,000 pairs in just six years.

Dr Liz Wilks, Asia Pulp and Paper's sustainability manager

Playing Catch Up - implementing a sustainability strategy in an emerging economy

Sustainability is a core element of any modern business. Companies in the developed world have been investing heavily in the implementation of CSR and sustainability strategies in recent years and the expectation to communicate sustainability has never been greater, says Liz Wilks. In the UK for example, HM Treasury now requires sustainability reports to be published in Annual Reports and Accounts.

Asia Pulp & Paper recently implemented its 2020 Sustainability Roadmap.

Sustainable businesses need 'transparent dialogue with stakeholders'

Feedback and the views from stakeholders must be accounted for when businesses develop their sustainability strategies, says Asia Pulp & Paper's (APP) sustainability manager.

Sustainable drainage systems resource website launched

A website that provides a variety of resources for those involved in delivering sustainable drainage systems (SUDS) was launched this week.

The installation of a wetland plant

VIDEO: The river's edge - a journey of transformation

The team working on the rivers and wetlands of the Olympic Park, one of Europe's biggest greening projects, faced numerous challenges, explains Ruth Boyle of engineering consultancy Atkins

ANALYSIS: Has reshuffle dealt Defra a poor hand?

The exit of Caroline Spelman from Defra's secretarial post yesterday was one of the first predicted in the hours leading up to Cameron's first major cabinet reshuffle since the coalition took office. That in itself is significant.

Wiki-style river restoration website launched

A website that enables the collation and sharing of information on river restoration projects across Europe was launched yesterday.

Businesses could gain from a closer relationship between communities and local authorities

Sustainable business could gain from community and local authority bond

A closer relationship between communities and local authorities that focus on sustainability goals will offer strong opportunities for businesses.

A sustainable solution - the modular accommodation for eco-friendly waste processing at Westwood

Sustainable solution for Network Rail waste processing equipment

A sustainable, modular building has been constructed to accommodate eco-friendly waste processing equipment at Westwood, Network Rail's training centre near Coventry.

Recession slashes food waste, but poorer diet results

Food waste generated by households has dropped significantly since the UK went into recession, but food poverty appears to be on the rise according to latest research.

The new set of indicators will provide sustainable development monitoring to the public

New government indicators allow public to monitor sustainable development

A new set of government indicators will allow the public and businesses to monitor the UK's progress towards sustainable long-term growth.

Biodiversity guide looks to educate planners

A new guide has been published to help planners better account for nature and understand its economic value to communities.

Scotland sacrifices sustainability for hydro nation goal

Scotland is placing commercial gain over sustainability in its bid to become the world's first 'hydro nation'.

Chris Packham sees corporate partnerships as crucial to driving growth in green sector

Asking price too low for green skills - Chris Packham

TV presenter Chris Packham has called on the environmental sector to recognise and exploit the value of its "unique skill set" which he believes has been undersold for too long.

Minister Hogan unveils Environment Partnership Fund

Ireland's environment minister Phil Hogan has allocated €337,000 to the Environment Partnership Fund 2012.

Supply chain engagement 'key', says Boots

Collaborative supply chain partnerships are going to become increasingly important in getting sustainable products to market as the UK makes the transition towards a circular economy, according to a Boots spokesperson.

Food supply sustainability offers 'large opportunities'

There are large opportunities for food businesses who 'get it right' in terms of supply chain sustainability and resilience, according to UK champion for Global Food Security Professor Tim Benton.

UPDATED: Culprit behind BP hoax revealed

On the eve of the BP AGM in London protest action around oil and gas giants BP has heated up with a hoax press release appearing on a fake London 2012 Olympic Games website stating it has been dropped as a sustainability partner.

An artist's impression of the new store

M&S set to launch flagship eco-store

Marks & Spencer has unveiled plans for its largest sustainable store yet as part of its Plan A commitment in Cheshire Oaks near Ellesmere Port.

OECD environmental study paints 'grim' picture of 2050

A 50% increase in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, an 85% global dependence on fossil fuels, a 400% increase in water demand from manufacturing and urban air pollution to be the number one environmental cause of premature death... the OECD predictions for 2050 make stark reading.

Natural capital refers to the elements of the natural environment that provide valuable goods and functions

Blue chips begin live testing natural capital processes

More than 40 of the world's biggest businesses have been given access to the new draft of a new Protocol which enables business to effectively gauge environmental impacts and develop natural capital business models.

Forth Energy pulls plug on energy plant

Forth Energy has withdrawn plans to build a combined heat and power (CHP) plant at the Port Of Leith, after new proposals to develop it as a hub for offshore renewable energy emerged.

Businesses urged to reduce water usage

Water flows have improved in the UK's rivers as a result of tighter rules on abstraction for businesses, water companies and agriculture, but there is still a way to go says the Environment Agency (EA).

Making Growth Green

Caroline Spelman Secretary of State for the Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs

Scotland's 'largest' flood prevention scheme launches

Glasgow City Council has launched a pioneering £53m flood prevention scheme, creating 90,000sq m of bio diverse habitat.

John West launches full supply chain transparency application

UK canned seafood manufacturer John West has unveiled plans to bring "full transparency" to its supply chain.

Irish peatlands to play 'important role' in tackling carbon emissions

Irish peatlands will play a vital role in key areas such as climate change and biodiversity, according to research by the Environment Protection Agency (EPA).

South East Water builds river walkway for eels

South East Water (SEW) has fitted a special 'eel pass' on a river weir in East Sussex, in a bid to help the creatures migrate more easily from the sea and thrive.

The Duke of Edinburgh courtesy of Atlas Pix Shutterstock

Prince Philip to celebrate 25 years of honorary fellowship

The Duke of Edinburgh will be celebrating 25 years honorary fellowship of the Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management (CIWEM) at a reception at Buckingham Palace next week (October 11).

Minister Hogan announces significant funding for environment projects

The minister for the environment, community and local government, Phil Hogan has unveiled a six figure funding pot for local environment initiatives, with local authorities providing match funding.

Grand designs on water

Water sensitive urban design has a big role to play in creating an economical and resilient water infrastructure for the UK, argues Paul Shaffer, associate of the construction industry association, CIRIA

Natural selection

Ministers have shown high aspirations in unpromising circumstances, says Barrie Clarke of Undercurrent. And a new manifesto for the environment is good for the water business

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