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As with the rest of his tenure, Cameron's Government took

David Cameron's legacy: 'greenest government ever' or 'lukewarm at best'?

One of the most seismic political upheavals in modern British political history takes yet another twist today (13 July) as Prime Minister David Cameron steps down after six years in power. As he prepares to take part in his final Prime Minister's Questions this lunchtime, edie takes a look at his environmental legacy and the green outlook for his successor Theresa May.

How will Brexit impact modern slavery and human rights in business?

In the wake of the Brexit vote, there is a lot of uncertainty, which often leads to scaremongering. My sense is that we need strong leadership and calm, precisely what Prime Minister David Cameron recognised in his speech on the morning after the Referendum.

How will Brexit impact health and safety law?

While it remains to be seen how negotiations will progress, what is clear is that the Brexit vote will have major implications on the UK's environmental laws within our work places in the longer term.

Four things for the sustainability profession to consider in the Brexit debate

How strange it might be for the people of Britain to arise from their beds on Friday, 24 June to find that, for the first time in a generation, they are part of a country that stands outside of the European Union (EU).

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