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A clip from the now banned advert

ExxonMobil algae ad banned

A TV ad for ExxonMobil featuring a scientist talking about researching algae as a source of biofuel cannot be screened again after a complaint to advertising watchdogs.

Is bio-methane the greenest?

In the ongoing debate about the suitability and sustainability of biofuels for vehicle transport in the UK, the potential of bio-methane is often forgotten

Taking energy from waste without the carbon

It sounds impossible, but it's not. Bill Butterworth reports on a technology which turns waste into compost, and uses it to grow biofuels

Environmental Legislation Summary June 07

Recent changes to legislation which will impact on the environmental sector in the UK, Europe and internationally come under the spotlight in this Semple Fraser and Edie News monthly round-up of new law and policy. Among the developments this month we see proposed changes to vehicle emissions standards from the EU, the final arrival of the REACH chemicals regulations and an update to biofuel tax rules in the UK.

Our fleet managers need the continental touch

Noel Lock urges the government to take notice of the environmental credentials of liquid petroleum gas as a serious alternative fuel for our business fleets

Investment in a growing market

Deforestation accounts for a huge 25% of global CO2 emissions. But this is set to change, as forestry in the developing world is becoming a lucrative investment

Biofuel inaction

Graham Hilton of EIC says, if fuel-price hikes and environmental catastrophe fail to prompt swift action on biofuels, it is difficult to guess what will

Fuel of the future

Camilla Anderson talks to James Beal of Renewables East, a company at the forefront of the drive to convert motorists to the cause of biodiesels

While poultry litter biomass has received a boost across the country, using ground coffee waste for a similar purpose is expanding outside of London

Coffee grounds and poultry litter proving a viable biomass option in the UK

As innovative waste coffee recycling firm bio-beans expands its collection service across the University of Birmingham, the UK Government has revealed that Combined Heat and Power (CHP) plants using poultry litter will receive the highest tariffs under the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI).

Waitrose rolls out Europe's first 500-mile biomethane trucks

As part of an ongoing transition towards alternatively- fuelled trucks and lower fleet emissions, Waitrose has spent the early months of 2017 trialling Europe’s first 500-mile biomethane trucks, with plans to scale-up the project over the coming years.

DfT confirmed details of the new £390m funding for future transport technology, and outlined several proposals to develop renewable fuels in aviation

Government prepares for green transport revolution with EV and sustainable aviation frameworks

British transport is set for a significant low-carbon boost with several new Government consultations and funding schemed announced over the past few days in a bid to drive a green transport overhaul.

CNG gas engines meet the latest Euro-6 air quality standards and are roughly 50% quieter than diesel engines

UK retailers pioneer ground-breaking biomethane transport fuel

A host of British retailers including Waitrose, John Lewis and Argos have been named as the first long-distance lorry users of a renewable biomethane fuel launched today (1 December), which is said to be 35-40% cheaper and 70% less CO2-emitting than diesel.

Transport is responsible for around a quarter of the EU’s greenhouse gas emissions, making it the single biggest emitting sector in the continent

Diesel vehicles burnt almost half of Europe's palm oil in 2015

The share of Europe's imported palm oil being used up by diesel cars and trucks has reached an all-time-high, despite further evidence of its harmful environmental effects, according to a new report from an independent industry forecasting group.

BioSNG can be transported through existing natural gas networks to be used in domestic, commercial and industrial heating and CHP applications

Work set to begin on pioneering green-gas-from-waste plant in Swindon

Work is set to begin on a pioneering gas from waste plant in Swindon following the completion of financing.

T&E noted that because these biofuels would count as “zero-emission fuels”, they would make the EU's transport emissions look 478 million tonnes lower than they actually are

Leaked biofuel plan set to increase European transport emissions

A leaked draft of the European Commission's (EC) Renewable Energy Directive (RED) has revealed that a promised phase-out of food-based biodiesels will not be met, with new proposals set to increase European transport emissions by 219 million tonnes by 2030.

The fuel is believed to be the world’s first of its kind produced from forest wood

Alaska Airlines flies first commercial jet powered by forest biomass

Alaska Airline passengers have taken to the skies in a "world-first" commercial flight running on sustainable alternative jet fuel made from forest residuals from the Pacific Northwest.

The process could be retrofitted across 65% of the world’s steel mills, leading to the creation of 15bn gallons of AtJ fuel – representing around 19% of global aviation fuel

Virgin unveils aviation 'game-changer' with alcohol-to-jet fuel

Virgin Atlantic has today (14 September) announced that an innovative partnership with carbon capture company LanzaTech has successfully produced 1,500 gallons of low-carbon, alcohol-to-jet (AtJ) fuel.

One potential method to reduce emissions from shipping is the use of biofuels. The Sustainable Shipping Initiative is already exploring how biofuels could be used as an energy source

European Commission urged to revamp bioenergy and shipping policies

The European Commission has been greeted with across-the-board support from MEPs to include emissions from shipping in the European Union's 2030 emissions reduction target, while non-profits are also calling for improved bioenergy policies.

Currently, around 12% of the conventionally-fuelled ground fleet is being replaced by these new fuel-mix vehicles

UPS reaches one billion miles target for 'Rolling Laboratory' green fleet one year early

Logistics company UPS has revealed it has passed the one billion miles milestone for its "Rolling Laboratory" of electric, natural gas, biofuel and hybrid delivery trucks one year ahead of schedule.

New legislation includes emission standards for cars, vans and - for the first time in Europe - trucks

Vehicle emissions standard forms 'centrepiece' of EU's low-carbon vision

A new legislative proposal from the European Union (EU) that creates binding targets for Member States to reduce emissions in the transport, buildings, agriculture, waste, land-use and forestry sectors will hinge on the ability to accelerate low-carbon technology and fuels in the automotive industry.

Despite the political willingness, talks could drag on until the very last hour given the technical complexity of the deal

Aviation industry preparing for 'eleventh hour' deal on emission trading

An agreement on curbing emissions from international flights will be reached at the ICAO general assembly this autumn, according to industry sources, while biofuels continue to struggle to emerge as a long-term solution for greening the sector.

Delphis Eco’s chief executive Mark Jankovich noted that products are shipped in concentrate form to reduce transport and carbon miles

New plant-based cleaning products slash emissions at Rendall and Rittner

Residential managing agent Rendall and Rittner has revealed it is using new plant-based cleaning solutions across its 44,000 London units as a way to reduce product use, lower emissions and improve financial savings.

Kemiri Sunan’s high yield of up to 10 tonnes of oil per hectare make it an attractive source of bio-fuel, with waste used to produce fertilizer, animal feed and biogas

Asia Pulp & Paper backs community-led Indonesian biofuels project

One of the world's biggest pulp, paper and packaging firms has announced its support for a new community-led pilot scheme aimed at reducing the use of fossil fuels and increasing the availability of bio-fuels in Indonesia.

According to the paper, biofuel could be used to power the food supply chain which would create vibrant employment systems for low-income, rural regions

Is biofuel production the long-term answer to enhancing food security?

With the United Nations calling for countries to mobilise efforts to improve food and energy security, new research has suggested that an accelerated push to generate sustainably sourced biofuel could actually eradicate long-term hunger.

This week's innovations perfectly optimises the human desire to find new resources

Volcano generators and algae jet fuel: the best green innovations of the week

In a week that warned of a lifetime of high atmospheric carbon concentrations, edie has rounded up the latest low-carbon technologies and innovations that could mitigate carbon effects and create a sustainable, if slightly altered, future.

Data obtained by green group Transport & Environment (T&E) revealed that cars and trucks burned almost half of all palm oil used in Europe in 2014

Biodieselgate? British industry leads EU on elimination of palm oil biofuels, says REA

The Renewable Energy Association (REA) has revealed that UK importation and consumption of palm oil-based biodiesel for use as a feedstock for vehicles still stands at 'zero' for 2015/16, in light of new data which shows that cars and trucks were responsible for almost half of all of the palm oil used across Europe in 2014.

The new law limits to 7% the use of harmful biofuels which compete with crops grown on agricultural land

Green transport target will be scrapped post-2020, EU confirms

EU laws requiring member states to use "at least 10%" renewable energy in transport will be scrapped after 2020, the European Commission confirmed, hoping to set aside a protracted controversy surrounding the environmental damage caused by biofuels.

VW’s first all-electric car will be operational by 2020, and will act as a “hallmark” alongside the Porsche Mission E, and Audi’s e-tron quattro concept car

Electric cars to become 'hallmark' of VW's portfolio

Automotive giant Volkswagen (VW) has unveiled new transformative outlines for its future projections, which will see the company make electric vehicles (EVs) its new "hallmark", in an attempt to rectify the recent emissions-rigging scandal.

Vegetable oils from crops such as palm, rapeseed and soy are blended with fossil diesel to create biodiesel

Biodiesel worse for the environment than fossil fuels, warn green campaigners

Instead of reducing levels of pollution, the use of biodiesel in transport will increase emissions by 4% - the same as putting an extra 12 million cars on the road in 2020 - green campaigners have said.

Jet airliner rivals Airbus and Boeing are forming new collaborative projects in an attempt to curb aviation emissions

Airbus and Boeing thrust sustainable aviation into spotlight

Aircraft manufacturer Airbus is teaming up with Siemens to introduce a range of hybrid passenger planes, while rival Boeing has partnered with NASA to reduce emissions through lighter wing designs.

FedEx Express surpassed its goal to increase vehicle fuel efficiency by 30% by 2020 five years early, with a new vehicle sustainability goal set which will see significant further savings

FedEx plans to deliver 'future of aviation' with biofuels drive

The world's largest express transportation company is pioneering the use of sustainable aviation fuels through a new partnership which will see millions of gallons of biofuel produced from waste wood biomass.

Apple's new recycling robot, algae bottles, and tomato power are the big innovation in this week's round-up

Liam the robot and Disney World powered by tomatoes: the best green innovations of the week

After a week that saw the Energy and Climate Change Committee's (ECCC) embark on a new exploration into innovation in the energy sector, edie rounds up the latest low-carbon technologies and innovations that could accelerate the global green industrial revolution.

Currently 35 UPS EVs are in operation in London, with plans to double that number already in place

UPS calls for 'level playing field' of low-emission fleets

EXCLUSIVE: Packaging and transportation giant UPS has called on the UK Government to create a 'level playing field' by allowing the transport sector to create a better support system for vehicle electrification and enable more investment into biofuels.

A lack of availability of skilled labour, issues over worker welfare and increased demand for transparency and regulation are among the key challenges facing the shipping industry, according to the SSI

New sustainability roadmap launched as shipping industry hits troubled waters over emissions

A coalition of businesses and NGOs including AkzoNobel, Unilever and WWF is introducing a 2040 roadmap and set of shared commitments to help the shipping industry navigate the 'significant challenges' it faces on reducing emissions.

ExxonMobil also released its 2016 Outlook for Energy this week

ExxonMobil explores biofuel extraction from agricultural waste

Oil powerhouse ExxonMobil will explore new ways of producing biofuel from agricultural waste, after agreeing a partnership with biodiesel producers Renewable Energy Group (REG).

The USS Stockdale departing Naval Base San Diego

US Navy launches first biofuel-powered ship

The first ever US Navy ship to run on an alternative fuel blend as part of its regular operations, has been deployed from California.

Alongside his friend and business partner Pasquale Granata, Flamini has seen GF Biochemicals become the first company to mass produce levulinic acid

Football star Flamini unveils secret biofuel company

Arsenal midfielder Mathieu Flamini has this week revealed an eight year secret plan that has seen him set up a market-leading biofuel technology firm in a sector worth up to £20bn.

Around a third of the renewable liquid transport fuels used in the UK comes from UK feedstocks

New emissions figures give boost to UK renewable fuel industry

Emissions from arable land in the UK could be 15% lower than previously thought, according to new estimates, marking a potential boost in the amount of crops grown specifically for use in renewable fuels.

Sixteen United Biscuits vehicles now run on Ultra Biofuel, which generates carbon savings of up to 97% compared to diesel

United Biscuits crunches emissions with waste cooking oil-fuelled fleet

McVitie's biscuits, Jaffa Cakes and Twiglets are taking greener journeys to retail partners thanks to the extension of a biofuel project from manufacturer United Biscuits, which sees its delivery trucks powered by used cooking oil.

The Statoil project aims to build

Oil and gas majors investigate 'fuels of the future'

Two of the world's largest oil and gas companies have announced new research partnerships with universities in a bid to accelerate progress towards the 'sustainable fuels of the future'.

A TUIfly aircraft preparing for take-off at Hanover airport in Germany. Photo: TUIfly

TUI plans to 'step lightly' with aviation emissions

The world's largest travel and tourism business has embarked upon an ambitious new sustainability strategy with a particular focus on next-generation fuel development to slash airline emissions.

Both sectors need to

Aviation & maritime emissions will rocket without clear targets, report warns

Global carbon emissions from the world's aviation and maritime sectors could rise 250% by 2050 without tangible targets from governments to reduce carbon rates, a report has warned.

Three UK companies will share a £25 million fund to help them turn waste products into green fuel

Government dishes out £25m for 'next generation' waste to biofuel plants

Whisky, forestry and household by-products will be turned into biofuels thanks to new funding awarded today by the Department for Transport.

In 2012 commercial aircraft emitted about 700 million metric tons of CO2 worldwide

Aeroplane efficiency more than a decade behind schedule

Despite a 45% reduction in average aircraft fuel burn in the last 40 years, the aviation industry is still around 12 years behind efficiency targets set by the UN's aviation body.

Renewable electricity overtook natural gas to become the second largest source of global electricity

Renewable energy becomes second largest source of global electricity

Renewable electricity generation outpaced natural gas this month to become the second largest source of electricity worldwide, according to the International Energy Agency.

July has seen spending cuts and, well, more spending cuts

GALLERY: Top 10 sustainability stories in July 2015

The story of July has been cuts and lots off them.

Aston University has developed the portable facility which it says will make biofuel production easier for rural businesses. Photo: Aston University

Aston University researchers pioneer portable biofuel facility

Aston University has developed new technology to convert waste and residues, such as babywipes, into biofuel.

Air quality made headlines this week as new figures revealed the extent of London's pollution problem

Sustainability stats: This week in numbers

The past seven days saw the UK's poor air quality hit the headlines, with London's pollution issues causing particular concern for politicians and environmental groups alike.

The recycling scheme is being rolled out to Network Rail's six biggest stations

Railway stations go full steam ahead with coffee recycling scheme

The company that owns and operates Britain's stations, Network Rail, has announced a new partnership to turn coffee waste into biofuel.

ArcelorMittal claims the plant will produce around 47,000 tonnes of bioethanol a year

Steel giant plans €87m commercial-scale biofuel plant

The world's largest steel producer, ArcelorMittal, has announced plans to build a ground-breaking €87m biofuel production facility in Belgium.

Aircraft fuel accounts for 99% of Virgin Atlantic's direct carbon impact

Virgin Atlantic decouples profitability from carbon

Virgin Atlantic has cut its carbon intensity by 2% in the past year thanks its growing fleet of fuel-efficient aircraft.

The UK has set itself subtargets of 30% of electricity from renewables, 12% of heat, and 10% of transport fuel

UK failing on renewable heat and transport targets

The UK is falling behind on two out of three of its 2020 renewable targets, according to analysis from energy watchdog Keep on Track.

EU lawmakers ruled that biofuels can compete with food production, contribute to climate change, and put pressure on land use

EU agrees to burst biofuels bubble after 2020

After more than 10 years of debate, the European Parliament has today (28 April) agreed new laws to limit the use of crop-based biofuels across the continent.

Using crop-based biofuels - such as maize and rapeseed - can have unintended environmental impacts

EU agrees 7% cap on 'harmful' biofuels

The European Parliament's Environment Committee has agreed to cap the amount of crop-based biofuel used in the transport sector at 7%.

In total 9.1% of the world's electricity came from renewable source last year, up from 8.5% in 2013

Record-breaking 2014 for global renewables growth

2014 was the best year ever in terms of renewable capacity added, as 103GW of capacity was brought online around the world.

The UK biofuels industry already supports 3,500 jobs

Biofuels vital to UK decarbonisation, finds report

The UK transport industry must embrace biofuels if it is to meet EU decarbonisation targets, a Government-backed report has claimed.

Scottish company Celtic Renewables recently unveiled the first samples of bio-butanol after a year of research

Biofuel from whisky: Scottish pioneers receive funding boost

The world's first producer of viable biofuel capable of powering cars from whisky production residues has secured a new £500,000 investment to scale up industrial production.

There are at least 121 industrial biotechnology businesses already established in the UK

Bioeconomy ready to boom, says Government report

The UK bioeconomy could be worth £100bn a year with Government support, claimed a new report from the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS).

Low-carbon vehicles include cars powered by hyrdogen and biofuels as well as electricity

ETI launches project to upgrade UK's EV charging infrastructure

The Energy Technologies Institute (ETI) is seeking partners to assist in a new project aimed at developing a refuelling infrastructure for low-carbon vehicles across the UK.

Sir David King is the Foreign Office's special representative for climate change

Focus on green tech to tackle climate change, says Sir David King

Green technology should be as much a focus of tackling climate change as the United Nations negotiations leading up to a crunch conference in Paris this December, the UK's top foreign office adviser on climate said on Tuesday.

The European Parliament has agreed a new target on 'advanced biofuels'

MEP's slap new limits on biofuels from food

Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) have voted to limit the amount of food crops used in the production of biofuels, but environmental groups say the new laws don't go far enough.

Biofuel from household and industrial waste, woody crops, agricultural residues or algae is seen as less environmentally damaging than first generation biofuels produced by growing crops such as rapeseed

Biofuel from trash could create green jobs bonanza, says report

Creating biofuels from waste produced by industry, farms, and households could generate 36,000 jobs in the UK and save around 37m tonnes of oil use annually by 2030, according to a new report.

Air France-KLM is ranked as the best-performing aviation company on the Sustainability Scorecard

Sustainable aviation: Increase in biofuel use 'on the horizon'

A new report outlining the uptake of biofuels across the aviation industry claims that airlines are poised to shift up a gear on integrating sustainable biofuels into their operations.

The European bioeconomy is already worth more than €2 trillion annually

New lobby group demands EU support for bioeconomy

A new pan-European bioeconomy lobby group has been launched in Brussels, with a stated goal of helping the bloc become a 'leader in the bioeconomy'.

The GRFA says global ethanol production utilizes only 2% of grain supplies, which is 'not enough to compete with food production or significantly alter food prices.

Biofuels don't harm food production, trade group insists

A biofuels industry group has struck back at a recent WRI report which questioned the sustainability of bioenergy, claiming it presented 'false data' on the environmental impacts of the technology.

Bioenergy is the use of recently living plants for energy

Dedicating land to bioenergy won't curb climate change, says WRI

Do not grow crops for energy instead of food. That is the message of a new report from the World Resources Institute (WRI), which claims that dedicating crops to generating bioenergy is too inefficient to solve energy crises and makes it harder to sustainably feed the planet.

The UK is reportedly on track to hit its electricity targets but has work to do on heat and transport

ED Davey: UK falling short of renewable heat and transport targets

The Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change Ed Davey has admitted that the UK is in danger of missing renewable heat and renewable transport targets for 2020.

ILUC can be mitigated if the right practices are put in place

Biofuel potential 'must be realised' to help Europe reach 2020 energy targets

Biofuels produced with low or no risk of indirect land use change (ILUC) could contribute significantly to achieving the European Union's 2020 climate and energy targets in transport.

If the project, which is at a very early stage, is proven to work, it could have huge environmental benefits around the world

Groundbreaking biofuel project brings new life to Cornish mine

A pioneering research project to clean up a flooded Cornish tin mine is using algae to harvest the precious heavy metals in its toxic water, while simultaneously producing biofuel.

Biofuels 'essential' in reducing transport GHG emissions

At the Lima climate summit, the Global Renewable Fuels Alliance (GRFA) restated the importance of biofuels, such as ethanol, in reducing GHG emissions in the transport sector.

Since the launch of the 'Fewer and Friendlier Miles' campaign in 2006, UB has removed 20 million truck miles from Britain's roads

United Biscuits powers lorry fleet with waste cooking oil

International biscuit and cake manufacturer United Biscuits (UB) has developed a sustainability scheme which will see the use of waste cooking oil to power 12 lorries in its fleet.

The past year has seen an increase to 4% of vehicles in the UK now using sustainable biofuels such as biodiesel and bioethanol

Bioenergy makes record contributions to UK energy mix

The Department of Energy and Climate Change (Decc) has released its latest quarterly energy trends publication, highlighting the growing contribution made to the UK's electricity production by biomass power and biofuels as well as the vital role they play in the reduction of CO2 emissions.

The biofuel mixture powering the trial flight is partly manufactured from cooking oil recycled from restaurants

Finnair flies to Climate Summit using recycled cooking oil

Finnish airline Finnair will operate a demonstration flight from Helsinki to New York with an Airbus A330 that uses sustainable biofuel.

The £167m plant converts baled corn cobs, leaves and stalks into renewable fuel

First commercial-scale biofuel plant opens in US

The USA's first commercial-scale biofuel plant is now open and will eventually produce more than 110 million litres of fuel a year from corn waste.

The US may cut some three billion gallons of biofuel from 2014 targets

Shifting biofuels goals could threaten industry development

US and EU moves to reduce overarching biofuels targets may damage the industry's growth and its place in tomorrow's renewables mix.

New tobacco plants developed for aviation biofuel production in Limpopo province, South Africa

Boeing teams up with South African Airways to make jet fuel from tobacco plant

Aircraft giant Boeing, South African Airways and jet fuel provider SkyNRG have announced they are collaborating to make sustainable aviation biofuel from a new type of tobacco plant.

The Government is planning to invest £200m to cut the upfront cost of ultra-low emission vehicles

Low-carbon policies drive investment in greener vehicles

The positive impact that environmental policy can have on the green growth of a sector has been seen in the UK car industry, with increased investment contributing to a significant reduction in tailpipe emissions over the past 10 years.

Trials of electric buses are underway in London, with plans to introduce Nissan's electric taxis to the capital by 2015

Biofuel and low-carbon truck investment stalls

Policy and investment in the UK's low-carbon truck and biofuels sector has stalled in meeting air quality emissions targets and CO2 reductions.

One fifth of all electricity was generated in Britain by windfarms or other green technologies in the first three months of the year

Wind and other renewables generated a fifth of Britain's electricity in early 2014

New windfarms, strong winds and a good winter for hydropower plants sent renewable energy generation surging to 19.4% of all electricity from January to March.

The biofuel industry currently supports 3,510 jobs and 200 companies across the supply chain

Low-carbon transport report highlights importance of sustainable biofuels

A new report that assesses how Government can best achieve the UK's 2020 renewable transport target has been hailed as 'an important step forward' for the sustainable biofuels industry.

Options and recommendations to meet the RED transport target

The LowCVP, which has been at the forefront of policy formation for fuels in the UK, has published twin reports which set out how the UK could meet the targets for 2020, defined in the EU’s Renewable Energy Directive, and proceed on a pathway to decarbonise road transport fuel in the period to 2030 and beyond.

Water limits for corn production are likely to be exacerbated as climate change alters global precipitation patterns

Food and biofuels likely to be hit by rising water risks to corn supplies

High water stress is jeopardising one-third of the world's corn crop, sparking food and biofuel security fears within the agricultural industry and related supply chains.

Approximately 6.5 million people were employed in the renewable energy industry worldwide in 2013

Renewable energy employs 6.5m worldwide, report finds

The increasingly important role that renewable energy plays in job creation and economic growth has been further highlighted by a new report which reveals that 6.5 million people were employed in the industry last year.

Onshore wind generation increased by 36.4% in 2013 from 2012, with offshore wind generation up by 45.8%, due to increased capacity, as well as higher wind speeds.

Renewable electricity generation up 28% in the UK

Renewable electricity generation increased by 28% in 2013 to 52.8 terawatt-hours (TWh), up from the 41.3 TWh recorded in 2012, according to official figures.

Waste coffee turned into biofuel

London firm turns waste coffee grounds into biofuels

Bio-bean, a new London-based company, has announced that it plans to recycle waste coffee grounds and convert them into biofuels.

Photo: Tupungato/

London bus pilot powers up with waste biodiesel

More than 100 London buses will run on fuel derived from used cooking oil and other food waste in a pilot scheme announced today by London Mayor Boris Johnson.

Food businesses in the capital alone produce between 32 and 44 million tonnes of used cooking oil

Biodiesel bonanza from London's takeaways

Used cooking oil could fuel a fifth of London's bus fleet, according to new figures published this week.

Motorists to pay more as Gov 'underestimates cost' of biofuels in petrol

The cost to motorists of adding biofuels to petrol will be as much as £224m more each year than Government estimates, according to new research published today.

With biomethane arguably the only alternative fuel for the transport sector, DECC's decision to use it for electricity generation is

EXCLUSIVE: DECC's plans for biomethane 'anti-competitive' says UPS

Internal conflicts in Government are restricting the use of biomethane in the transport and logistics sector, which could potentially decarbonise heavy truck fleets, says UPS' director of sustainability for Europe, Middle East and Africa, Peter Harris.

UPS: en route to a fuel efficient future

From using electric vehicles in New York City during the 1930s to operating one of the world's largest fleet of compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicles, UPS has long practiced environmentally-conscious innovations. Leigh Stringer looks into the company's approach to further reducing its CO2 emissions

Demonstrator waste biofuel projects get £25m boost

Transport Minister Norman Baker has announced £25m of capital funding to enable the construction of demonstration-scale waste-to-fuel and other advanced biofuel plants in the UK.

European Parliament votes for controversial biofuel cap

The European Parliament's environment committee (ENVI) has today voted in favour of legislation to cap the percentage of biofuels in European renewable energy transport targets at 5.5%.

European Parliament urged to vote against 'unfair' biofuel cap

The Renewable Energy Association (REA) has called on the European Parliament Environment Committee (ENVI) to vote against proposals to reduce EU renewable transport targets this Thursday.

Biffa slashes vehicle fleet emissions by closing loop on waste oil

Biffa has set up a closed loop process to power an entire municipal waste collection fleet with used cooking oil, resulting in a 78% reduction in CO2 emissions.

ADBA chief Charlotte Morton shows appetite for food waste potential

ADBA chief: Food waste collections critical to future of biomethane

Local authority collected food waste was singled out as the most important feedstock to help accelerate biomethane production for the transport sector.

Norman Baker highlighted potential for waste-generated biomethane

'Wastes for vehicle fuels win-win' says sustainable transport minister

The Government has voiced strong support for waste-generated biomethane to drive uptake of renewable gas-powered vehicles.

MPs call to scrap biofuels support in face of rising food prices

MPs have today issued calls to exclude agriculturally-produced biofuels from the UK's existing biofuels support mechanism, the Renewable Transport Fuel Obligation (RTFO).

Biofuel waste offers concrete gains for greener cement

Waste from biofuel could drive the production of more sustainable concrete through a pioneering closed loop process.

Jonathon Porritt

World urgently needs thriving biofuels industry, says Porritt

Growth in the biofuels industry is being 'stifled' by continued lobbying from the oil and gas sectors, according to the founder and director of Forum for the Future.

Clean energy continues ascent as major economic force

The clean energy sector is predicted to almost double over the next decade, despite the economic crisis slowing demand for a host of clean technologies.

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