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Costa Coffee's CSR programme manager Victoria Moorhouse (left) and the Rainforest Alliance's marketing associate Reena Chadee (right) are the special guests on this week's show

The Sustainable Business Covered podcast: Episode 21 - Getting engaged with sustainability

It's all about engagement this month on edie and for this special episode of the podcast we sit down with the experts to discuss the most effective ways of ensuring your key stakeholders are on-board and engaged with your sustainability strategy.

An increasung number of companies are now experimenting with various new technologies and media platforms to push their sustainability strategies to wider audiences

Captivating CSR: How to produce an engaging sustainability report

Ahead of edie's Smarter Sustainability Reporting conference, Matt Mace investigates how companies are going beyond compliance with their reports to drive engagement on a range of CSR issues among key stakeholders.

Businesses with one eye on the horizon are turning to new methods to drive home their sustainability message in a way the CSR reports and glowing PR stories can’t

Engagement evolution: 6 exciting trends directing the future of sustainability communications

As edie's engagement month of editorial content rolls on, we round-up some of the latest techniques and platforms businesses are using to drive sustainability engagement among internal and external stakeholders.

Unilever’s Sustainable Living division brands are now developing 30% faster than the rest of the business

Clearer marketing can open £800bn windfall for 'sustainable' brands, says Unilever

Brands that move to promote the sustainability credentials of their products more clearly can tap into a £817bn market opportunity catalysed by a growth in awareness amongst consumers, new research from Unilever has suggested.

The Body Shop's international commitment & corporate communications director Kate Levine discusses the role of ‘The Influencer’ in a sustainability team. (Scroll down to play video).

VIDEO: 60-second sustainability skill - The Influencer (Part 2)

The next in our mini-series of short videos produced as part of edie's 'sustainability skills' month sees The Body's Shop's Kate Levine give her take on the importance of influencing skills for sustainability professionals to drive positive change within their organisation and beyond.

The process of controlling or limiting the choices available to consumers could be an important next step for the circular economy

Choice editing: a crucial next step for the circular economy?

Manufacturers and retailers should go beyond using persuasion techniques to encourage resource-efficient behaviours towards the process of 'choice editing', where hard-to-recycle products are removed from shelves or certain materials are eliminated from packaging in order to limit consumer choices around the circular economy.

Businesses are missing out on attracting investment from the ever-growing number of investors that incorporate CSR information into their financial analysis and decision-making

Businesses must address 'internal disconnect' to deliver sustainability success

Sustainability and investor agendas are becoming increasingly intertwined, but gaps in knowledge and understanding are preventing companies and investors from sharpening their focus on long-term sustainable value creation, a new report has found.

WRAP's new Recycling Guidelines clarify the “what, why and how” of the recyclability of items such as paper, card, cartons, metal, plastic and glass packaging

Waste management industry unites to develop 'first ever' National Recycling Guidelines

Britain's rising recycling contamination levels could be pulled back on track thanks to a new set of guidelines developed by the waste management industry which detail exactly what can and cannot be accepted for recycling at the kerbside.

Dutch brewer Heineken USA and telecoms firm Virgin Media are adopting a 'show-not-tell' CSR reporting model to drive consumer engagement

Virgin Media and Heineken USA revolutionise CSR reporting with gamification and 360-degree video

EXCLUSIVE: As investors, campaign groups and consumers continue to pile pressure on companies to accelerate progress towards ambitious climate goals, some of the stalwarts of sustainability reporting are beginning to look beyond traditional methods of disclosure to drive stakeholder engagement with their CSR reports.

There are still murmurs within sustainability departments (which develop into muffled screams in the marketing departments) that sustainability simply can’t do what sex can… sell

The 'S' word: A guide to communicating sustainability to consumers

In the final part of edie's 'guide-to' series for sustainable professionals, Matt Mace explores how to communicate sustainability to different business departments and consumers, and asks the experts whether it is time to disregard the 'S' word altogether.

Recycling remuneration: Local authorities that have taken on recycling rewards schemes have seen a significant growth in recycling rates

Could rewards schemes reinvigorate Britain's static recycling rates?

Long-term investment in rewards-based behaviour change schemes is the only way to reinvigorate plateauing recycling rates in a post-Brexit Britain, with 'quick-win' solutions failing to deliver for local authorities across the country.

Helias said that breaking down barriers between departments, getting the board on-board and generating consumer interest in ’sustainability’ are all key communicative challenges

Sustainability professionals must adopt 'courageous leadership' skills, says P&G

EXCLUSIVE: Integrating sustainability as a business strategy requires "courageous leadership" in a world with limited resources and environmental challenges, according to Procter & Gamble's (P&G) global sustainability director.

Join the edie editorial team as we explore the latest green business trends and developments in the Sustainable Business Covered podcast

The Sustainable Business Covered podcast: Episode 02 - Monkey dating and the 'S' word

The edie editorial team brings you the latest news, insight and inspiration from the world of sustainable business with this latest podcast episode, featuring an exclusive interview with The Body Shop and a behind-the-scenes look at the Sustainability Communications Conference.

Eileen Donnelly admitted that consumers are driven by price rather than product messages

Selling sustainability: Business culture more effective than 'green' products

EXCLUSIVE: Companies should stop 'selling' sustainability and focus on creating products and brands that have green credentials embedded as a core value, industry experts have argued.

edie's inaugural Sustainability Skills Workshop will take place in London on 26 January 2016

edie launches brand new Sustainability Skills Workshop

The sustainability leaders of tomorrow will be able to enhance their existing skills and develop new ones thanks to a brand new edie workshop being launched next year.

Richard Lochhead MSP says the Conservative party's 'Euro-scepticism' is ignoring what's right for the environment

MSP hits out at UK's 'reluctance' over circular economy

EXCLUSIVE: Britain's transition to a circular economy is being stifled by an unenthusiastic Government that is seemingly reluctant to support EU regulation, according to Scotland's Environment Secretary Richard Lochhead.

Generating behaviour change and sustainable employee engagement requires both emotional and intellectual intelligence

Empowering change: Three steps to improve employee engagement

The recent flurry of ambitious new behaviour change programmes from big business shows no signs of abating, with sustainability professionals citing it as one of their top priorities this year.

The Red Mud Powder Plant by Vedanta's Lanjigarh refinery in Odisha, India

The importance and benefits of corporate social responsibility

Global mining firm Vedanta has taken a new approach to corporate responsibility: it now claims to embed sustainable values across all of its activities; working with local communities, organisations and NGOs to design programmes that improve their quality of life.

Shaun Davis, director of sustainability at the Royal Mail, speaking at the Smarter Sustainability Reporting conference

Sustainability reporting: Employee engagement critical to overcome 'treacle layer' troubles

Communicating and embedding sustainability throughout an organisation is often hampered by a 'treacle layer' at operational level which can make it harder for businesses to develop new environmental strategies and produce succinct corporate social responsibility reports.

Businesses' websites will be updated to encourage consumers to 'use less, waste less and pay less'. (Image shown is a mock-up version).

Big Energy Vision: Nationwide campaign launched to encourage greener thinking

Kingfisher, Global Action Plan and the National Trust are among a host of big businesses and charities that have united to launch a major campaign which encourages UK households to control rising energy bills and reduce emissions.

MPs call for Defra to show leadership on waste policy to help England meet its 2020 recycling target

Defra slammed for 'stepping back' from waste

Defra has been slammed for "stepping back" from waste and needs to show strong leadership in order to improve England's recycling rate, a cross-party committee of MPs has said.

The carrot approach is twice as effective as the stick in improving dry recycling rates, according to Greenredeem study

Councils improve recycling rates by adopting reward schemes, new study finds

Local authorities that introduce recycling incentives for households tend to have higher recycling rates than those that offer compulsory recycling systems, according to new research.

Ed Davey pledged a

Ed Davey gives Green Deal £100m cash injection

Household energy efficiency has been given a £100m boost with a funding add-on for the Green Deal Home Improvement Fund.

The clothing company has chosen to donate to the Trees for Life charity

Superdry signs bag-saving charity pledge

Two weeks before the Scottish carrier bag charge comes into force, fashion brand Superdry has signed up to Zero Waste Scotland's Carrier Bag Commitment.

Virgin Media gave a 'thumbs down' for its total direct and indirect emissions in 2013

Virgin Media falling short of carbon reduction target

Virgin Media's total carbon emissions have risen by 2.6% since 2007, leaving the communications giant a long way from reaching its 2015 goal of a 15% reduction.

The announcement comes after a number of the world's top 25 PR stated they would not work on campaigns to deny climate change

PR giant Edelman will not accept climate change denial campaigns

America's largest PR firm has announced it will not accept clients that seek to deny climate change in an official statement.

An aerial shot of Shanghai as the air quality index reaches 282 due to pollution

World's top PR companies rule out working with climate deniers

Ten firms say they will not represent clients that deny man-made climate change or seek to block emisson-reducing regulations.

Extracting the value of sustainability can be a real toothache for businesses

Businesses failing to extract best value from sustainability

As corporate sustainability becomes a core business issue companies are struggling to maximise its value, particularly around reputational and performance management.

M&S chief executive Mark Bolland said the company needs to work with other corporations to 'get people moving'

M&S puts green customer engagement in the spotlight

Customer engagement has been singled out by Marks & Spencer (M&S) as one of the biggest challenges facing the global delivery of the retailer's Plan A 2020 sustainability programme.

It is estimated that more than 160,000 tonnes of flexible laminate packaging enters the UK marketplace each year

Tesco, Nestlé and Coca-Cola to test recycling options for 'challenging' materials

A consortium involving Tesco UK, Nestlé UK & Ireland and Coca-Cola Enterprises has won government funding to undertake research into cost-effective collection and reprocessing methods for hard-to-recycle packaging materials.

The benefits of a Net Positive approach are being felt by a growing number of big businesses

Net Positive 'route map' launched as signpost for business

The principles that should be applied if companies want to take a Net Positive approach to their business have been defined for the first time, as interest in this methodology grows.

Easyjet says that removing paper completely will improve efficiency and costs by reducing fuel burn and production

Easyjet looks to burn less fuel with 'paperless' planes

EasyJet is set to fly its first 'paperless' plane later this month, a move which could ultimately save the budget airline around half a million dollars in fuel costs alone.

Photo credit: Nestle.

Nestle: honesty 'breaks down' barriers to stakeholder engagement

Transparent, honest reporting and communication is essential if businesses want to effectively engage with stakeholders, Nestle's global head of public affairs has said.

George Osborne announced a £7bn package to cut energy bills in today's Budget

Budget 2014: Osborne caps carbon tax as part of his 'Budget for a resilient economy'

The Chancellor George Osborne has confirmed a cap on the Carbon Price Floor at £18 per ton of CO2 from 2016-2017 to the end of the decade.

WRAP-led feasibility studies unveiled to tackle food waste through social innovation

A coalition of food waste charities, waste prevention organisations and academia across Europe have launched feasibility studies, which will be led by WRAP, to tackle food waste through social innovation.

EU plans to standardise mobile phone chargers to crackdown on waste

Phone makers such as Nokia and Samsung may have to offer European customers a standardised mobile phone charger from 2017, after MEPs approved a new EU directive designed to crackdown on "unnecessary" waste last week.

Bin men accused of taking bribes from firms to take commercial waste

Firms offering bribes to bin men, survey finds

A tiny proportion of companies are 'bribing' council waste operatives to treat their commercial waste as household waste, new research has found.

Intelligent Energy will launch the Upp device in Africa where demand for mobile technology has significantly increased over the last few years but powering options are still limited

New fuel cell technology puts an end to wall socket charging

A global power technology company has developed a new fuel cell device that could end the need to charge and power smartphones through the wall socket.

Research by Coca Cola Enterprises has found

UK needs effective engagement plan to encourage recycling

The UK needs a more visible national campaign to encourage recycling, according to a waste expert at Coca-Cola Enterprises (CCE).

Shadow energy minister Tom Greatrex (pictured):

Labour: Smart grid crucial to overcoming energy challenges

The UK needs a smart grid to achieve a low carbon energy future that is affordable, says shadow energy minister Tom Greatrex MP.

Government urged to eliminate paper-based documentation to reduce waste

The Government should eliminate paper and digitise its activities to reduce waste and save money, according to independent charity Policy Exchange.

The world's Information Communications Technologies (ICT) ecosystem uses about 1,500 TWh of electricity annually, equal to all the electricity generated in Japan and Germany combined

Digital economy using almost 10% of the world's electricity

Due to the increasing use of mobile data the digital economy is now approaching a tenth of the world's electricity use, according to a new report.

EXCLUSIVE: Collaboration 'a growing trend' in journey towards sustainable business

There is a growing trend towards organisations collaborating with others to achieve goals that are beneficial to both each other and the environment, says Diageo's Michael Alexander.

Government must adopt RHI 'lock in' mechanism says industry

Two industry groups have called on the Government to change budgeting rules for the renewable heat incentive (RHI), to increase investor certainty and unlock hundreds of millions of pounds of funding.

'Government action' needed to ensure UK meets second and third carbon budget

The Government must do more to ensure the UK meets its third and fourth carbon budget, according to the Committee on Climate Change's (CCC) annual progress report.

'Made with wind' - world first for product labelling

Businesses are set to benefit from the first global consumer label for products made with wind energy, which has been launched today.

Deadline for entry is Thursday July 4th at 17.00

Less than two weeks to enter Sustainability Leaders Awards!

With the July 4th deadline fast approaching, there is now less than two weeks to enter the Sustainability Leaders Awards 2013.

Credit: Portokalis /

Debate rages on as to why waste is such a dirty word

Waste and resource management professionals still have much to do if they are to move waste up the hierarchy and achieve community buy-in, according to industry experts.

Energy efficiency measures to add thousands to house values

Energy saving improvements could increase the value of properties in England by an average of 14%, according to new research released today by the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC).

EXCLUSIVE: BT puts carbon ranking success down to 'commercial rationale'

BT has cemented its position as the number one British company for carbon reporting in the UK by making a business case for sustainability, according to its director of energy and carbon Richard Tarboton.

EXCLUSIVE: 'Too many strategies and not enough culture' says Unilever sustainability VP

Businesses do not always fulfil their "wonderful sustainability strategies" due to a weak partnership with HR, according to Unilever's Geoff McDonald.

Tupungato /

EXCLUSIVE: RBS in move to save reputation through sustainability reporting

Royal Bank of Scotland's (RBS) deputy head of sustainability Duncan Young has highlighted the importance of sustainability reporting in shrugging off the negative reputation of his company.

VW's solar PV array is the largest of any car manufacturer in the US

Why being green means thinking blue for Volkswagen

Waterless technology, rainwater harvesting, Platinum LEED certification and the largest solar PV array of any car manufacturer in the US, Rob Bell finds out what's driving VW's 'Think Blue.Factory' strategy at its Chattanooga facility stateside

The Nissan LEAF

Vauxhall and Nissan back low carbon vehicles as fuel sales plunge

The motor industry has highlighted the benefits of low carbon vehicles on UK roads after figures released today showed a decline in fuel sold in the last five years.

'Nervous' Osborne delays zero carbon home commitment

The Government has been urged to demonstrate its commitment for all new homes to be zero carbon from 2016 by ending the delay on new Building Regulations.

UK set to buy renewable energy from Ireland

Ireland has taken a step closer to exporting renewable energy to the UK after the two governments signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) yesterday.

L-r: compere Sue Perkins, Futerra co-founder Ed Gillespie, Leila O'Sullivan, The Co-operative Group

Sustainability Communications Winner: The Co-operative Group

It is no surprise that when asked the question 'who is the most socially responsible business?' consumer responses give the Co-operative an 8% lead over its nearest competitor.

Sustainability Leaders Awards 2012 winners unveiled

There were scenes of jubilation last night as the winners of the Sustainability Leaders Awards 2012 were crowned at a glittering gala ceremony in central London.

Brits clueless about Green Deal

Results of a survey have found that 96% of the British public have never heard of, or do not understand the Green Deal.

Brands failing to engage as consumers give up on green

Consumer engagement on green issues is failing despite efforts by brand leaders to bridge the gap between intentional mindset and behavioural change.

Dr Liz Wilks, Asia Pulp and Paper's sustainability manager

Playing Catch Up - implementing a sustainability strategy in an emerging economy

Sustainability is a core element of any modern business. Companies in the developed world have been investing heavily in the implementation of CSR and sustainability strategies in recent years and the expectation to communicate sustainability has never been greater, says Liz Wilks. In the UK for example, HM Treasury now requires sustainability reports to be published in Annual Reports and Accounts.

Asia Pulp & Paper recently implemented its 2020 Sustainability Roadmap.

Sustainable businesses need 'transparent dialogue with stakeholders'

Feedback and the views from stakeholders must be accounted for when businesses develop their sustainability strategies, says Asia Pulp & Paper's (APP) sustainability manager.

Social media: why it's good to talk

Driving dialogue and debate on key waste issues through the use of twitter or facebook is both valuable and cost-effective. So get connected, urges Gareth Morton

TrustMark has voiced its concerns about a huge wave of 'ancillary works' triggered by the Green Deal scheme

Government must tackle rogue traders cashing in on Green Deal

A group of 20 consumer advice bodies, charities, trade associations and building industry organisations is urging the Government to tackle the risk of rogue traders cashing in on the Green Deal scheme, as it officially becomes law today.

£1.25m available to develop energy-efficient computing

The government is making £1.25m in grants available for studies that develop energy-efficiency technologies for computing and communications.

Waste sector sounds alarm over consultation 'chop'

Waste policy advisors have expressed concern and bafflement at the Government's intention to slash its consultation periods to as little as two weeks.

EU earmarks funding for British waste trailblazers

The Environment Agency and Greater Manchester Waste Disposal Authority are among the beneficiaries of EU funding for eight UK pathfinder environmental projects.

Business must future-proof against extreme weather

Companies must consider the risks and opportunities provided by more 'freak' weather patterns, according to business leaders.

All we need is a 750-word case study or explanation and up to three supporting files

Last day to enter edie awards!

Final deadline for entry into the Sustainability Leaders Awards is close of play today - Friday June 29th - so if you haven't yet entered there's still all of today to make sure you're in the running, the perfect Friday activity!

Sustainability Leaders Awards - deadline extended!

The recent Diamond Jubilee (and the four-day weekend) was a great reason to celebrate... unless you were trying to put together an awards entry - so we've listened to you and extended the deadline!

Flooded tube line causes chaos for commuters

Central Line commuters in London were forced to evacuate on foot after a Thames Water burst water main flooded Transport for London (TFL) rail tracks.

UK's smart water network needs long-term strategy

The Government must develop a long-term water resource strategy for the UK's smart water network if it is to drive water efficiency and prevent supply disruptions.

Green-minded consumers want more imaginative messaging from the products they buy

VIDEO: Brands must wise up to influence greener thinking

More intelligence is needed around tailoring green messages to consumers if brand-owners are to influence behaviour change on a significant scale.

Smart water meter trial extended to London

A trial to test the sustainability of long-term radio communications networking for connecting smart water meters has been extended to London.

Davidson: backs landfill bans

Wales supports landfill bans

The Welsh Assembly Government has underlined its support for the introduction of restrictions on the disposal of certain wastes in landfill sites.

How to get the point across

For businesses to be successful in the future, they need to communicate their green achievements to increasingly switched-on consumers. Paul Davison gives tips on ways to shout about your environmental credentials in the digital age

"Business is ready"

As co-director of the Prince of Wales's Corporate Leaders Group on Climate Change, Craig Bennett is a man who is confident that businesses are capable of stepping up to challenges of sustainability. Now he just needs government to understand that, he tells Tom Idle

Bullet-proof buoy solves level-measuring problem

It saves manpower and can even cope with a complete lack of any electrical or telecoms infrastructure. Peter Easey of MetaSphere reports on a new vandal-proof approach to reservoir level measurement

And the award goes to...

The finalists of the second annual Water Industry Achievement Awards have been chosen and, judging by the success of last year's event, the awards dinner promises to be a night to remember

So, which is it: Saint or sinner?

Biofuels are a bit like the little girl in the nursery rhyme, they're either very, very good, or very, very bad - it just depends on who you talk to. Erik Jaques referees a heated and well-fuelled debate

Environmental markets thrive despite economic dip

The economy is going down the tubes, companies are tightening the purse strings, and people are being laid off left, right and centre. It is a perilous job market out there.

Plastic: Standing the test of time

Since HDPE was developed, winning its discoverers a Nobel prize, it has proven to be a reliable, durable and cost-effective material for a broad range of applications, writes Dr Vasilios Samaras of Asset International.

Medical equipment gets thorough physical

Designers of electrical medical equipment now must adhere to a new standard, ensuring eco-design principles are maintained. Where did it come from and what will it demand of the medical industry?
Dr Aidan Turnbull

Integrity + innovation = sustainable performance

What do Marks & Spencer and HSBC have in common? They are both focusing more and more on integrity and innovation. Could this be the way to achieve total sustainable performance?
Jitendra Patel

Making the intelligent choice

Compulsory metering looks likely to become a reality in areas of serious water stress. David Ballard analyses the implications for water companies and the consumer, and argues that basic mechanical meters could prove a false economy.

It's good to talk CR

Phone company T-Mobile has been engaged with corporate responsibility initiatives for years. They just haven't told anybody what they've been up to

Staying in the office

Telemetry solutions are now affordable, reliable and practical, and web-based data acquisition and alarm-handling solutions are proving their worth.
Dave Oakes of Powelectrics reports.

Residents reassured during factory remediation

During remediation of a site used to make viscose rayon, Akzo Nobel did a complex risk assessment, which included 228 houses and a nearby lough. Richard Thurgood reports

Water industry unites on a night to remember

The first ever Water Industry Achievement Awards took place at IWEX 2007 last month. The night was a spectacular success, and a chance to recognise the outstanding efforts of companies across the UK in the past 12 months.

Flowmetering: The future

With climate change, carbon emissions and water scarcity increasingly on today's political agenda, the growing interest in leakage and revenue metering will drive demand for more sophisticated flowmetering, writes Tony Hoyle of ABB

Yorkshire buys into ToughBook

As part of a drive to improve customer service, Yorkshire Water has recently bought more than 450 Panasonic ToughBook CF-M34s. And it is currently planning to equip its field service technicians with them.

Get streetwise or be ready to pay the penalty

The latest rules concerning the Traffic Management Act come into effect later this year. Leadent's Tracey Devlin takes a look at some of the implications that companies can expect to see.

Plugging the skills gap

Thames Water, which until late 2006 was owned by German firm RWE, hit the headlines in 2005 when it brought in German engineers to plug an engineering jobs gap.

The world according to Sir Nicholas Stern

The Stern Review is billed as "the most important report on the future". But, asks Caroline White, what will it mean for business?

Water - where the money is

Historically, investment in the water industry was considered a bit dull but safe with low returns. That view has changed. There is now a growing understanding of the potential for profits, writes Sally Nash.

How to be change-proof

While telecoms group BT has had its ups and downs in business, its excellent environmental management performance has been maintained. Tom Idle met group head of environment, Mike Hughes

The migration to Ethernet

Telemetry is a complicated business. Mike Knights looks at which solutions an engineer should select for a particular challenge, and asks whether there are any golden rules.

Ultrasonics uncovered

There are about 25,000 CSO structures in the UK. Many have been identified for improvement and are monitored by ultrasonic level sensors. Dr Gurch Chana, who has spent three years researching the subject, and David Walker of Radcom Technologies explain some of the challenges involved

The power of communicate

To be a truly great environmental manager, you need to start communicating. And you begin by convincing your board of directors to buy into environmental management, says DHL Express's Nicola Stopps

Yorkshire Water gets good vibes from microgenerator

Perpetuum has developed the first effective vibration energy harvesting microgenerator that makes wireless, battery-free sensors a reality. Yorkshire Water, along with the US Navy and a major international oil company, has been trialling the PMG7 high-performance microgenerator. We take an in-depth look at the technology and how it has been benefiting the water utility.

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